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  1. That doesn't make sense. It is basically a sand car in the rear and weight is similar. Wider paddle more flotation.
  2. I am looking for an all around dune tire that won't dig 8" deep when taking off from a dead stop and spinning like crazy. I am planning to put this car up for sale real soon and just want a good all around tire for the next customer. I also realize to be fast from a start, probably takes another tire than an all around dune tire. But the 33x15 Blasters I have now aren't enough every time you take off they sink. Also, I had read the Extremes had a compound change and are better now for the cracking issues. Didn't know if that is really the case or not?
  3. Anyone running the Extreme 35"? Looks just about 1" taller than the STU 33" and a little more squared off. Looks like it will hook up better?
  4. Yeah my 33 Blasters dig DEEP. Wanting to know if the Pros dig deep or stay on top more because they are trying to move more sand with traction? This thing sux from the start when you stand on the gas.
  5. Yeah I know. Is there that much difference in the traction in a straight line? And do the Blaster Pro dig down deep from start or stay on top?
  6. How is the traction on the Dune Sport compared to the Blaster Pro in a drag race?
  7. 101diesel would you please explain the performance differences you saw from the 33 Blaster Pros to the 14.50 x 17 Dune Sport II? Are the Dune Sport II the same diameter as the 33 Pros?
  8. Squatcher, can you show me a picture of the tires mounted? How tall do they measure on the car with weight on them?
  9. Yes I have scaled the car. It weighs 2420. I dont remember front and rear weights exactly, but it was close to 60% rear 40% front. With 2 people in it, it is almost 50/50.
  10. About like at 7, just didn't hook up as good for drag racing.
  11. Dave with Sand Tires Unlimited told me he thought the Pros would work well for the straight line stuff. But, they won't be good for dunning.
  12. I tried them at 11 psi and they didn't hook up very well. That is why I dropped a few pounds at a time until 7 psi.

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