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  1. desertanddune

    just got a car... help

    thank you for the info going to look into that hollows might be overkill for my car but i will look into it still going to upgrade
  2. desertanddune

    need to do new exhaust

    agree contact hot head headers !!!!
  3. desertanddune

    just got a car... help

    the car is out getting the cracks fixed, exhaust redone and bars added... when its back ill add more pictures of the repairs . looking to upgrade front spnidles and adding brakes also, any suggestions?
  4. desertanddune

    just got a car... help

    found a few cracks, i believe ,gonna get those repaired ... also added a few more pics!
  5. desertanddune

    just got a car... help

    thank you
  6. desertanddune

    just got a car... help

    i will check compression, but motor runs well just has a stumble off idle , i think it has a turbo tune up on computer but not sure . it has water oil and volts gauges so i will be able to keep an eye on it thanks just have to do a little more clean up and then take it on a short outing or 2 and see how she runs .
  7. desertanddune

    just got a car... help

    thanks i sure am looking forward to some runs with it , next time out ill get some more pictures! looking for intercom radios now too is there a less expensive way $1800 is out of my budget
  8. desertanddune

    just got a car... help

    went over whole car when i got it home.. checked trans, checked and change engine oil, checked and cleaned air filter, checked clutch, master cylinder and slave cylinder all looked good and worked didn't need fluid ... the trans ( CV cleaned and serviced with grease) and shocks were rebuilt at start of 2018 and have 3 rides on them i checked the whole frame and only spots i found is on front. checked all fasteners everything was tight with the exception of computer bolts were all loose i snugged those up and all seems good
  9. desertanddune

    just got a car... help

    only pics i have right now ... i get more next week
  10. desertanddune

    just got a car... help

    Just got a car, been in dunes on quad now this is going to be first adventure in a car... Previous owner only owned it a year, he had very little info on it. I need little help finding info so i can tune and set up! info that i have, its a scorpion frame with an olds aurora v6, mendola MD4S, king shocks, oneal adjustable peddles, it had a turbo on it but it burned up so it was taken off, not sure what computer is on it, what fuel pump, what injectors, starts and idles well drives ok has an off idle stumble, the rack and pinion has heavy surface rust on ends it looks like powder coat is cracking at suspension hook up points might need to remove and repair. does anyone have and suggestions thanks in advance.

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