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  1. In vegas, a lot of the duners i was with had a T.T. every week or so. just wondering if any of you east county peeps would be interested in having a T.T. this week or the next?????
  2. looks good. way to step up and make it reliable. i see too many people that just "deal" with problems like that. just a dumb question here, what size wire were they using for the starter trigger and ignition?
  3. if a newb is invited im definately up for poker and skeet. havent shot my guns since last october.
  4. East County gathering/ meet and greet??? Since i just moved here and dont know anyone else that rides, i was wondering if any of you guys/gals would be interested in a east county gathering?
  5. dumontduneriders.com is better. it has a bunch more action going on than dumontsanddunes.com
  6. oh numbers are what makes all you guys fast. im gonna go get some tomorrow. im thinking like 14823948, ill use mailbox lettering so it will fit. but all those numbers should make me really fast! lol nice to meet ya all.
  7. Howdy all. I am a relocated duner. Just moved from vegas to el cajon. I rode out at dumont all the time with pete,nick, and paully from the DDR site. but never ventured out to glamis. Now i live oh so close so ill be able to go. Look forward to meeting some new peeps. And just for $hits and giggles, heres a few pics of me and my bike....

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