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  1. One thing to think about if you are using this setup in CA and your trailer is over 10,000 pounds, converting it to a goose neck setup can require you to have a full commercial class A license. If you keep the traditional 5th wheel hitch you can tow with a standard license until you go over 15,000 pounds. Over 15,000 pounds with a standard 5th wheel hitch only requires a “non-commercial” class A license which is much easier to get than a full class A. I know I had a non-commercial class A to tow my 5th wheel before I was finally able to permanently escape from there! My two cents would be to get a B&W turnover ball for gooseneck needs with their companion 5th wheel setup.
  2. Do you still have this car and if so are you still interested in selling it?
  3. Always used silt screen at Oceano. Don't forget to poke a hole in it to put your generator exhaust through...wind shifts at night and can trap the exhaust under trailer.

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