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  1. Great feedback. Thank you both. Last question Kazuaki. So you spliced the Speaker + wire and did not solder that one to the board? I am leaning toward the soldering route because I actually have a General Aviation Intercom system that uses a different plug from the mini XLR. (The aviation intercom works awesome and only cost $150 for a 4 place setup - I can still patch in music , VOX, PTT, etc). If I use the Rugged Radio Jumper cable I still need to buy/make a conversion from XLR to .206 and .250 mic/speaker jack. If I go the solder route at least I can just solder the needed connections directly to the radio.
  2. Thanks. I plan to work on this tonight. A few more questions. 1. What gauge wire did you use to solder to the board? 2. Did you try any other pin configurations on the 6-pin plug before moving to solder directly to the board? I am a bit worried that my soldering skills are not up to the task of soldering directly to the board. 3. I am considering just using the external speaker jack for the headset and only soldering for the PTT and mic to limit the amount of soldering directly to the board. Do you have any thoughts on this? Thanks again.
  3. I am working to do the exact same thing for the same reasons and came across your instructions. This is excellent info and certainly will save me a lot of time. How did the field test go? Is the voice/transmission quality just as good as the RM60 after making the mods?

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