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    2014 trx400x , 2004 trx400ex, 75 chevy k10

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  1. Blaze

    Looking for motor/trans

    I like to tinker. The Polaris has sweet suspension . I have a friend with a KZ750 motor and trans. I think its a little heavy though.
  2. Blaze

    Easter Trip

    OK folks, As soon as I get off of work today. Im heading out . Should get to wash 11 before 10:00 PM. Hope to meet up with you all . Thanks again, Blaze
  3. Blaze

    Easter Trip

    That it is... Yall don't mind a couple of quads cruising with ya ?
  4. So I have a Polaris Predator Troy Lee Edition. The transmissions on these are junk. I want to do a swap . Anyone have any ideas ? Looking for motor / trans for a decent price. The quad has extended A-Arms , fox shocks , ect. would like at least 500 cc four stroke. Thanks in advance for any help or info.
  5. Blaze

    Got back in to RC cars today

    I have had several as well. I had an rc10 that absolutely flew. ( going on 12 years ago …… wow)
  6. Blaze

    Truck Pictures

    Nice K5. I had a 76. Im gonna get me a set of paddles for my k10 . My buggy will come first. After the cab / doors / and paint on my truck. And getting the motorhome back on the road.
  7. Blaze

    Easter Trip

    Thank you . She is changing soon. But for now works pretty well.
  8. Blaze

    Easter Trip

    Always do . :)
  9. Blaze

    Easter Trip

    Well I will be at wash 11. You cant miss my rig. I look forward to meeting anyone that stops in . More than welcome . You can call me Blaze , or Eric .
  10. Blaze

    Truck Pictures

    my 75 was full time . But not anymore.
  11. Blaze

    Truck Pictures

    Im not going to argue , its nice . But I really like the Chevy.
  12. Blaze

    Truck Pictures

    Thank you Sir, Still a lot to do but hey that's what summer is for.
  13. Blaze

    Truck Pictures

    Coming back from Olds.

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