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  1. Just wanted to finalize this whole ordeal in the hopes that it might help someone in the future. The citing officer (Alex Stewart) and I both showed up to court, both gave our account as to what happened, and the judge said that I was in violation of the law as the permit wasn't displayed as stated. Luckily, he said that because I did have the permit and basically things happen, he would drop it as much as he legally could which was down to $200. If this happened again and I lived within driving distance I would fight the ticket, otherwise this whole event was a HUGE waste of time and money. Also I have been stuck at the San Diego airport for 20ish hours so that isn't helping. Anyways, I'm done with all this, live and learn and I hope that maybe this will help someone in the future. Thank you all for your help/support. I still can't wait to get back on the sand (with a permit on the rearview mirror)!
  2. So it turns out it was just the arrainment date, I got there early, had everything ready, and was fully prepared to defend myself but all I got to say was not guilty and now I have to come back out March 8th. I can understand why people just pay this stuff, they drag it out so long that it is just tiring, or maybe these red-eye flights are wearing on me. Either way I'm worn out.
  3. I figured that it had been turned in since I got a letter in the mail, but you never know with the BLM, trust no one! Yes, I am from South Carolina, and I am able to fly for cheap so it isn't as big of an issue to fly out and rent a car for my court date. As a bonus, there aren't any afternoon flights home so I get to hang out with a buddy at his suspension shop in San Diego for a few hours, so there's that I guess.
  4. Thank you for this, I do plan on taking the citation as well as the letters they have sent me stating that it is MANDATORY I show up, but I will not let them know I have any of it unless I need to and definitely will not let them have any of it. As much as I would like to speak and argue about it, I honestly hope no one shows up and it's just dropped.
  5. Hey everyone, I have stayed off here and tried to keep all this off my mind for the last few weeks but I am flying out to san diego and driving to brawley Thursday night/Friday morning. I have tried to contact the DA and they have no record of the citation, either because the blm hasn't turned it in (they apparently have a year) or because it isn't a serious enough offense to be in their system, they weren't sure which. I have the vehicle code on obstructed views printed out and a screenshot from Google maps printed to show where I was. I am probably going to have to pay the ticket in the end, but I'm sure as hell fighting it the whole way. Thank you all again for all the help with everything, I will FOR SURE let you know how it goes.
  6. The offficer was BLM from CA, I actually have his business card but would rather not post any names or info until this is all over. The ticket states "no permit displayed", which I will admit that I was fully in violation of, but I feel like the sentence is a little harsh for the crime. Either way, I would rather have to pay more than just the ticket and get the chance to fight it than to just bend over and take it. Whichever way it goes I will definitely let everyone know how it ends up. I hope everyone has a good Christmas!
  7. I have pretty much decided that I am going to show up for court, if I still have to pay it then at least I tried. It is at the brawley courthouse so I don't think it's federal and I'm pretty sure hiring a lawyer might cost more than the ticket. I am just going to show up with receipts and vehicle codes and as much info as possible. Thanks everyone for all the help and support so far, if you have any suggestions or any recommendations please let me know. This has been a great site and I am so glad I was finally able to sign up!
  8. I called the Brawley courthouse (the people there were surprisingly nice) and the guy I spoke with went and checked and was told that because it is a non-traffic citation, trial by declaration is not possible. the officer drove over and asked if I knew why he was there, I said I have my permit right here, grabbed it from the front seat and held it up as he was looking under and around my truck. I was with my truck/camper the whole time, aside from when he searched the truck, I consented as I had nothing to hide and hoped he would be easy on me. I tried to be respectful and courteous to both officers the whole time. The other officer who was asked to stand with me (I assume to make sure I didn't attack anyone or something crazy) was a really nice guy, he talked to me like a normal person and didn't seem to care about whatever I had done at all.
  9. Hey everyone, I have tried to sign up for the site for a while but have not been able, so I am really excited to finally be a member here! Anyways, I was out in Glamis over Thanksgiving (like every year) and was given a $455 ticket for not having my weekly permit displayed. I was airing down at the dumpsters and the permit was in my front seat, I had bought it online a couple weeks before the trip. Has anyone here disputed/fought this type of ticket? I am from SC and asked to do a trial by declaration through the mail but was told that I couldn't because it is a non-traffic citation, pay the fine or show up to court. Any help or advise would be thoroughly appreciated.

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