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  1. Have a complete uncut harness and ECU I pulled from a 2001 Camaro LS1 T56 car. Was going to use it for my sand car but decided to go with a Holley engine management set up instead. It is the 12200411 ECU. Asking $350, located in Peoria AZ.
  2. Sold, took a deposit for it this afternoon.
  3. Sale pending on complete and another in line for the trans will update if it changes.
  4. SOLD Selling the J32A3 out of my sand car complete with all accessories, exhaust, wire harness, Haltech ECU , starter, adapter and flywheel clutch setup is currently attached to a 091 that has a hurt second gear was going to sell that to Don’s Bus Box for core price. Asking $1600obo for engine and all above listed. Engine runs good fires right up, no smoke was running very well when I broke the trans. Set up was in the car when I bought it in June, would clean up the harness if going to run it. Don said he would give me $600 for the trans, so that would be the price on the trans. Engine is currently in the car for about another week so can be started and ran to here run. Willing to deliver or meet someone for the sale within reason, am located in peoria AZ. Joe 623-521-5780
  5. Interested in taking all of it if is still available.
  6. So I have been discussing this topic with the wife... If there was ever any question as to why I married her, the answer was in her response. She told me to do what was going to make me happy, told me build the car I want. She said “Doesn’t matter if you sell this and buy another, either way you will be pulling it apart and building what you want. Making it your’s not what someone else wanted.” So I have her blessing which is huge because we are a team, sounds weak but is how it should be🤷🏻‍♂️ I would not be where I am without her. On that note we are in the process of purchasing another toy hauler. Have been toying with the idea of just buying a Class A motorhome since I have an enclosed trailer already with a generator, compressor, welder and complete tool box with tools. Can not seem to find a used hauler that has not been trashed for under $40K. On that note, have only owned older models. I feel like a lot of the newer stuff will not hold up the way the older ones did. So the reason I mentioned this is I am waiting to drop any money on a trans until the new home away from home situation is solidified. Don’t have a bunch of money these days, am just a poor USPS employee now. Only have what I have from being financially smart and hustling side jobs and flipping cars when I can. Now this leads me to the next dilemma as to whether or not I sell the other toys. I love my street car, but let’s be real only thing to do with a car that makes 700+HP at the tires is get in trouble! I am too old to be out causing trouble and racing for cash. Another vehicle in question is my S10 SS LS1 swapped daily, is not needed but it’s fun! Final one is my 70 Nova that is in pieces, not pretty but never been painted so is an honest car to start a build from. I don’t need the money from the vehicles, however freeing up space would be nice so I could actually move around my garage. Add these three to my Ram Cummins and the wife’s TDI Jetta and the driveway is clogged too. Included a couple pics of the junks in question... Sorry for the all over the place rant, my retired neighbor brought me a couple shots of Apple Cider Whiskey and some beers. As far as the current drivetrain in the sand car goes, I will do a compression test, leak down test, replace the oil filter housing/VTEC screen gasket assembly and o-rings at the camshaft. I put a 12V switch on the VTEC and it engages but the hit is a little soft, really think the issues in the harness or dated ECU I can not gain access into. Trans shifts good and smooth, will just put it all up for sale to try and soak up the price of purchasing a Mendeola for the swap. Also just wanted to say, thank you to the guys that have reached out and offered some solid technical advise. Is nice to hear from guys offering the results for their experiences, and try to send you in a direction that would save you time and money. This is why I love the real duning community! Is rare to see sincerity and honesty in society anymore, but can always seem to count on it from fellow duners.
  7. Yes and no... valve sizes varied from 862/241/243/317 and there are few others in there as well. For the most part all Gen 3 are interchangeable when you get into rectangular port heads like from an LS3 (gen4) casting numbers 364/716/823 and fitting them to the smaller bore 5.3/4.8 will not work they require a 4” bore minimum.
  8. A lot of late model 5.3 come with 243 cylinder heads, (I have one in the garage) only real difference in all the 243 heads is LS6 came with hollow sodium filled valves, LS2 had bigger combustion chambers, and then there were also 799 heads that came on late model 5.3 as well which are essentially the same casting as a 243 just produced in a different foundry. All the 5.3 engines I have come across with 243/799 heads are all Gen 4 with flat top pistons. So in short yes a243 is a good head for a 5.3 if they came from a truck engine so you don’t suffer from compression loss.
  9. Thanks, no need for an engine have a complete LS1 and a 5.3 in the garage. Will check it out though.
  10. Headers available ? I am in Peoria too.
  11. I tried to buy this car off race dezert a couple months back, wonder if it is a different owner now?
  12. I have a complete LS1 that I just pulled from a 2001 Camaro a week and a half ago, also have a complete Speartech harness sitting here as well in addition to the factory harness and have a couple factory PCM’s laying around. The engine is a pretty much freebie... I picked up a running driving 2001 Z28 with a T56 for $2K and sold the shell for $500, just wanted the trans for my 70 Nova project. So the engine is just sitting there next to a gen 4 5.3 with 243 heads I have. I may have an lS hoarding problem. Thanks for the response, honestly I am thinking if I can do this for around $10-12ak with my own time and labor I will only have about $25K into a car I know inside and out. Definitely some things to think about here. I just don’t want to spend any money on the V6 and decide I hate it. I already know it will not be enough power after the first trip, however it should be dependable. At least that is what my friends who have them are telling me.
  13. Picked the car up in the low teens knowing I was going to have to do some work to it. Was already planning on rewiring the car and tearing it apart to either paint the frame with steel it or have it coated as it was never done. As far as shocks rebuilding them myself is not a problem, headers can build them myself, extending the cage can do that myself. The big cost and big ticket items would be the trans, rear bypasses, new rear springs to up the spring rate, upgrade from micro stub to mid boards and from combo spindle to 2” hollow if I added the weight of a V8. I know the midboards and spindles can wait. I saw another person mentioned if I like projects. To date I have LS swapped more than ten vehicles that did not come with them. So yeah projects are kind of my thing, when I tear into one I do everything myself from rearend, trans, engine work, wiring and the fab stuff as well.
  14. Unfortunately from my limited understanding of the AEM ECU it does not show as being compatible with the J32A3 engine. Lists all J30, J32A1 and A2 and the J35 series engines. Would still need a factory engine harness and someone to tune which I am assuming would run to around $500-750. So that would put me in the $2200-2500 range and still no diagnosis capabilities you would have with factory ECU.

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