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  1. Nice looking conversion. Always starts with one..........more will follow. "HJ"
  2. Who's kit is this? Why the different swingarms? Different lengths? "HJ
  3. Very nice. Just think the R55 kit sold for less money. "HJ"
  4. Thanks gays. Purchased these ATC's four or five years ago, all sellers are no longer available to sign or fill out Statement of Facts reg256 or Bill of Sale reg135 forms. Think it would be easier if not in database system. I know none of them are stolen but unknown about last registration dates. Guess I'll take VIN #'s to Police station or CHP office. Is there a hot line number a person could call? "HJ"
  5. Have '84 ATC70 seller says not in DMV system and no title. Also have 2 '70 US90's ATC's both with no titles and other was thought to be registered @ 2012. How do you have VIN #'s checked for stolen and or if in DMV data system? "HJ"
  6. How does this effect a older '03 DP Motorhome I've recently purchased? "HJ"
  7. Still can't travel on the county gravel road, who's own's all the property between RR tracks and wash 10? New trail paths. Are group always made a run over there. "HJ"
  8. Now that's a lot of sand been moved by the winds! "HJ"
  9. Hate to admit, but remember all of it. No secrets with the neighbors with party lines. Those were best of times! "HJ"
  10. MWB yes you are correct about OT, I'm sure several did but the rest were on our dime. Yes I have hard spot for the BLM, comes from over 20 years of inter actions (harassment) . "HJ"
  11. If you notice in the pic I posted above, two BLM buggies also one of their quads, a total of 5 rangers just on that dune. A couple more parked along the outside cable surrounding Osborne Lookout. They flat told me to leave or get arrested. Movie company had permits, our tax dollars at work, when I arrived 2/27 half pad 1.5 was being used a staging and not one vehicle had a weekly pass. On 3/05 movie company shot a scene a couple hundred yards off pad 1.5 with a helicopter, BLM again blocked any access to the area. "HJ"
  12. They were also at Osborne Lookout first week of March. They rolled the SxS down a dune with these Hollywood dummies. "HJ"
  13. HairyJR


    The best Dune weather is when your packing to leave. "HJ"
  14. HairyJR

    A+ Build

    Nice build.....building a A+ copy or a fully suspended 70 is on my to-do list. "HJ"
  15. There were a couple more conversion trikes I didn't get pic's of. Here are the best pic's taken of several custom trikes made and ridden this year. "HJ"

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