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  1. Very impressive car GLWS. Have a trailer question, what size and brand trailer are you using to haul this car in?
  2. I know this is an old thread but wanted to throw out my thinking on selling stuff; Price it to sell, not be for sell.
  3. From a purely educational standpoint on what type of rides are people breaking their backs on at Glamis? Is this mostly a Quad / motorcycle thing?
  4. My .02 I'm a Chevy man and always have been and will own nothing else. I bought a new 2003 Silverado LT Duramax 2500HD Crew Cab Short Box and drove that truck for 15 years. Other than normal maintenance it never let me down and had 300K on it when I sold it. My current truck is a 2019 Silverado High Country 3500HD Duramax Crew Cab Dulley. I will drive this truck for the next 15 years as well.
  5. Well I'm late to this tread BUT all I see wrong in the pictures is I'm not in any of them. I really really want to get back to the dunes but am still stuck in the deep south for now.
  6. It's hard to lose friends and loved ones. I lost Dad, Mom, Sister and Brother from Aug 2011 to Oct 2012, hold on to what you have and don't put off till tomorrow.
  7. Over on the popular RV forums users have nothing but good things to say about this little heater.
  8. Would this car be considered a mid travel or long travel?
  9. Nice history on this sand car,
  10. So this car was built by Extreme Performance Buggy, what year was it?
  11. Elwwod45, was the yellow, B/A Crest , lettering Etc. vinyl or paint?
  12. Elwood45 thanks for posting those pictures. I liked it better the way it was but being a prior Blue Angel I'm funny like that You did a very nice job de-Blue Hoo'ing it.
  13. So this pilot had this car or one like it? If it was this car than I'm assuming he flew the #5 Jet during his last year with the Blue Angels.
  14. WOW!!!!!! Somebody beat me to the finish line on this idea and did a super job. Now the $100 question before I hit up my Blue Angels Alumni buds, who currently own this car?
  15. Yes I agree, the wrap would be easy. The frame not so much.

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