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  1. Did the doctor tell her that "she could be on oxygen the rest of her life if she survived it" because of pre-existing conditions? Good luck to her.
  2. I recently started getting into vodka about 3 months ago. I studied how different makers use different ingredients (a surprise to me), and that apparently potato vodka was much more popular in the 1800's, i.e. the original vodka. That motivated me to search for it, and Chopin clearly had the highest reviews. Now I know why!
  3. I bought mine at Total Wines in Goodyear. Noticing that you're from Glendale, I checked the Glendale/Arrowhead store on-line and it says that it's in stock.
  4. I'm drinking this right now. Highly recommended. Made in Poland.
  5. I'm still enjoying my OG Maverick to the MAX. 1656 miles. This photo is from TODAY. But sure if SxS's are really going to lose value, and my employer doesn't lay me off down the road, I'd like to scoop up a Turbo RR. What I don't see here in this topic so far is why SxS's in particular are going to drop in price. Are we talking used ones because owners need to bail out, or are the SxS companies going to be in trouble because people won't have disposable income or cash anymore?
  6. I've been binging on my favorite all-time TV Show, and my favorite TV personality, Horatio.
  7. Phoenix7

    NEED TP?

    Hoarding is 52 weeks!! I was preparing for what was to come because people in Washington state were saying there was none on the shelves. Also, the hoarders are the sellers on Ebay, not me!!
  8. Phoenix7

    NEED TP?

    I have enough TP for approx 14 weeks (for 4 people), and that's not counting many flushable wipes I got at multiple stores before they disappeared. I can go to Bashas every day without standing in line and get 2 paper towel rolls. Is there a Bashas grocery store in Las Vegas?
  9. Phoenix7

    NEED TP?

    Thanks for the tip! I didn't realize this was going on.
  10. Thanks for the amazing photos and documentation of the trip!!
  11. On a side note.........while all of us........including me last night...............are joking around about Corona Virus, I just want to say sincerely good luck to Tom Hanks and his wife. Tom is a true American superstar in my book.
  12. Phoenix7


    The upcoming Bernie/Joe debate should be fun. Biden may transgress into full dementia.
  13. I'm glad I'm not the only one who hates the NBA. Now I don't have to watch all those Phoenix news stories on the pathetic Suns. Maybe they can devote that time to worthy stories like outdoor fun and destinations.

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