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  1. Buying the right quad has alot to do with how big you are and how comfortable you are on it. So how big are you?
  2. All of these are really good posts. I would like to add a couple of things to help. 1. But the fastest/best rider in the group second behind the leader. Then but the next fastest and so on, that way the people that are faster can go more there normal speed where the people that are slower can go there normal speed and all can be comfortable. Then if people feel like they want to go faster they can just move up a spot and test it out. 2. Use the dunes to help you keep track of your group. Example: you are going into a big bowl, go far enough around the bowl where you can see the end person drop into the bowl you are duning. Then crest over into the next, Zig zaginng like that through the dunes will be easier on you and you can keep track of your group without straining you neck every five seconds checking behind you to make sure everyone is there. Thats what I have to add to all of the great stuff that has already been posted. Blackhawk
  3. Now I need to practice even harder now... roger that pepp i need to hit the track or somethin and find a bottle of skill laying around that one of the pros dropped... so how did you get so fast BlackHawk? Well I have been riding since I could walk so its just a natural skill that was learned over the years. If you want to ride fast then you wreck alot trying to ride fast. Then you wreck a little less. So you go faster. Then you wreck some more and learn, then you go faster. Every time you wreck you learn something. I wrecked alot along the way, but I also learned alot to. But by no means am I perfect it was just last season when the old gal bucked me off. It happens and you get up brush your self off and get back on. But you leaned that whatever made you wreck is something that you don't want to do agian.
  4. Man, a liver sandwich thats gonna be rough. But your on! The stakes are high now Whose bringing the liver, you or me? Training starts now after accepting that bet. EWWWW!
  5. LOL! But I'm sorry to say that we have already smoked Oregon and are now moving on to California. Sorry Boys!
  6. Oregon Crew Reporting for Duty. Yes Birdog and I will race any time anywhere. Slappy just say the word. Why? Because when you are going to an EPO as soon as you hit wash road all of your worries are gone. There's no house payment or car payment to worry about. No time clock to punch. When you hit the sand its game time and all you are focused on is racing and seeing old friends and meeting new ones. Where would you find a better way to spend a weekend, none that I know of. Thats why these are special events for all involved. Its the no shoes, no shirt, and no problems frame of mind mixed with some great competition. Whoo Hoo!
  7. That color in Awesome! I like it.
  8. First of all I want to say how sorry I am for all the people involved in this situation. What a sad deal for sure. I have been watching this thread the last couple of days. I want to point out that Justin had these people's property and money at his house or shop which means that they were in his possession for safe keeping. This means that it was his responsibility to make sure that these items would be protected and safe. He did not do that. So he is guilty of not protecting and keeping these people property and money safe. It was said in the first few pages that Wayne and Kerin’s trailers was not locked, so the question was asked did the trailer have locks Wayne and Kerin said it did. So if the trailer had locks and was able to be locked up, then it was Justin’s fault for not making sure that is was locked as it was in his possession for safe keeping and he did not do that. I’m not saying he is guilty of stealing these items (yet) because the truth of that matter has not come out yet. But I am saying that he is guilty of not protecting these people’s property and money. Period. Also can someone please check with the neighbors? Certainly someone should have seen the convoy of trucks and trailers that it would have taking to move all of the property that was allegedly taking in one night. JMO Lastly if there is anything I can do up here just let me know. When the flyer gets done please p.m. me a proof so I can print it up and distribute it up here. Thanks. P.S. Wayne and Kerin drive safe. The Oregon Crew.
  9. August Moon Night Ride! What a GREAT event! Thanks to all for a wonderful weekend. Thanks Slappy for an awesome flat track course. The full moon was awesome. 2200 Miles in diesel 26 hours of driving Being with great people in glamis August Moon EPO "Nightrider"..... Priceless Thanks to Sand Diva for timing us and to all the event staff and stiffs for putting on another bad a$$ event. Thanks to sampler for being Slappy's slave it wouldn't happen without ya. Thanks mom (fastlane) for letting us take the time to come and be get a taste of what the winter has in store. It just might hold us over until November. So boys you have until then to practice, practice, and practice before I will be down in mother G agian. Use your time wisely . Thanks, Blackhawk
  10. Good Job guys! Great day for sure. Thanks for the updates.
  11. This is awesome! Big Thanks to the event staff!
  12. What are the times peeps are running?
  13. Great idea guys this is goona be cool for us who couldn't make it there. Do we now the runing order yet?

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