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  1. Hey Readers, So I'm torn and not a mechanic, I have had some quotes to rebuild a motor but with no defined answers on limitations. I have a 454 big block out of a 95 winnebago with 45K. It was my fathers who just let the motor home retire in his back yard let me pull the 454 out as well as the transmission as long as I tore down the motor home to get rid of it. Instead of letting the motor sit in a grave yard, I was thinking about putting it into a 2 or 4/5 person ( I have 3 kids and my wife to consider here) long travel or mid travel rail. I love wheelies and jumping and my kids love their MX 110's but they are not bold enough to jump distance yet but want to feel it's rush. Is this a motor that can pull 1000HP after modding/supercharge it and put 100/110 octane in it's veins? Or is something around 600 it's limits? Thanks a million for time. Brad

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