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  1. Merica.... I prefer the 5.5 XDM but thats just my .02. LOL. My second option is the LC9 just in case the XDM runs out.
  2. 👍 ☝️what he said. So true. Now... time to Doon.
  3. Fill on the way so I have generator fuel and a no stop on the way home. 36' national dolphin and open 18' flatbed hauling sand car and two kids quads.
  4. DoonIt

    RFS love

    That paddle tho!!!!! Makes the 450 paddle look like a skat trak glider. Nice purchase
  5. Football = overpaid athletes Rippin the bowls = smiling all day
  6. Geez how times have changed. Welp back to wrenching on the car for Valentines. Be safe... ride hard.
  7. Anytime! nice to switch it up sometimes.

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