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  1. It's pretty amazing. I hope a major manufacturer sees this and partners with him for production and makes him a multi-millionaire because he deserves it.
  2. That is a big reason to rely on a lawyer, because from my dealings with insurance companies they would probably shoot that down if it occurred after time had elapsed. The injury specialist lawyers most likely know how to handle that situation.
  3. What a great talent and voice he had. I'm going to research his songs (definitely 2 Tickets To Paradise!!) and put some in one of my playlists.
  4. I've been thinking about getting Pre-Paid Legal (basically a low monthly fee) to protect myself from stuff like this and possibly save paying lawyers a big chuck of money. Does anyone have any good or bad comments about Pre-Paid Legal?
  5. Thanks for the excellent explanation. Just now I tried again, expanding the photo to full/actual size on my 24" screen, then using a magnifying glass. I guess it's all about the word Vaporetto, the only word I can read. When you google that word, then you know what city this is in. Good job SofaKIng!
  6. This time I FINALLY get to correct the master. It's Grindr, but don't ask me how I know that
  7. NIKAL I just want to say I think you've got to be some kind of an Engineer or Scientist with the way you come up with so many excellent details on most of your posts. I'm very impressed. From my point of view, after reading everything here and on Can Am websites for several months, I just frickin like the X3's. In my mind, best motor, suspension, design, variety of models, best looking and best company for innovation! This is my cumulative, updated opinion.
  8. I have no idea how you translated MWB's photo to that aerial photo? Is there some kind of photo location identification app on the internet? There is nothing in his photo that hints anything about Italy. Please explain. I'd like to learn how to do that.
  9. Thanks for explaining the differences in nuclear reactors. I looked up Palo Verde, the one close to Phoenix, and I believe it has 3 water reactors.
  10. I'm finding out the hard way about that last generation depreciation. But I'm trying to be patient on Craigslist and slowly adjust the price. But the bottom line is after reading so many posts here, and studying things myself, I feel that the X3 is the "next level" SxS I have been wanting, and I feel that I deserve one and will get one barring any unforseen financial circumstances. The goal is to get a 2020 172hp model because I've read that some improvements have been made from 2019.
  11. That's a great photo overall. I saved it to my hard drive collection. Where is that place?
  12. I never knew you had an X3! I've always seen you talk about your jeep or sand rail. Is the X3 a new addition? I'd like to buy an X3 myself if I can only sell my XC for a reasonable price.
  13. It's great that @donparscale alerted us about coal. Now I hope that someone can get this talked about in news media and government. I did something tonight that I NEVER do. I wrote to my U.S. Senator on her website about coal, and why we are not using it when the world is embracing it bigtime. If more of us take action, maybe we can make a difference. I know that many of you have issues you're more passionate about, but this one really hit me hard for some reason.
  14. I'm not sure what that cycle rider was thinking with such a steady stream of oncoming cars. It was a no-win situation from the onset.
  15. Just wondering if these 1-timers should be placed in the Weird things you see at work or anywhere else topic in order to keep the forum topic list more efficient as we approach the new season? This isn't the first time I've had this on my mind.

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