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  1. Sold sold sold Full set of 15” Douglas Beadlock wheels with Sand Tires Unlimited (STU) 10.75x15 Razor Blasters front sand tires and Xtreme Revolution 35 14.00x15 sand paddles. All tires are in great shape with no chunks gone, plugs, or anything wrong. Great tires and all hold air. The rear paddles are 33” carcasses and 36” in total height. Only selling the complete set...I will not sell the tires or wheels separate or front/rears separate. I can meet in North San Diego, Temecula/Murrieta, or Glamis. $1,400 call or text 760-688-5150
  2. I have four paddles for sale. I have 3 #2 cut and one #1 cut. 2 of the #2’s are in good to ok shape one with a professionally installed patch. There are some chunks out of them but they’re good for a few more season and hold air. $200 EACH one of the #2 Is in great shape. $400 the #1 cut is in great shape but has a professionally installed patch. $400 ***Wheels are NOT included I can send more photos if needed. i can meet in north San Diego, Temecula/Murrieta or Glamis.
  3. Looking for a price for two (2) STU Sand Blasters 33x17 cut #2. TIA
  4. I'm running microstubs and combo spindles in the front. 2" hollows are coming next season. That's definitely the reason for not running 12's in the front. I'm running a Danzio Prerunner engine which is a 408 with upgraded everything internal and ls3 heads. Dyno'd at 610 hp and 600 ft/lbs. 450 hp at the wheels
  5. 😮😮😮 OUCH!!!! Those things are shredded. Um....yeah, I’m going to shorter tires for sure. I’ll upsize the tires After I upgrade to a heavy duty sequential. i really appreciate all the feedback!!
  6. You guys are bringing up all great points. Yes I care what my car looks like but I’m way more concerned on how it performs and reliability. my car originally had 33x15’s and 10.75x15 (which I still have) with Ls1 and 2D. I picked up some 35.5x17’s and 10.50x17 when I went stroked 408 and S4. The trans is geared for 35” tires. i much prefer the look of the 17” wheels over the 15’s. So I was seriously considering (more now thanks to all of you) picking up some 33x17’s. @jjoseph99 I didn’t know they made 17” tires. I know the 15” are only 30” tall. That’s just too low for me. What are the 17” tires in height? Who carries them? I’m looking for a good combo of bite and slide. I don’t do a lot of the drags and spend 98% of my time in the dunes.
  7. You guys are convincing me quickly! Looks like I’ll be picking up some 33’s
  8. @tjZ06 that was a really great response. That’s the kind of information I’m looking for. I have an S4 no D so that’s certainly a strong consideration. I just went from a 2D with the hopes of not having to put in new R&P every season and a half. thanks for taking the time to share your experiences.
  9. Other than the obvious, the way they look, what are the pros and cons of the bigger paddles versus the smaller paddles. I have a sequential and with 600 hp and can’t decide which ones to run. What does everyone like and don’t like about either one?
  10. Need a price for 1-35.5 Sand Master #2. Work in Temecula so I can pick it up. Thanks!
  11. In need of just a single STU Sand master 35.5 x 17 cut 2 paddle in good/great condition. I have a cut 1 if anyone needs
  12. Man that is a thing of beauty!!! I can’t wait to get it installed!! Thank you so much for the extra effort!!!

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