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  1. Phoenix7

    The truth behind the “homeless epidemic”

    There definitely is a link, but not all drug abusers will commit violent assaults, rapes or murders. The people who are prone to violence will commit those crimes, and do them much worse on drugs. My feeling is that once anyone drops into that category, then lock them up for a long, long time, or execute them, depending on what they did. BTW it was really shocking what the California governor did last week with the death penalties.
  2. Phoenix7

    Rolled my 2012 900 2 seater Parts for sale!

    Did you roll it at Glamis? I hope you came out of it in good shape.
  3. Phoenix7

    The truth behind the “homeless epidemic”

    Does that mean that SxS's are like buying Spice at the local smoke shop? 😀
  4. Phoenix7

    The truth behind the “homeless epidemic”

    Good job! You you told her exactly what I have been thinking for years. I also agree with some of your other ideas posted here last night, about showing no mercy, but ONLY FOR VIOLENT CRIMINALS, not for drug abusers. NO MERCY FOR VIOLENT CRIMINALS would be a policy that could really make our country great again.
  5. Phoenix7

    The truth behind the “homeless epidemic”

    All I was trying to say is that Phoenix doesn't compare to the massive signs of homelessness and garbage shown in the Seattle KOMO News video. Most of us know about the CASS homeless shelter on Madison Street, where it does look pretty bad. But there are no widespread signs like the Seattle video showed. I have not studied the laws and policies in Phoenix, Tempe, Mesa, etc., but obviously any temporary encampments are getting closed down pretty quickly. Actually there was a big one in North Mesa on the news last year, and they were closing it down. My sources for Phoenix information are watching channel 3, 10 and 15 news multiple times per day.
  6. Phoenix7

    The truth behind the “homeless epidemic”

    Well I hope you have a good trip. Try to focus on the positives.
  7. Phoenix7

    The truth behind the “homeless epidemic”

    It's shocking how a horrible government can ruin a beautiful city. I didn't know this was going on in Seattle. I'm glad that the Phoenix criminal justice system is a little tougher. I have a family member who was on the streets for years because of meth, and I can tell you from up close experience there were no free rides. Thankfully this person has been clean for 2 years after getting out of prison.
  8. Phoenix7

    Free rhino race chassis in riverside

    Maybe this would be a gold mine to a welder.
  9. Phoenix7

    Honda Talon

    It looks like a very fun and useful vehicle. I like the seat conversion too.
  10. Phoenix7

    Honda Talon

    You always have the coolest videos! Maybe this will motivate me to buy the 5 point harnesses!
  11. Phoenix7

    Honda Talon

    Hi Crusty, I was just wondering if you were referring to the Rhino 700 listed in your signature?
  12. Phoenix7

    Last week of March 2015 Google Earth

    Are you saying that the Glamis earth photos are current as of March 2015? When you are using Google Earth, how do you check when the image was taken? I tried to figure it out but can't find a date.
  13. Phoenix7

    What're You Listening to Now?

    This one has some offroading in it too. Some people do offroading differently than we do.
  14. Phoenix7

    Do you guys like pics?

    That's a cool series of 3 photos of that Can Am X3 touching down on it's front wheels. Thanks very much Air450!
  15. I was there on Saturday late afternoon. Looks to me like it would be pretty hard to get a space before other campers do. Also on a side note, 3 very powerful sand rails popped up over the dunes below the overlook, traversed all the bowls directly below the overlook, and then put on a show on all the huge dunes near Osborn, even the pinnacle of the absolute steepest dune. I was literally in shock when I saw them up there on the pinnacle, and I was wondering if it was any of our members here at GD.COM?

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