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  1. I have a 2000 chensworth frame and am looking to buy a fwd vehicle for cheap (1500$) and move the fwd transmission / motor / suspension straight to the rear. You can find manual 2000’s Ford Focus, golf tdi (diesel), and focus zx3’s for under 1500$. All around 100-150hp & 150 torque im not trying to spend 6k on a Mendola or a built 091 bus transaxle since this first one is a budget build Why don’t more people do this? Am I missing something?
  2. Anyone looking to sell a 091 transaxle?
  3. Which one is considered a 094?? - 83 and later? Mine would be stock gearing until I grenade it then I’ll do weddle gears
  4. What’s the difference? is the 76-79 stronger or weaker than the other 091s ? I’m looking at buying a 76-79 091 Irs bus transaxle and pairing it with a Subaru adapter kit for a ej20 from weddle for my 2000 chensworth Sound like a good combo? Thinking it’ll be strong enough for ej20?
  5. Trying to find a 091 or an alternative trans for an ej20 or ej25 under 2,000 possible?? / recommendations??
  6. Awesome guys. Thanks y’all for your time. I’m on a budget build since I’m still in college, so a built 091 or gears might be out of my price range. since I shouldn’t do a ej motor I looked at vw motors and found this - It’s a dual port k case bored out to 1600, needs a distributor cap, muffler and a carb. - For 600$, a 1600 that’s needs to be rebuilt with a price of 1000$ but could probably talk him down to what $$ you recommend? (The picture pic) Pic 1 or a Bug motor the guy knows nothing about with a price of 1000$ Pic 2/2.1 Thanks again you guys
  7. Thanks a lot for the response. You gave me more info then I found in hours searching lol. - I don’t know why but I’m having a hard time finding info on these transmissions I was planning on rebuilding it so thanks for the weddle gear recommendation!
  8. I’m starting a vw/ej20 sandrail build. I know nothing but I am learning. I picked up a frame (2000 chensworth?) and it came with this transmission - all I think I know is that it is a type 2 3 rib manual transmission? please tell me more

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