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  1. Just graduated from SDSU, was supposed to walk on May 16th, instead my senior project group and I launched our actively stabilized rocket we’ve designed and built over the year. It felt like closure and somewhat beats sitting in the sun listening to the equivalent of somebody reading from a phone book. Luckily we will have a real ceremony in December to appease all of the parents. If I were graduating high school, I’d probably take a gap year, try to learn a trade or get some traveling in before college. Many colleges are doing next semester online and it just wouldn’t be worth it to me. Online school is a joke.
  2. Me senior design team and I successfully launched our actively stabilized rocket. The goal for the project was to build a rocket that would self correct to vertical using four canards (fins near the top of the rocket). We used an IMU to control four servos that controlled the canards. We have to further look at the data but off initial results the launch was a success and the system worked as it should have. Maximum altitude was a hair above 9000 ft and the rocket successfully recovered and landed 1600 ft from the launch rail. IMG_4515.MOV
  3. We’ll be launching at FAR (friends of amateur rocketry) near California city.
  4. Putting the finishing touches on my senior project. It’s an actively stabilized rocket. Set to launch next Saturday. Should hit a max speed of Mach 1.2 and hit 13,000 ft if all goes well.
  5. More importantly, how many belts did they break?
  6. Sand Fanatics Sand Rail project for sale. Has everything there to make a complete car. Has a Subaru ej20 closed deck motor and six rib 091 bus trans with 930 cvs. Front suspension geometry was just gone through to eliminate bump steer and correct camber and caster through range of motion. Has around 20” of travel. Comes with engine management system, radiator, intercooler, turning brakes, Cnc pedal assembly, Fox shocks and much more. Make me an offer and let me know if you have any questions. SOLD
  7. Building an actively stabilized rocket for my senior project.
  8. Asking $60 for both, located in Huntington Beach, text 714-272-2451
  9. Have one of these for my dog. A bit pricy but if you go to the desert a lot it’s a good thing to have.
  10. Was going to camp in Anza borrego, entire park shut down. Ended up camping on west side of the canal.
  11. Scrapper - YouTube https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=I4pFat3VTkI Off the grid on a live military bombing range, defiant desert dwellers risk life and limb scrapping the impact areas for lucrative military metals from exploded and unexploded cluster bombs, target vehicles and brass from attack helicopter Gattling guns. Ride shotgun into an adrenalized world of aluminum fever, crystal meth, survival and redemption.
  12. I too am a senior at SDSU and agree online classes are far from okay. I had vibrations with Demasi last semester and that class was insane. I quickly blocked everything I learned in that class from my memory as soon as I turned in the final project. I could send you my homework’s and final project if you’d like. Most of the stuff we did was airfoil related so I’m not entirely sure how well it’ll cross over.
  13. Onyx wheels and tires off a 2014 Silverado. Wheels are onyx forged off-road in great condition with 37” Nitto tires. Tires have plenty of tread left and are load range e. Let me know if you have any questions. Asking $1500. Shoot me a text at 714-272-2451

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