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  1. Man that is a thing of beauty!!! I can’t wait to get it installed!! Thank you so much for the extra effort!!!
  2. I ran a single 9” stage 3 with ls1 (450 hp) and 2D and it was perfect. not sure what to run with stroked ls3 and S4 though🤔 whats everyone running with similar setup (@600 hp)?
  3. Just curious, what did the conversion cost you for all four wheels?
  4. @jjoseph99They're the STU 35.5 Sand Masters.
  5. Just trying to figure out what the best size tire to run on my sandrail: 33" or 35"? Upgrading from LS1 and 2D to stroker LS3 and S4 but not sure what size tires to go with. I have both size paddles but need to decide so I can get the gear ratios correct. What are the pro's and con's to both? What about front tires?
  6. Nice! That’s going to be perfect! It’ll keep the cables straight reducing all of the possible drag!
  7. @J Alper I’m good either way (pm or paypal). I just got my S4 mounted and ready to get the shifter in. So the sooner the better!
  8. I'm looking for a shifter and this really looks like what I'm after. Couldn't find them on @J Alperwebsite. Are they available?
  9. Thanks hondajimz! I'll look them up. I'm in north San Diego so was looking at Richards Performance Muffler (RPM) in Oceanside
  10. That thing is CLEAN! I just picked up a BFD a few months ago and working on updating it now. I'm replacing the 2D and going with the S4. Going with the 2-to-1 exhaust. And wanting to upgrade the wheels.
  11. The car looks great! What size tires and wheels are you running? What brand wheels? Are you running an S4?
  12. Is this still available?

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