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  1. I missed this topic when it came out before. I'm a member of Planet Fitness and EOS Fitness. I'm 61 years old, 5'9" 228 pounds. I'm addicted to the gym even more than offroading. My thing is to go to different gyms, use different machines, and even use a machine differently than what was intended. Like grip it where no one else would grip it and create a motion that still works and makes sense. I got that from some bodybuilder on Youtube. Sometimes on one machine I'll do 3 different grips in 1 set. Like 12-12-12 or 16-16-16. If I have to adjust the weight while switching, I do it, just like switching gears. While at the gym, I try to do 5 sets on key exercises, but if in a hurry I'll always do 3 sets. Sometimes I do 7 or 8 sets if I'm really into something. I also like to switch up different machines or exercises in the same gym, and if someone is on the machine I wanted, I go to something I never planned on going to. I've also used this random style in trail riding I'm very strong, but I'm not ripped. I surprised myself in EOS Fitness last week on the Hoist Chest Press. The Hoist machines partially lift your body too. I lifted the full stack 345 pounds 6 times. Obviously I cannot do 345 pounds on an olympic bar, but it feels good to do a full stack, and I've done that same thing on several overhead press machines, like 1 to 3 reps depending on the machine. My other strategy or strong point is taking lots and lots of supplements, and I LOVE THAT BANG DRINK before going to the gym. I can be feeling like 70 years old, then like 30 years old 1 hour later. My detriments or weaknesses are: 1) I'm a drinker. Sure there are days like today where drinking the night before makes me feel like I cleaned out my cardiovascular system. But I also know that if I overdo it or drink too many days in 1 week, my muscles and joints suffer at my age. 2) I seriously need a new mattress. My lower back is always sore upon waking up. That' something I can hopefully correct soon. Maybe I've been gun shy on this because in the past 5 years I got hornswaggled on 2 matressses that I paid an average of $800 for. In other words, they got soggy real fast and I didn't react fast enough on the warranty. This time I'm going to American Furniture Warehouse and making sure I do it correctly with mattress choice and warranty.
  2. Beto backed out today, and I'm very happy he spared the tax payers from any more money wasted on his campaign. I never like this guy, never believed this guy.
  3. Sometimes it helps though in my career, Information Technology
  4. I've read many of the posts here. If all these references are about Steve/Socal, I just want to say this guy has helped me and given me more advice than anyone here by far. He cares. He's trying to help all of us. Sure he has his style, but ALL OF US have our quirky styles, methods and goals here. I see patterns in many people here. And I admit that @tjZ06 really nailed that 90 MPH issue with his calculations. He seems to be an extremely intelligent and successful man. And then Steve admitted he was incorrect. Steve is also extremely intelligent. I'm glad he's here. And I'm glad @I'm Sorry is here too. His style with the short and simple replies is something I could really use in my career where I'm finding that people adhere to short/less detailed email replies. Plus @I'm Sorry is funny too. I hope maybe I can help Steve in some way, some day, to pay him back for all the help he has given to me.
  5. Thanks for your excellent documentation and photos of the fire. I'm glad you and your family made it out safely.
  6. I went to Facebook to do some research, and here's someone FB says I may know! That is part of her profile photo. Wow that's amazing friend-finding software they have........help!!
  7. Are there a large amount of unofficial Glamis Facebook pages? I mean many people devoting their page to Glamis?
  8. There were multiple replies going on so you may have misunderstood. I like Olds and have been there several times. I think I said "I don't need to hang out there" last night, but it's still a fun place. I have never been to the drags and really want to go. I think it's an exciting event from what I've seen in videos but it would be so much more awesome in person. The thing that other people were advising me on was my idea to hang out in the small dunes from Wash 13 to Ogilby Camp. I was advised it's a bad and dangerous idea, and I trust the judgement of @Kat-A-Tonic and @MWB because they are way more experienced than me.
  9. I think you and @Kat-A-Tonic have pretty much convinced me that my idea was not a good one. Thanks for your advice.
  10. It's a great looking strong truck. I hope all goes well with it this season.
  11. Thanks for the tip about how they make physical contact with your vehicle. I didn't know that. I'm capable of doing things wrong at times, so I'll keep this in mind if I'm ever approached by BLM officers.
  12. Thanks for the excellent advice. I'm taking it very seriously. I guess I need to realize that since that area is not well traveled there may be dangers I never would have expected, like a 3 foot drop. I may have to re-think that whole strategy and get to Duners Diner from the Gecko side like everyone else does. Or branch out and explore the eastern/wash side gradually without a requirement to go the whole way to Ogilby Camp.
  13. I'm glad he got away. There is no need to be chased down and ticketed for enjoying the dunes without endangering anyone.
  14. Thanks for your excellent perspective on Glamis, I like it and agree with it. My personal viewpoint is I don't need to hang out at Olds waiting for the next crash and watching all the people perched up on the jumping ledges. But I have never attended the drags and would love to experience that on a big weekend. I want to see the raw power of the biggest sand cars, and also see the people in other vehicles trying as best they can, and also interact with the spectators. Right now my own goal/plan for Glamis is to park in Wash 13 and just do the small dunes all the way to Ogilby camp, and maybe wrap all the way around to Duners Diner. I want to see what that's like and if that's the right way for me to enjoy Glamis,
  15. Phoenix7

    The wall

    If someone can find a young stallion to keep Nancy Pelosi busy and make her feel like a woman again, then maybe we can get something passed in Congress to install this wall and protect our country.

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