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  1. Posting several pic's of past Invasion gatherings, last year we had a couple early 80's ATC pro riders join us for camp fire chats. All desert toys are welcome as the real fun is meeting and talking with good people of like mind. "HJ"
  2. Thank you for the thread and all the pic's. I'll be there with all the back easterners and many of the locals. "HJ"
  3. Cool ATC swag...... ATC 3 wheeler Imperial Invasion is at Glamis next month. "HJ"
  4. Hell I'm still using Vista..... works fine. "HJ"
  5. Very nice survivor, the TRX chassis is still one of the best designs. "HJ"
  6. Second large wing eyed this week, Camaro at the Post Office. "HJ"
  7. Eyed this wing last night while getting gas. "HJ"
  8. Back in the late 90’s had the b_tch from hell lived next door, house was a rental so had new tenants yearly. She called the city code enforcement division and complained about my toy box trailer parked in the front driveway, it blocked the view she couldn’t see up the street as to when her husband (and or boyfriends) came down. I received a citation to move trailer to the side of the house back beyond the fence line even with front face of house. Code lady gave me 3 months extension as I needed to cut back the hill side and build a retaining wall. Called code when the move was completed, she inspected and signed off citation. Went next door to inform them, no body home, the citation had been corrected and signed off. Now the good part, as the code lady exited the property noticed they still had a VW Baja bug setting in their driveway which had the motor removed and expired tags. Went to her truck filled out a citation and placed it on the front door. You should have heard all the swear words when the b_tch got home …… karma ......careful what you ask for ........ they divorced and moved out 3 months later. "HJ"
  9. Eyed these Bronco's setting in a storage lot. Someone has collected them for future projects. "HJ"
  10. Wondered this very subject. Up graded this winter to a 34' DP Freightliner chasses with air bag system and used the old Easy Lift WD setup from my old Class C motorhome. So not needed? "HJ"
  11. Nice clean looking find. Good price, did you buy it? "HJ"
  12. Nice looking conversion. Always starts with one..........more will follow. "HJ"
  13. Who's kit is this? Why the different swingarms? Different lengths? "HJ
  14. Very nice. Just think the R55 kit sold for less money. "HJ"
  15. Thanks gays. Purchased these ATC's four or five years ago, all sellers are no longer available to sign or fill out Statement of Facts reg256 or Bill of Sale reg135 forms. Think it would be easier if not in database system. I know none of them are stolen but unknown about last registration dates. Guess I'll take VIN #'s to Police station or CHP office. Is there a hot line number a person could call? "HJ"

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