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  1. The day they revived that Milf topic, it was very unexpected......................and quite interesting.
  2. I nominate @I'm Sorry because he always keeps it fun around here.
  3. I kinda see your point of view. I'm not a 100% Trump supporter either, but the The Left is going way beyond the pale, and CNN is totally backing them up all the way. Something big and bad has to happen.
  4. Yeah my son was preaching to me about Nihilism last week. I didn't know it would show up on the GD.com website. For me, I'm just gonna stay the eff away from SF and Berkeley.
  5. Another awesome video, and I really like your dog. I need to find a way to visit the Mammoth area.
  6. Fantastic video Mikey!! I liked it better than the first video.
  7. I read through everyone's replies and all I can say is this is no game changer. But I still like the Talon 2-seaters.
  8. Does this mean that the server gets shipped to your bedroom?
  9. Is there anything horribly wrong with me trying to figure out how to move to Morongo Valley or Yucca Valley?
  10. Coming up from behind, at first I thought "that SxS has the biggest badass tires ever!". When I got up next to it, it said Jeep Renegade. I did some Jeep Renegade research before posting this, and verified that a Renegade looking like this is definitely a rare occurrence. In other words, this isn't a normal conversion.
  11. I thought that "Mahhole" in the San Francisco area was basic, common, accepted everyday language. I thought that using it would gain you many friends quickly, especially if you can't access the Grinder app at the time.
  12. It's ABSOLUTELY SHOCKING that this happened the day after such an ignorant law was passed. Thank God it's only in San Diego proper and not all of California. ALERT!!: Notice in the video that the neighbor said "people had been working in the home". My go-to channel to watch is Investigation ID, where I have watched hundreds of true life crime re-enactment productions, and I can assure all of you that so many crimes have happened from people who have been inside the home, and usually they are laborers working for another company. All of us need to be aware of who we do business with and who they are sending over to our home, and if the company does background checks.
  13. That's good to know about Tuthill County Park. I saved their website just now and I'm going to use it as well. I'm finding that the Flagstaff hotels have very high prices on the weekends.
  14. First I hope that @Grease Monkey had a good trip to Hawaii. I'm not doing any OHV stuff this weekend, but this weekend I want to study many Youtube videos on OHV areas I want to go to, and even discover new ones. Since I haven't ponied up the money for an onboard GPS unit, the more trail maps I study the better, yet I'm also very good with visual landmarks when I'm on site. ---- I'm devoting most of today to the UFC, catching up right now with the Tuesday Night Contender series replays on ESPN+ on-line. Then at 2:00 PM PST there's 5 or 6 hours of live UFC fights on ESPN+. This is not pay per view. ESPN+ only costs me 5 or 6 bucks per month, and for any of you multi-sports fans, there are SO MANY live events every day, and replays are usually available for 30 days.

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