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  1. Bump'n it Up...hoping its still gonna sale soon. Surprised nobody has made any comments, in regard, to my creative utilization of 1986 ATC 250R front fenders by Maier-Mfg. Probably should of posted in the ATC forum to generate any smart remarks. Also, hella surprised I haven't received any serious inquiries at $10K...didn't see that one coming. Oh'well, after 16 glorious years of ownership, looks like I'm gonna be stuck with this beast. Not entirely bad...allowing me another winter season of frozen-rivers...slideways at 55-75mph in my DRAKART. I'd prefer a frozen river over a sand dune any day, or an empty parking lot for GymKhana action. Sand dunes are boring, unless there is an intense trail system like Little Sahara Oklahoma has...IMO:) Trails increase my heart rate more than open sand dunes. Honestly, l dream of poaching ski resorts with this car if it doesn't sale. Ski resorts over sand dunes. Groomed snow and rail slides completely unauthorized! A Go Fund Me project. Happy Trails~
  2. Far as I know "Intimidators" have always been powered by Suzuki Hayabusa 1340cc GSXR (Gen-2) motor. Gearbox with forward/reverse gear is by DRAKART...Alain manufactures them in house. www.Drakart.com
  3. Contact Astroyama (605)-323-Five One Six Eight 2004 Drakart Intimidator. $10,000 Firm Clear Title…Street Legal. Note to interested buyer: “I’m begrudgingly selling this all-mighty-whip today as new member here on the forum. The car is located here in Sioux Falls, So.Dakota. I’m selling it due to a recent back surgery, whereas now, I no longer want to subject myself to inherently dangerous environments. Sand Dunes apply! Furthermore, Alain@Drakart installed hand-controls for my proper participation prior to finishing the build. And I’m keeping them. Having said that, this car will require a new steering wheel and foot pedal assembly. I currently have the much needed clutch / brake master cylinders…so prolly just need the floor-mounted brackets aiding in attaching the master cylinders to foot pedals. Please don’t fret this detail, we can easily work out the logistics. I plan on leaving the car the way it is for loading and unloading purposes during delivery phase..if it sells. Lastly, I realize my images are a bit blurry, so feel free to contact me for questions, extra video, and additional photos. This car is solid! Especially in performance and durability…drives like a video game. Gone everywhere I’ve commanded it without fail…Yikes! My Drakart will be Sorely Missed!!! Thanks be to Alain & Nadine Fricker for their tireless dedication and personal sacrifices ever made to nurture this epic brand. Let it be known, Drakart has forever enriched my Life beyond my wildest dreams…and I’m forever GRATEFUL. Drakart Reign Supreme! God Speed~" Here for sale is a year 2004, Drakart “Intimidator” with forward / reverse gear. 1-owner, low hours, meticulously maintained. Attributes worth mentioning…. Custom fenders, utilizing 1986 Honda ATC 250R front fenders, by Maier USA. SPARCO Seat belts. Mastercraft Baja-RS suspension seats with forward / recline levers. Shocks have recently been serviced with Nitrogen. APE Quick Change clutch cover. APE Billet Aluminum drag race clutch basket with extra sets of springs. High capacity oil pump gear. 3 Full Wheel sets. 2 with bead lock rings. “No” Led lights bar…as pictured. Sorry. Big box full of extras like oil filters, Redline 75/250 gear-oil, etc Astroyama (SixZeroFive)-323-FiveOneSixEight

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