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  1. i have thought of removing mine but my buddy did it and said he did not like it and put it back on.so it has made me think twice about doing it
  2. BigMac

    Garage model 5ers

    i have a 42' keystone fuzion 5th wheel with a 12'-6'' garage.i have a sliding glass door that divides it from the living space. bolth side of living space are sliders.if i removed my glass door slider out and used a curtin if i wanted to again.but with bolth slides in a glass door removed i can gain 23'' with glass slider removed.
  3. BigMac

    The shifting sands of Glamis.

    o dear!!
  4. BigMac

    Blast from the past...at least for me!

    DO NOT DO NOT restore it!! its a survivor..... and a very good one.
  5. BigMac

    Glamis in April - Simply epic

    ill be out there this wednesday till monday morning be at wash 1 im guessing
  6. BigMac

    More Japanese craziness...

    chicken is great.
  7. BigMac

    RIP Schwinn

    wow just read his story...R.I.P brother!! my mom and her brother now as we speak are dealing with cancer.my mons on road to recovery and hope her brother ( my uncle ) will be on that road soon.
  8. BigMac

    It's Saturday 4/6/19 what are you doing this weekend?

    sorry been busy just got a chance to get back on.i love my komatsu's.its 2010 wa 250 i own a small plumbing and utility company in south jersey.started as a plumbing company doing commercial work.and got tired of renting machaines to do my own sewer and water service so went down to my komatsu dealer and came home with a brand new 2009 pc35.then being fearless and working for a utility company many years ago i started getting involved in water mains and fire hydrants.so then the pc35 was to small so went out and bought a bigger excavator and a dump truck.then needed something with a bucket so went to a auction and bought a cat skidsteer and a 22'' road saw.started doing my own cuttuing.then i figured ill do my own asphalting so bought a small used roller.now i just bought a bad ass super mini excavator from takeuchi its a tb210r. the tracks fold in and i can drive it through a 36' door in buildings.flip a lever and it extends to like 48''.now my guys dont hand dig trenches in building.throw on a scrubber and i can run it inside a building with doors closed and you dont smell any diesel fumes.
  9. BigMac

    Shitbag that tries to steal my F250

    thay make crazy covers for the arlos.thay have these woods tree covers is differant shade of camo to match the woods your in.thay look like army ghillie suits.
  10. BigMac

    It's Saturday 4/6/19 what are you doing this weekend?

    i just had to do the same thing like 3 weeks ago on my komatsu front end loader.alot of crap to take off to change a belt.not as much as you had to do but .
  11. BigMac

    It's Saturday 4/6/19 what are you doing this weekend?

    did some stuff around the house and then got sidetracked and ripped my sons lil klx110 around the streets.then threw down some grass seed and ripped the 110 a lil more.now have to go shower and head to a bbq for my buddys wifes birthday.
  12. BigMac

    Glamis Off-Weekend Pics

    good shit....keep them coming
  13. BigMac

    Camper leveler - Pretty cool!

    saweet.......i whould brobly try them if i see the price is reasonable.i like trying out new things
  14. BigMac

    Toy hauler tires

    i still run the original 2014 china bombs on my keystone fuzion i keep them all aired up the same psi as tire says on side wall and zero problems.and trust me when i say i use my toyhauler.it has been back and forth from nj to california.up and down the east coast fron nj to florida.nj to louisiana i whould say i do 8 to 12,000 miles a year pulling my toyhauler.but i have herd horror storys.i should knock on some wood as im heading out to glamis in 2 weeks for a week then taking the toyhauler back home to nj still on the original china bombs.
  15. BigMac

    Found snake in my house

    dont see that here on the east coast...

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