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  1. i changed plugs to ngk trx55 no milky white but a light layer of white on valve train no smoke out exhaust no water in oil. The vent lines look the worse
  2. here are a few pictures of the plugs and the milky white stuff in hoses and a short vid of bog 20190401_210140.mp4
  3. well i got it together took some time about an hour per shock and i saw the scrape marks from previous times of installing . but thanks for the advice i was able to get it
  4. Thanks everyone for your help !! ill post pictures when i get it together
  5. thats my conclusion going to unbolt bottom hang top then install bottom !!! thank you !
  6. ok thank you for that info... so until i can get these dialed in i will use the straps!
  7. not using the staps? .. just thought car was set up to use so figured i would leave them .. but if they arent needed !!!!
  8. scorpion car- king coilover only .. how do i shorten shock?
  9. i moved collar up to remove shock and had to compress to remove it .... now trying to reinstall the limit strap wont line up and the bolt binds because of the angle . have to move collar down some to get limit stap past top of shock now i cant get it back together
  10. this is before i took it apart, ill get a picture this afternoon of where im at trying to reinstall
  11. so with that, these are the wrong length shocks?? have to compress them 1" or so to line up wow more stuff to figure out well at this time i cant afford new shocks could i still run these until i get this figured out? going to have to undo CV to get them installed
  12. bottom is installed trying to install top bolt.. slide bolt through spacer .. with a long pry bar push down on shock to get bolt through shock get other spacer on.. push down on shock again with long pry bar limit strap wont line up , and bolt is at such an angle that i cant get through other hole even prying down on shock it wont line up .... it was all together before i took it apart , now cant get it to line up
  13. sorry still learning this car removed rear shocks to sand and primer that was a huge pain, now trying to reinstall and its not happening . Can anyone please give me pointers or ideas on installing rear king shocks thanks !
  14. thats one of the things im trying to figure out if there needs to be a different tune - computer? if there was ever a turbo tune on it ?? i borrowed a test kit in about an hour im going to test it !!

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