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  1. This song is very relaxing and inspirational. Just think of the video as an interesting bonus. I'm drinking Malbec wine and thinking about FJ Cruisers tonight.
  2. Thanks guys. All replies have been read and saved, and I'm using them to consider my options.
  3. I listened to it just now. Not my regular genre, but the song and video are very fun and lively. I like this a lot and I'll be watching the video again! Thanks.
  4. Brandon, some of your logic is skewed. Start my own thread? I'm only 1 of hundreds of posts in hundreds of topics that attempt to expand the topic. Some people go way off kilter on people's topics with all kinds of sideways posts. But on this topic I respected what was being said by the Jeep experts, and asked them to comment on a post I found elsewhere that was was ranking the different types of Jeeps by cost to maintain or upgrade. And because of my question I got some detailed replies that can help many people interested in Jeeps. In other words, I'm not trying to hijack this topic and be tutored in everything Jeep. I saw an opportunity to clarify some of the the designations like JK, XJ and WJ, and it brought out excellent discussion and even a complete table with designations, years and descriptions by TJ. One of the good things about owning a Jeep is that there seems to be more clubs or meetups in the Jeep community. I've been passed by caravans of about 15 Jeeps several times in different locations like Parker, Box Canyon and Montana Mountain. If I owned a Jeep I definitely WOULD find a club or group. But I personally don't see many meetups being formed for SxS's. I've seen a couple/few attempts on Maverick Forums, but I wasn't able to do those at that time or didn't like the planned trip. I may try Facebook to look for SxS meetups. Regarding your comment about repairs out in the field with a Jeep, obviously I would never try to do serious rock crawling alone. I've watched many videos with people spotting each other up the trail, and I like that a lot. And I also would favor going with a group on a moderate or novice trail. In summary, I'll decide when to start my own thread on any topic. But if your other comments were looking out for me, then thanks.
  5. Phoenix7


    It's still way cheaper than what I had to pay for newspaper classified ads back in the 80's, then Auto Trader in the 90's.
  6. Thanks for another piece of excellent advice TJ. That info may help other members here, but I'm perfectly fine not doing mechanical work. Sure I think it's so cool reading your posts and seeing you have expert level knowledge AND are an expert at hands-on mechanical work. But I got into this sport at a very late age, and I'm happy just to arrange repairs or upgrades as needed and most of all organize myself to get on the road and do an offroading trip. When you've spent your whole life (up until 2018) hardly going anywhere, and definitely not offroading, it's a big deal for me just to get out there. However, I've changed my SxS tires by myself many times because I have 3 different sets, and I was able to save a $200 Ride Now alignment job by getting on the garage floor myself (with my son) with a tape measure and some wrenches. Ride Now had left it seriously mis-aligned when they installed my upgraded stronger tie rods and gussets that I bought on Ebay. Lastly, if I ever have any free time to do anything physical, I'm always at the gym. Back to Jeeps, I look at a Jeep as a way to drive on the freeway with your offroading vehicle and save time, plus to penetrate further into the desert on longer trips.
  7. I'll admit there would be problems to overcome, but if someone like me who doesn't have much mechanical experience or motivation embarks on a project like this, the goals would be to have the ability to spot a used one that has had some quality work done, upgrades that make sense and are desirable, and also be prepared to find a mechanic who does good work for a fair price. I could also take an expert with me to analyze the Jeep before I buy it. Reading the excellent posts in this topic helps too.
  8. Good luck to the injured duner. These types of collisions can happen anywhere, dunes or desert, and with any type of vehicle. There are no road signs or traffic signals.
  9. I think that happened recently in Iraq.
  10. Thanks guys! I read through both replies and I have saved all this in a document I keep for the most important OHV information for me, and it will definitely be studied again. Also, the link TJ posted for the 1999 Jeep Cherokee Limited - $6000 (Sacramento) is the kind of Jeep and price I would be looking for, trying to find one that already has something extra to offer (like it's 3" lift) but is still priced reasonably.
  11. I don't know anything about Jeeps and I really appreciate the photos and technical discussion here, since I may buy an older (pre-2010) Jeep some day. I found this comment in a forum on the web. Maybe Rockwood or TJ can comment on it.......................JK - XJ - WJ - WK: that's the order of off-road capability per dollar spent on aftermarket. i.e the JK has the most ability stock, the WK requires the most money to get it to perform at the level a JK can stock even. i love my WJ, but if you are looking to do any rock crawling or serious difficult trails, then it's a money pit.
  12. Since you are an X3 owner, the statement that I underlined really means a lot to me. This is EXACTLY why I'm holding back swapping my 2017 XC 1000r for an X3, even though I have the money to do it. I'm enjoying my OG Maverick more and more with each passing month, and since being new to all this in October 2018, I'm getting more and more grounded about the reality of all SxS options as I ride more and read more. So my signature STILL says I'm looking for next-gen/next-level. Whether I'm right or wrong in my thinking, I seriously like my OG Maverick and it cheers me up just to see it in the garage each day!
  13. Looks like the fire originated in the rear shocks. 🤪
  14. Thanks so much! This confirms my suspicions about the Dentist doing full root canals. Plus I learned about prophylactic endos.

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