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  1. @fortyfour It's cool to see so many AZ flags in your photo!
  2. Today I'm going out to my RV storage lot and try to install a new tail light on my trailer, so I can start driving at night again and take longer OHV trips. Sunday morning the plan is to go to Box Canyon near Florence AZ. I have improved my map study and strategy to find Box Canyon after not understanding where to go last week when I drove over there.
  3. I appreciate everyone's opinions. I'm sure I don't agree with most of his political stances. My thoughts yesterday were basically shock that someone who displayed such vigor and iron will in the congressional hearings a couple months ago had died so unexpectedly. So I looked up his Wiki history and said some nice things about him. I'm not saying I would do that for every death of a politician. This one just hit me the way it hit me.
  4. Thanks for the excellent advice on the east side. I'm going to use your advice because I want to go everywhere in this entire area.
  5. Congressman Elijah Cummings died today. Earlier in the year he came into the news after a fiery speech as chairman of the House Oversight and Reform Committee. Many people then cited the Baltimore area that he represents, basically saying (in so many words) clean up your own back yard before judging anyone else. I admit that I posted some Baltimore jokes in the joke topic and in the chat window. But tonight I just want to say he was a good man, a very well educated man, who practiced law for 19 years before first being elected to the house in 1996. He fought hard for his people and for our country in the House Of Representatives for many years before his untimely death today. He was respected on both sides of the aisle. None of us have control over where we are born, or which race we are. Mr. Cummings did excellent work all his life based upon his race and background. He fought the good fight. Who am I to judge this man or Baltimore? I live in a predominantly white suburb that has high drug use with young people. I know this because of relatives with past drug use, and seeing this first hand, even with their friends in my own house, even with multiple drug-related deaths amongst their friends/aquaintances, plus hearing many other sordid stories from family members. I'm just trying to say I can't judge Elijah Cummings or his beliefs, and I can't judge Baltimore. He was way more grounded and contributed way more to society than I ever will. RIP Elijah. You lead a good life and you will be missed.
  6. Good luck with your Talon. It looks very impressive with lots of travel. I still have my Maverick XC 1000R. Even though I have my eyes on an X3 RC, my Maverick really came through for me bigtime this past weekend as noted in my Queen Valley AZ topic. It's so fun in Arizona, yet I know that an X3 RC or DS would be better for me in Glamis and still do well in trail riding. So I keep pondering this situation, while my loan balance on the Maverick slowly goes down.
  7. In closing, let me say that the Kanati Mongrels were a HUGE SUCCESS!! Not only did they SHOCK me in the lowlands with their effortless speed in sandy washes, but they dug in going uphill, helped me in all turns, and when I was extremely happy/pumped that I made it to the top, and decided to have a very fun DOWNHILL RUN (after cautiously going down the cliff-hanger area), they helped me going downhill, and gave me much more confidence than my previous all-terrain tires. 10 ply Kanati Mongrels....Highly recommended!!
  8. I made it to the top!! This was a BIG DEAL for me! Huge confidence builder. Yes I plan on doing the full loop across the ridge like @HonEXduner did. But I was so happy I made it this far, especially with the new tires and all the thoughts in my mind. As I was getting near the top, this trail gets steeper and knarlier as you get closer to the top. But I told myself WTF I'm going to the top NO MATTER WHAT. One photo below shows the highest view photo I took. This was the highest I've ever driven the Maverick. The other photo shows the Rogers Trough Trailhead, basically the end of the road if you're not going across the ridge trail. Notice the change in trees and brush. I looked it up and this is 4800 feet elevation.
  9. This road/trail was very, very FUN!! I LOVE THIS PLACE!! Here are 2 intermediate level photos.
  10. This photo shows where I was headed, like how high I was headed, and it's also the most beautiful photo I took, in my humble opinion.
  11. So I wound up in Queen Valley on Sunday October 13th, at about 12:30 PM. This was my very first time riding with my new 30x10x14 10 ply Kanati Mongrels. Going into this, I was a little worried about performance on steep inclines. I had read on another forum about concerns with putting too large/heavy tires on my model, like concerns about the clutch. I desired these tires because they are 10 ply, have a fantastic tread pattern, and would give me more clearance. Yet I was also worried about the travel in the rear, and of course also worried about strain on the infamous BELT. But I finally told myself to quit worrying and just buy them and run with them and let the cards fall where they may!! That's my personality......many ebbs and flows, one day cautious, next day devil may care.
  12. On Sunday my goal was Box Canyon, and I pulled into Cottonwood Canyon Road. There were many rigs parked there, yet no steady stream of OHV vehicles to follow. Apparently I didn't study the map enough, or let's just say that the on-site reality was different than the map, and I never figured out which road to turn on. I tried, the mining road was closed, then I tried another trail, but I decided to bail out and go to Queen Valley and try to have a successful day. The photos that follow showed that I made the right decision! Back at home I studied the map even more and found 3 better routes, including one option to go down to Price Station Road and park 1 mile in.
  13. Sorry I didn't notice or wasn't notified of your post. I went again last Sunday, on FR 172 all the way up to Rogers Trough Trailhead, and here is the only sign of fire that I saw on this route. This photo was very close to the top. I know it was a large fire so somewhere there is going to be more burnt trees and brush.
  14. I got my 10 ply, 30x10x14 Kanati Mongrels installed today at Ride Now, after I hauled the unmounted brand new tires and rims over there. These Mongrels improved the clearance, will help me in turns, and on rough, rocky trails. I still have my 29x9x14 and 29x11x14 GBC Dirt Commanders for sandier terrains. I'm looking forward to trying them out ASAP, so I have my truck and trailer (which is normally in an RV lot) already hooked up and parked in another neighborhood tonight to avoid an HOA fine for parking on the street at night, This is my first time using that strategy, but it should help me get on the road earlier tomorrow. The plan is to go to Queen Valley or Florence AZ, maybe even Parker if I wake up super early with lots of energy. I currently have them filled at 17 pounds after reading some varied feedback on the internet, but still figuring out what I think is correct. Here are the wheels if anyone likes what they see. https://www.pureoffroad.com/vision_14_matte_lockout_atv_wheels.htm
  15. I looked the 300 up on the map. It's right on the edge of the rim! What were you riding?
  16. Hi Mikey, Thanks so much for creating a fantastic video of a beautiful OHV destination. I never, ever would have known about this location without your video. Now it's on my MUST VISIT list. I mean who can ignore that countryside, that scenery. It's amazing!! I hope you have a great dunes season! Regards, Richard
  17. That's great about the cage, but the SxS is a twisted mess. I think instead of focusing on cages we should focus on our driving habits, because SxS's have their limitations. If someone is a balls-to-the-walls bad ass driver and they want to take it to the limit, I believe the SxS is NOT the proper vehicle.
  18. PG&E did what they had to do because they were sued up their butts to the point of bankruptcy for last year's fires. In my mind this is just another example of our messed up legal system. I'm 100% for what PG&E is doing.
  19. Oops I thought I was voting for the person who was actually the person who did the nomination...................Oh well
  20. I voted tonight, for someone who has helped me with excellent advice.
  21. Thanks for explaining. Now it makes perfect sense to me. I like getting into the tight trails too.
  22. I'm curious if it had any advantages in the desert over the SxS?

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