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  1. BigMac

    Last week of March 2015 Google Earth

    google earth has a way to go back and see the property as thay where.i had to meet a demo contractor at a old factory site that was abondond for 12 years and we had to locate pump stations on the 5 acre property along with fire hydrants.plans showed them all but we could only find a few.demo was done a few years back but got stoped.anyway he went into google earth and went back to like 1987.and it showed the place in full operation with cars in parking lot and all.
  2. always seems to be crowed like you have to get there early in week to get a spot.
  3. i think my mind is pretty set on going into the washes.i like the military action you get in the washes anyway,little dunes are fun and keep them busy while me and the wife chill at camp.i also lock up my stuff but on osborn when your gone and have all kinds of random visitors showing up alot it whould be on my mind is somebody is messing with my camp.speaking of military shit.i was in wash one like 2 weeks ago and 2 what i thought were cobras coming from over the gold mine heading tord wash one came is so low i cheered them on and one started doing some cray back and forth shit.as thay got closer and lower it was the new AH-1Z vipers.thay came in like 60'over my toyhauler i could see the pilots helmet looking at me and thay came over with speed it was so bad ass.
  4. doing a last seasion wife and kids few day trip to glamis and never stayed ontop of osborn.we are wash people.one kid is 11 and other is 16.bolth are great riders.and my 11 year old has been in the big dunes.wife wants to enjoy the views.but my kids like waking up and ripping the little dune instead of sitting at camp when we do.so hears my thoughts on dislikes about osborn (1) baking on the blacktop as the weather is getting warm. (2) kids just dropping into the big bowels and no fun little dunes to build tracks in (3)is the shit safe while out riding and all kinds of random people pulling up there to see the views and i do know if thay are calling for wind you dont wanna be up there. i whould just like to hear what others have to say. thanks guys
  5. BigMac

    Bought a 2019 F250 Powerstroke

    good color choice.when i bought my f450 in 2016 that one of our choices.but finding a f450 in that color was hard and where told not many 450s came in that color and we dident want waite.so we had 2 colors to pick from on the lot.bolth where platinum editions and the white on the platinum has this matalic pearl that looks very prissy.so we went with the black on black.but man thats a purty color you got there.enjoy man!!!
  6. BigMac

    You may not know that your friend is a bad ass

    WOW....one of the best topics anybody has posted.thanks for sharing
  7. flying in on wednesday.stopping at my wifes sisters new house in AZ gonna spend the night then head into glamis on thursday.first time going out alone.just realy need to do maintance on front door of toyhauler,bolth quads need new batterys and oil change also discovered a leak on toyhauler near the awning so gotta clean that up and throw a bead of silicone down the rail befour i get water damage.only gonna be out till sunday afternoon then back to phonix for a early morning flight back to NJ.dont know where im setting up camp yet.gonna be between wash 1,vendor flats or may just stay in glamis dune storage.but im down to meet some new people and do a dune run.
  8. BigMac

    2006 Tatum Evolution

    like it alooot!!!👊
  9. BigMac

    mobile dump at glamis

    coast all depends on the size of your tanks and how many gallons he pumps.and fresh water fill is also priced on the gallons.
  10. BigMac

    solar battery tender?

    i live in nj and keep my enclosed trailer in california.once i leave storage i drive to phonix and fly home.dont think united whould like me bringing 3 acid filled batterys on the plane in overhead storage...lol
  11. BigMac

    solar battery tender?

    anybody have luck with them?my last trip is on spring break with the kids then i bring my trailer into storage and drain all the gas,raise everything up on jackstands and lock up till i make it back out in october.been doing it the last 3 years like that.by the time october comes my sxs will crank slow but it fires up.the quads are dead so i throw them on charge and im back to being good.but this year the quads have noting left in the batterys.2 of them are dead already.so thinking of buying new batterys and doing a solor trickel set up.any ideas or info.whould be sweet if i have charge all 3 batterys from one pannel.
  12. BigMac


    maybe its just me but i used to stay on the pads off gekco and dont realy miss it.past 3 years been in the washes and i dont see them half as much and i have never had one come into our camp in the washes.i atculy perfer the washes now a days.small dunes for the kids to play on close to camp,all my stuff in in glamis storage so just a quick pull across the street.and i find it easy access into the dunes.
  13. BigMac

    Sniff a little nitro

    YUMMMY!!!! if i was that gas can i whould be leaking....😋
  14. BigMac

    Recongnize this car?

    one of my favorite car!!
  15. BigMac

    Tonneau covers

    i also just bought a 16 f450 that came with the truxedo and was gonna take it off.turns out i love it.it also locks down near the tailgate and can not be unlocked unless you open the tailgate.and i keep my tailgate locked.but with the flick of your pointer fingers on the latch it unclips and you can roll it back to the cab.no water get in the bed.its realy water tite.

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