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  1. Dennis58

    Pay to Play

    Surf & Dune thanks for those pictures gives me good perspective on car size vs. trailer.
  2. Dennis58

    Pay to Play

    Interesting, never gave much thought to a hotel in Brawley or the Navy Lodge at NAF El Centro. I do think the overall comraderies and evening festivities play an important part of the whole Galmis experience. I also hate chasing a bathroom.
  3. Dennis58

    Pay to Play

    Yes, you are 100% spot on in that statement and I will most likely compromise on my wants based on this. A custom build will run $60K and that while nice is a non-starter for me at this point in my research. Funny as I explore Glamis on YouTube I find myself looking at the RV's more than the cars. Ha
  4. Dennis58

    Pay to Play

    Found this --> Carson was a Southern California company that built toy haulers for buggies and sand cars. This link has a good inside picture, not sure of the inside size. https://www.rvtrader.com/listing/2001-Carson-Trailer-Funrunner-283-5006143353
  5. Dennis58

    Pay to Play

  6. Dennis58

    Pay to Play

    The more I look at Toy Haulers regardless of BP or GN/5'er the common theme seems to be a 13' or less garage in anything less than 36' in length. Assuming a 2-seater sand car the length seems to be at least 15' and 88" tp 93" (can be reduced with roller tires) at the rear so any Toy Hauler would need to have a 16' garage. Finding a used Toy Hauler in the less than $20K range with a 16' garage and wider back end is no easy task. Lot of stuff out there but it all seems to be more suited towards the SXS and Quad market. For a sand car it's more like needing a "car" hauler vice "toy" hauler.
  7. Dennis58

    Where do you get fuel at Glamis?

    Ok I'm up to speed on E85, all I have really bought for the last 15 years is diesel for the truck and tractors and non-ethanol for the Stihl equipment. I run 91 whatever in the Vette (427 390hp) with no issues.
  8. Dennis58

    Sandrail purphase question

    Yes I am planning a road trip to Glamis but not this season as the wife is on work travel for the next 4 months so I'm the stay home dog (Golden & Plott Hound) dad. I was thinking on the way home about 934's and thought that setup on a 2D trans would just shift the weak link to the trans vice the CV.
  9. Dennis58

    Sandrail purphase question

    One of my starter cars, once your 50% in you can't stop and have no choice but to throw another $$$$ at it until it's done.
  10. Dennis58

    Sandrail purphase question

    So the whole 930 vs. 934 argument is not just a matter of replacing the 930 CV with a 934 CV, you have to replace the stub axle (spindle), transmission drive flange, axle and CV?
  11. Dennis58

    Sandrail purphase question

    Sounds like my Mid Year Corvette hobby (sickness).
  12. Dennis58

    Sandrail purphase question

    Yes, I will be targeting a stock LS1, 2D, 930's type car that is well maintained with no major issues. No crazy driving type stuff, I have nothing to prove. Funny you should mention "chassis that have a track record and most likely still in business" as I'm still getting my brain around the "good" brand names. If I understand what I'm reading correctly the LS1 cars were for the most part were built 8-10 years ago?????
  13. Dennis58

    Sandrail purphase question

    The question wasn't so much about budget, power or weight but more about trying to understand travel. I think LRS answered my question.
  14. Dennis58

    Sandrail purphase question

    I have been trying to soak up as much knowledge as possible during my sand car research and during my internet travels I read where someone here posted "buy all the suspension and transmission you can afford" because you can always make more power. 1) I guess that means at a minimum I need a 2D trans while a 4S would be better. 2) At a minimum I need 930 CV's while 934 would be better. 3) King 2.5" bypass shocks 4) 2" Hollows So assuming the above is correct what is the magic travel number when looking at cars assuming more travel is better? Thanks Dennis
  15. Dennis58

    Where do you get fuel at Glamis?

    Is all fuel in CA E85? Seems I read on here somewhere that a car (assuming LS1) needed to be tuned to run on E85, what if you're running a different fuel?

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