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  1. RZR07

    RZR Rental

    Thanks for the concern guys. Here's where I stand. It's either rent it out or get rid of it. I can't use it enough to justify the payment right now. Also, the renter must purchase the insurance. I am covered by the insurance they pay for. I also expect the renter to drive it like they stole it. It's bulit for it. But if it gets totalled, then it gets totalled.
  2. RZR07

    RZR Rental

    Hello everyone. I have been a long time member but lost my login info. So I'm not a newbie at all. I would like to offer up my 2015 XP4 1000 RZR for rent. This RZR has lots of extras so your family can enjoy the wknd without worries. Custom PRP Seats with Upgraded Walker Shocks all the way around. Aftermarket Clutch Kit. Stereo system you can plug your iPod or phone into. I will provide spare tire and drive belt in case something happens and you're not stuck in case it breaks. Machine has been really reliable for the past few years. I have paddle and dirt tires. Pricing includes insurance but you must book through the below link. Prez Wknds is already booked but feel free to enjoy it during less crowded wknds. I am located in Riverside, CA. Fee is $300/day. https://urentme.com/items/item_details/2459

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