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  1. Would this car be considered a mid travel or long travel?
  2. Nice history on this sand car,
  3. So this car was built by Extreme Performance Buggy, what year was it?
  4. Elwwod45, was the yellow, B/A Crest , lettering Etc. vinyl or paint?
  5. Elwood45 thanks for posting those pictures. I liked it better the way it was but being a prior Blue Angel I'm funny like that You did a very nice job de-Blue Hoo'ing it.
  6. So this pilot had this car or one like it? If it was this car than I'm assuming he flew the #5 Jet during his last year with the Blue Angels.
  7. WOW!!!!!! Somebody beat me to the finish line on this idea and did a super job. Now the $100 question before I hit up my Blue Angels Alumni buds, who currently own this car?
  8. Yes I agree, the wrap would be easy. The frame not so much.
  9. Here is a my theme picture for anyone wondering. The sand car frame would need to be US Navy Insignia Blue.
  10. Hi Still new here and sucking up information like a sponge, I have seen a lot of cars I like and a lot that the color combination or theme doesn't do anything for me. I do have a color/theme in mind but it would not be something I could buy used and build on. So the question is IF I chose to out source the disassembly, new paint, reassembly of a sand car any idea what the labor cost would be for that? Dennis
  11. Yes I am planning a road trip to Glamis but not this season as the wife is on work travel for the next 4 months so I'm the stay home dog (Golden & Plott Hound) dad. I was thinking on the way home about 934's and thought that setup on a 2D trans would just shift the weak link to the trans vice the CV.
  12. One of my starter cars, once your 50% in you can't stop and have no choice but to throw another $$$$ at it until it's done.
  13. So the whole 930 vs. 934 argument is not just a matter of replacing the 930 CV with a 934 CV, you have to replace the stub axle (spindle), transmission drive flange, axle and CV?
  14. Sounds like my Mid Year Corvette hobby (sickness).
  15. Yes, I will be targeting a stock LS1, 2D, 930's type car that is well maintained with no major issues. No crazy driving type stuff, I have nothing to prove. Funny you should mention "chassis that have a track record and most likely still in business" as I'm still getting my brain around the "good" brand names. If I understand what I'm reading correctly the LS1 cars were for the most part were built 8-10 years ago?????

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