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  1. This one seems like the best one of the Corona series. Everybody catching air all over the place, even Mikey. And all the cool videography of the sand action day and night. Thanks for an exciting video Mikey!!
  2. Much thanks to posts from @Romans9 and @sausage450r for reminding me tonight that I need to be much more pro-active and ready regarding what I carry in my truck. With what is going on these days, my Glock 20 and S&W M&P 9 Shield just ain't going to cut it anymore. I've been very lazy about not placing a rifle and mags in my truck, but that's going to change tomorrow. BTW since the curfew started today, a much more aggressive law enforcement strategy is keeping Phoenix quiet tonight. They even have an old Dept Of Corrections bus that they are throwing arrested people into, and they have broken up any groups that were just getting started by arresting selected members on curfew violations.
  3. Let's hope it's not that bad, but you may be right when we look at what the FBI Director and his top assistants did to Trump regarding the Russia investigation.
  4. The FBI and the CIA need to track down where these groups are organized, who is communicating with who on the internet. Whether they can capture the 1st tier or the 3rd tier, they need to use the same tools and practices that they have used to capture criminals like drug traffickers and sex offenders.
  5. Interesting to see the additional responses today. But no one commented on my first post last night. I was SHOCKED to drive up last Friday May 22nd and see a wire fence and steel bars on both sides of Rincon Road for the full length of the river bed. @1HasBeen maybe you know the current status of that as a resident? I don't know if the fence lasted, but these 4 guys literally fenced in people who were already parked downstream. I warned a small group inside the canyon after I had driven several extra miles to enter from the road north of the canyon, but there may have been others who were surprised to see the fence. And when I finally left, 2 of the fence men were still waiting at their car parked on Rincon Road, maybe to deal with people they fenced in. I read the Wickenburg Sun more carefully today, and this fence was not discussed. I'm not a real estate law expert, but this doesn't seem right. The government should not allow anyone to block entry to a public river, especially if it's a well known recreation area. As the Wickenburg Sun article stated, the BLM or law enforcement agencies should help solve the garbage and other misuse situations with regular patrols. But NOT wire fences. And BTW there is a BARBED WIRE fence stretching across the river way downstream......at least there was 3 or 4 weeks ago.
  6. Today I entered EOS Fitness for the first time since early March. In other words, the first time since everything was closed. I had a great workout!! Even though I've been improvising in my garage with dumbbells, it felt SO GOOD to get in touch with some of my favorite MACHINES again. Even some machines that were not my favorites before felt so good today, and I'll continue to use them and like them more than before! I was wearing 2 masks, one over the other, basically looking like one mask. https://www.indieridgeusa.com/collections/face-masks I also use them for offroading.
  7. Thanks for your insight and honesty, because I'm definitely not a fan of the X3 Max. My common sense just wasn't syncing with what I see out on the trails, but I didn't have the knowledge to explain it like you did. I mean if someone must go with a 4 seater, the Rzr models look much more solid whenever I see them.
  8. The police across the country need to use more force now. They are acting too passive with law breaking rioters. Regarding the issue of police violence, hmmm..........let's see.............I treat all officers with RESPECT and EXCELLENT COMMUNICATION.................but SOME PEOPLE always seem to argue, fight, resist, and run away from them. Almost every single policeman is just trying to do his/her job properly, and he/she will treat you OK if you act properly.
  9. OK now I have read every post here, and I see where this is going. My wife is Mexican, I'm white, and I really like Mexican people!!!! That Friday when those guys were fencing in the river on the main entrance, when I had traveled several miles on a public road parallel to Box Canyon, I used one of my back entrances to go down into the canyon and I WARNED a group of about 8 Mexican people with 2 SxS's of what was going on back on Rincon Road. Yes, they had been FENCED IN, so I tried to warn them before it got too late. Honestly I think it's fantastic the way that Mexican people get together and have fun together. I've only experienced just a little bit of that with the relatives my wife left behind in Northern California.
  10. What I know about the Wickenburg situation is that one week ago Friday, the starting day of my 4 day Memorial Day weekend, I arrived at the Hassyampa River on Rincon Road, which is the main entrance to Box Canyon. There were brand new wire fences and steel posts stretching all the way across the river, and there was a group of 4 men 10 feet from my truck finishing up on the last post. I asked what was going on (since I had witnessed over 200 people in Box Canyon 2 weeks before and had posted photos on GD.com) and 1 guy told me it's all private property, and another guy said to just keep driving down the public road. I ended up re-configuring my plans and having an exciting afternoon exploring roads and trails north of Box Canyon that could lead to Stanton and ultimately to Yarnell (one of my BIG GOALS, not accomplished yet). But here are my feelings on this topic. Yes of course it is wrong for hundreds of people to invade such a beautiful and pristine canyon and leave behind all their filth. But there's also something very wrong about someone being able to block the entrance to a river and an amazing treasure of Arizona. I think the State Of Arizona should get involved, even if they have to use eminent domain to protect the river and keep it public. Yet still, that day on my workaround ride, I found the 3rd back entrance to the river downstream. In other words I already had discovered 2 back entrances 2 weeks prior. So no one will stop me from entering the river and the canyon. Yet I'm personally much more interested in the ride up to Yarnell, which I still haven't tried yet because I went to Sedona with the SxS the next day (Saturday), and then explored a western Arizona remote road with my truck on Memorial Day (Monday).
  11. Looks like another strategical drone strike is needed. And some kind of severe punishment for Apple.
  12. Sorry to see not so many UFC fans on this forum. But since this was so important to sports in general, the way the UFC came back before many other sports, and since they jammed 3 events into a 1 week period, I wanted to give my takeaway of what I witnessed as a MEGAFAN. I'll write my top 3 impressions from the 3 events. 1) It was great to see Arizonian Justin Gaethje so dominant and so in-control of a fighter who had been unbeatable for several years. Justin's change in style from a brawler to a defensive fighter with a fast, acccurate and strong counter punch has catapulted him to having the interim belt. I used to watch him in the minor leagues before the UFC even talked about him, and what he has done since then is amazing. 2) Alistair Overeem, who in my opinion is like the epitome of the "thrill of victory - agony of defeat" poster boy, with some massive highlight reel wins and devastating losses, did what I had never seen him do before. He CAME BACK from the brink off defeat (after being pummeled on the ground) to achieve a powerful and convincing knockout in the next round. Good job to one of my favorite fighters!! 3) I was so happy to see Andrei Arlovski, at 41 YO and 21 years of documented fighting, beat a younger up-and-comer, and take home more money ($325,000) than anyone else on the card, even though he wasn't the main event. I remember back in 2005 when he WAS the main event, and I was cheering for him. Good job Andrei!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here is Andrei's career, and this Sherdog website is a great way to enter into the sport and study the fighters and where they have been. https://www.sherdog.com/fighter/Andrei-Arlovski-270
  13. They will still get germs on the cards.
  14. I upgraded my tires today, from my West Lake 285/70R17 tires which were getting near 4/32", to new top-of-the-line Goodyear Duratrac LT295/70R17. These tires will help me in all sand washes, but also will encourage me to do some exploring with my truck. I may leave that pesky Maverick locked up in the staging area and take my truck. 😛 Bottom line is I'll have more confidence and safety in driving on mountain highways during the summer on the way to get to higher elevation OHV areas. Regarding the wheels, the Discount Tire guy told me I should get new wheels today, and I told him I honestly LOVE my old school wheels even though I have the money to get new wheels.
  15. Maybe all the MBA's who run these companies can think of a better model.
  16. Phoenix7


    The article really does put everything into perspective and sums up everything that's been happening. I hope that Trump can find better or stronger partners in other world leaders who are partially or fully on his side in fighting against the new world order. The coming election is going to be the most important and most telling that we've had in many, many years.
  17. The UFC comes back to action tonight with UFC 249 PPV on ESPN Plus, and free prelims on ESPN. This is a FANTASTIC CARD with the interim Lightweight fight between Tony Ferguson and Justin Gaethje. This is a California vs Arizona fight too. I like both of these guys so much that I'm not going to predict and I'm not going to root for one guy. There's also another CA vs AZ fight for the Bantamweight title. San Diegan Dominick Cruz comes back after a 4 year layoff against Olympian and current champion Henry Cejudo, This one is going to be awesome and I'm rooting for Dominick. I admire his intelligence when he's a UFC color commentator, and I'd like to see him win even though he's never been a favorite of mine. The 3rd big fight is a battle of the giants, a BEHOMOTH battle of the ages between the 2 biggest power strikers in the UFC, Francis Ngannou and Jairzinho Rozenstruik. I'm rooting for Francis because he's such a gentleman in the post fight press conferences, i.e. he has a nice personality. Of special note on the main card is Heavyweight Greg Hardy, the ex-NFL star. It will be interesting to see if he has improved his skillset after recent problematic performances. It's hard to transition from other sports into the UFC. I hope many people worldwide support my personal favorite sport tonight. CEO Dana White had to work very hard to pull this together, and of course all these fighters work hard every frickin day.
  18. I'm going to start lifting weights in my garage right now after drinking my Bang drink with 300mg caffeine and other cool ingredients. Bike rides will be done between sets. If anyone out there has 55 pound to 90 pound dumbells in the greater Phoenix area that they may want to sell, please PM me with photos and suggested prices. My garage is empty today because my Maverick is at Ride Now getting lots of work done. At 1942 miles total, and 1100 miles on my Worlds Best Belt, these are the items I'm getting done: * New GBoost Technology World's Best Belt. * New transmission fluid, plus front and rear differential fluid. * Rotate tires so my pretty front tires can have some of the fun that the back tires have been getting for approx. 1300 miles. * 6 bulb light pods installed on front right and left side bars, with their own switch, so I can have some directional adjustable lights. * New battery just to try to be pro-active. * They are also supposed to do a quick check on my bearings while it's in the air. Normal health check.
  19. Thanks very much!! I really like the way you mapped that out by linking all the locations together. Besides saving your instructions, I'll also do more studying on my own, looking for GPS tracks. This trip would also give me the opportunity to come to Utah using different highways than the other trip, making it that much more interesting.
  20. Thanks for all the info, which I'm going to save off-line, and also thanks to @donparscale. I would have to allocate at least 4 days because 2 days would be devoted to travel. The route from Phoenix to Vegas, then up the I15 looks like the best for me. Hurricane Utah looks lit it has several hotels, while still being close to Sand Hollow, and also has opportunities to go other directions. I can't expect to go everywhere in 1 trip. It would be more like introducing myself to Utah and seeing how I like it. That's what I've done with many areas in Arizona and California, going where I've never been before. Now I have some favorites that I think about all the time. I'm excited about seeing what Utah is all about!
  21. I looked at your past photos Don. Would you say that Marysvale has the much greater majority of SxS trails over Bryce Canyon? I've never been to Utah in my life, but @Big Mikey's Marysvale topic last year got me interested in trying to get up there some day.
  22. Melania Trump is so exotically beautiful, it's like IMPOSSIBLE to meet someone like that in a grocery store.
  23. Phoenix7


    She is the definition of pathetic.

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