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  1. Oh shit, that's exactly what I did. Thanks a bunch.
  2. I've got it moved about 1/8 to 1/4 inch out, but shaking and moving it up and down not doing the trick. I think the shaft is binding some how?
  3. My engine will not come out. I think it's jammed.
  4. I'm interested in buying your tires and will be in Gorden Wells October 24th to 27th. On the 25th I have business in Tuson in the afternoon. I'm driving from San Diego.
  5. The trailer is located in Escondido. I put all brand new tires on it less then two years ago. I put solar panels on it, 200 watt. You never need to run the gen except for micro, air conditioner. Had all LED lighting, included a 16 ft strip outside. I'm dropping the price to 10.5k. OBO!
  6. Hey Paul, is this the car for me. Say what is a short star, Cadillac V6?
  7. Does your 32 have a 16.4 garage? And where are you located?
  8. Tomfish1, I'm interested in your sandwinder. Where are you located? Chad
  9. Where is the buggy located? Chad

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