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  1. BigMac

    The wall

    great video....this wall should of been built years ago.i have seen beaners walking the fence line with backpacks and water on there side looking for a way into the states and thay even had the balls to wave and smile at us as we filmed them.im all for the wall.
  2. BigMac


    enjoy brother!! my dad is 74 and still owns a plumbing company in NY and is still working his ass off.he had a big company and was a baller in vegas and blew a lot of money instead of saving.after 09 it all went south.his company is pretty small and like I said hes still working every day and will do so till he dies.he gave me and my brother a great life and took us all over the world as much as he could.i love the guy with all my heart...BUT I don't want to end up like him!i want to lock the door to my company one day and relax with my wife.very happy for you and enjoy..
  3. mine is not a little fold up portable grill but its a small weber spirit 2.its got wheels and a handle for easy moving.its just me and my 2 kids on it.but i have a 38' enclosed trailer sitting in storage across the st so i keep it in there and not in my toy hauler.cant beat a weber!thay cook like a champ,warranty is unbelievable.thay will just replace any part on almost any year for free.i have a webber in glamis and at my house and another spirit 2 at my shop.pay a lil bit extra the first time and never by a grill again!
  4. i like over the head better.
  5. we look forward to waiting for the rain to just stop.we dont sink our machaines in deep mud but thay are ment for off road so little bit of water and mud dont hurt.the no dust and high speed trails rides we rip make it all worth it.little bit of soap and water and she cleans up nice!
  6. freakin animals i tell you!!
  7. thanks guys...thats why i asked.after leaving glamis in feb and returning to glamis in mid april for a week i seen big changes.sand hwy to olds was as skinny as a car lane with big drops that i whould call dunes.no 4x4 trucks where going to make it to the hill.so i just had time to sit and relax tonight in a quiet house and dream about how thay look now and ill be driving back out in the beging on september to do it all over again for another seasion....
  8. just woundering if anybody has been out there and seen how much has changed.?pictures whould be a plus..!
  9. got a weber spirit 2 on a 30lb tank and a blackstone both in my enclosed trailer in storage.but we take the blackstone with us camping as it breaks down flat and fits good in my toyhaulers bottom storage but ...love them both!
  10. i own a plumbing company and worst thing you can do is call the big repair companys.i no way close to anaheim.and i dont reline pipes but why cant you just replace the line in the ground with new pipe?
  11. i say no go on the strips as well...but then again i say no go on corvetts.
  12. i wanna throw a dish on the roof of our toyhauler.i was looking at the pay as you go system.just wanna know what others are useing.and if anybody has the pay as you go how do you like it?and im guessing you drill a hole in the roof and seal the living shit out of it?
  13. i just took most of my cabinets from kitchen when we remodeled....lol.

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