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  1. Ok, its been years since I've been to Glamis. This last season I got a Can Am XRS and a couple of quads for the family. We've been to Ocotillo a few times this season but never made it to Glamis and don't really know anyone going anymore. All of the people I've gone with years ago no longer are into the offroad sport. We're talking 10-15 years ago. I get the feeling the sand car people sort of despise SxS groups also...in general but thats another topic altogether. Maybe I misread that. Maybe its the other way around? I don't know. So, just looking for a cool group to meet up with next season to remind us of the ropes/rules of the dunes. Things have changed since I've been and it's just more fun camping with people. Whenever we boat/camp/offroad it seems we are always the host and just don't know many people who have their own stuff. We just get tired of being the host with everything we do. So I'm just putting feelers out there to see if people would welcome some more into your group when the time comes next season.
  2. Thanks for reminding me, I do need to add some air to the tires. I see you are sticking with the varnish theory with a hint of sarcasm but I'd bet money that's not it. About 2 days before I went on this trip I took apart the carb, replaced jets, gaskets, float needle, etc etc and I also used an entire can of carb cleaner cleaning 2 carbs. They were like brand new. I added an inline filter at the same time. Brand new gas I may add. Fast foward 2 days and we are riding the quads for hours and they are fine. If I do find that pesky varnish piece that only reared it's ugly head once and stayed down the rest of the weekend I will be the first to post that I was wrong.
  3. thanks guys. I already ran an inline filter so that's in place. I'll look at the float, cap vent, etc etc. All good info.
  4. I'm going to clean everything. What you described would be an obvious indication of a gummed up carb. But the quad runs perfect right now and it may never sputter again. I don't ride it with the choke on, I only turned it on for 2-3 seconds and that magically cured the issue and I rode the rest of the time and it was perfect (with choke off). Anyway, I suspect the issue isn't just a clogged jet because it wouldn't run perfect right now. Something else is going on but cleaning everything should resolve it so that's what I'll do. Starting with the tank and petcock filter as Crusty wrote.
  5. Excellent point! No, I didn't check it because fuel seemed to come out just fine with I pulled the line but this makes a lot of sense. Anyone know if these fuel filters can be cleaned or I need to just buy a new petcock? Hoping they can be serviced/cleaned.
  6. Also, the quad has brand new jets. I bought the $30 Moose kit and changed out everything except the float itself because it looked new. I actually did this to 2 quads at the same time. Previous owner let them sit for who knows how long. Neither would idle. These things are 2008 but I swear they look like they have maybe 10 hours on them at the most. Original tires and all. I just can't figure out why the choke on for a few seconds would fix it but I'll go thru all of the motions again for cleaning and checking jets.
  7. Yeah but I only pulled it for 2 seconds and pushed it back in. As soon as I did that the quad ran perfectly the rest of the ride back to camp which was 30 minutes. If I left the choke on I could see this being a cause because now I'm forcing more fuel in constantly. But since I just did it for a few seconds, that is what is confusing me. I'm not really convinced it's clogged again because it runs fine right now. Either way, I'm going to clean the tank and recheck carb/filters but I think something else went on in that scenario.
  8. I used the drain screw and drained the carb and let it run on idle until it stalled. I thought this would be a good way to store it. But I will take it apart again, clean the tanks, etc and hopefully that doesn't happen again.
  9. I will add that I put in another in line fuel filter when I redid the carb. So it essentially has 3 now (petcock, inline, inlet at carb) but I didn't remove / clean the fuel tank. Also, if it was clogged why would pulling the choke for just a few seconds totally fix the issue? I didn't ride with choke on, i just put it on and then off and rode for another 30 minutes and it did just fine.
  10. ok carb gurus. I bought a 08 TRX250 4 stroke and it didn't idle from sitting. Rebuilt carb (on 2 of them at the same time) and they both idle and run perfectly. But while riding one for an hour it started sputtering really bad but yet it would idle ok. It would barely go 10 mph and sputtered the second I hit the throttle. But I pulled the choke and pushed it back in (while riding)and the quad ran perfectly for the next 30 minutes back to camp. I didn't ride it since then. Why would pulling the choke on it for a few seconds fix the sputtering issue? It's like it was starving for fuel for a mile until I pulled the choke and then that was enough for it make it normal again for the rest of the time.

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