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  1. GoPro hero 5 black, Gopro karma grip gimbal, gps mode on camera allows you to add telemetry to video
  2. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=sa9MGmBPxr8
  3. I saw on the Maverick forum you are sending them out to AReed. Did you consider Shock Therapy in Wittman, AZ they are right in your back yard and they do great work and have great turn around. Did mine in one day and dropped off for me in Prescott, just another option.
  4. Do not go with 25 10 12 on a max they suck i tried them with 4 people and they were a lot worse then the stock tires. During the group ride with can am on thanksgiving there was a max in front of me with stu's and one person and I was not impressed with the performance I saw from them.
  5. I have Doonz, originally got them for my commander now use them on the Maverick. May not be the best overall sand tire set up but for the price they work great, definitely better than the stock setup.
  6. Little dealer little prices in Phx has a Stellar 32 +6 has a sixteen ft garage and 2 slides around 56k
  7. This is what Johnny from utv Inc said about it. Ok so here the Story .. I was Very Lucky to get to try out a new machine this last week .. I’m not supposed to say what kind of machine it is but in the last week I’ve driven it just shy of 300 miles ... 175 Miles of the was in the sand at Glamis .. Going into it I was thinking it’s just a hopped up Commander, Wrong Wrong Wrong .. I really was not impressed with my Commander and only bothered taking it to Glamis a Couple Of Times in the 2 Years I owned it, to me it was far from a dunning machine and I like the Commander so Much I only Put around 200 Miles on it in the two years I owned it. I have also read some online and Magazine reports on this new machine and was not impressed with what I was hearing ... But I’ll tell you Today I feel they are wrong ... way wrong Now this new machine is nothing short of Bad Ass and Awesome all in one neat little package ... the machine I was driving has the upgraded shocks and let me tell you It would fly past a Turbo RZR XP in the woops going up Comp Hill in Glamis ..we lined up on the berm and he expected me to have to pussy foot the machine thru the woops and I put the hammer down and flew through the woops like a bat out of hell and was the first to the top of the hill .. Don’t get me wrong the Turbo XP was faster on smooth ground but not in the woops .... I also will say I let a Girl Drive the new machine and race her Husband up the Hill at Glamis a couple of times the first time they rolled thru the woops going about 10 mph to the smooth section of hill and she looked like a Maverick Pulling away from her old man a stock motor RZR XP .. I also know her husbands xp well and knew it would run thru the woops up the hill as I sold him his UTVinc King Springs so I called her over as she was lining up to race him a second time and told her none of that pussy footing this time thru the woops .. I told her the machine will handle it Just Mash the peddle to the floor thru the woops ... she was about three cars ahead at the top of the hill ... I duned with the turbo rzr all weekend and yes it would out pull me on the flats and on the hill but he could never shake me, the suspension is nothing short of amazing and only bottomed a couple of times the whole weekend ..I am not saying this machine will make you Ricky Bobby if you can’t drive and have no sense .. Well you can’t drive and have no sense .... Oh I also might tell you guys if you hit the right roller you can mash the gas and lift the front end ..It’s pretty awesome feeling the front end get light or come off the ground... I also saw 75MPH IN the sand on flat ground with Paddle Tires It needs Power Steering I Miss not having it All in all it’s a awesome and I will be adding one to my collection and I’d say it’s KING OF THE HILL Right Now Oh ya and its goes a hellofa long way on a tank of gas when the turbo rzr was empty I was just under half a tank The Machine I was Driving was out fitted with UTVinc Harness Bar and Harnesses and UTVinc Roof and Rear View Mirror For Saftey Last edited by Johnny; 12-09-2012 at 08:14 PM. Like dascrow, 4Nines, UTV Inc and 6 others like this.
  8. STM sells a blower system to cool down the CVT others have made setups using boat blower setups.
  9. I have 1350 on original belt. Checked it before this trip and it is like new. Clutch is stock and have doonz paddles, run a taller dirt tire than comes stock. You should get way more than 4 hours a belt, sounds like alignment problem with clutch. The new belt for the maverick is supposed to be same size and 40 or 60% stronger. You also can cut the cvt exhaust tube before the bend to help cooling. Wrap the exhaust and heat shield the cvt cover helps with the heat that kills the belts.
  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s0ymanFPKlI...p;feature=feedu
  11. You want to judge teachers on how kids perform in class? Get rid of all the kids who's parents instill no discipline and no drive to learn and scores will improve instantly. 10 to 25 percent of kids are killing classroom learning.

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