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  1. I appreciate everyone’s input. Thanks all.
  2. Sweet... (sarcasm). Would you pull the heads to get glamis out or just clean it out real good? I’m replacing a valve cover gasket, then gonna put her back together (if I don’t need to pull the heads), then take it to a shop.
  3. And I started thinking about that grinding I was describing and wondered if it was the cam reluctor gear... so I pulled the intake manifold to access the cam sensor so I could inspect it and, unbeknownst to me, there was about a pound of glamis underneath the manifold. A good amount fell down in my intake ports. I’m going to vacuum it out the best I can but did I just do a pulling heads kind of f$ck up?
  4. My reasoning was that I was under the impression these motors were supposed to have 58lbs of pressure. What do you mean when you say “system”? Fuel system? Bosch 044, 100/10 filters, CBM regulator, stock rail and stock injectors.
  5. So I’m starting to think it may be a cam sensor or crank sensor. It will barely start now. Replaced MAP, IAC and TPS. Added a pressure gauge on my rail and found it was running 68ish PSI. Adjusted down to 58 with no resolution. It’s continually getting worse. I pulled a plug and grounded it while cranking it and noticed that the spark is intermittent and not firing with every full stroke. Also, I’m throwing the P0650 (Malfunction Indicator Light circuit low) error code only. No other codes. Is there any way to test a Cam position sensor and Crank position sensor without a fancy snap-on scan tool? Everything I can find online says I need a scope (which I don’t have). And to make things worse for me, my intake is turned around so I can’t even access the cam position sensor without pulling the intake and headers. (8 into 1 over the top).
  6. That’s the one thing I haven’t checked yet, mainly due to accessibility. I sure hope I don’t need an ECU, it’s running a chevy PCM from a Silverado right now. If I wind up having to get a new one I’ll go Mefi.
  7. Alright. I’ll at least get a gauge that I can see the pressure and see if I’m having any loss while it’s running. I replaced my fuel filters with new aeromotive 100/10 so it’s definitely not filtration. Thank you gents.
  8. Still no solution. Replaced MAP, ran fine at home and around town on the street. Took it to Rocotillo, didn’t make it a few hundred yards before it started acting up. Brought it home and it continued its attitude then corrected itself And runs fine (for now) took throttle body off and verified TPS goes to 100 smoothly, IAC was all carbon’d up and sticky and the o-ring was shot. Chassis grounds are tight, as are engine grounds. I have not replaced the plugs yet, the only thing I’ve replaced was the MAP due to a lot of people telling me that was a likely cause. I’m losing my mind trying to figure this out and I don’t really want to just keep throwing parts at it to see what works.
  9. That is my next course of action. the video of the run up the hill was flat to the floor the whole time. No let off.
  10. TPS does go to 100% smoothly. Throttle linkage was only letting it go to 66%.
  11. I don’t have a fuel pickup tube in the tank, it’s gravity fed out the bottom. Got home and started checking some things with my harbor freight scanner... also found out from the previous owner that the motor is a 2001 and has red & blue computer. So here’s what I did/discovered (not sure if these readings are normal so any input is appreciated.) TPS range reads 0.4% to 66%. Won’t read above 66%. No glitching or jumping around through the range of the throttle. Temp and IAT look good on the monitor. MAP shows 28.6 inhg off, 14.7 inhg at idle. Took MAP off to check with voltmeter and suction test. No issues noted but wiped off the seal and port with a towel before reinstalling. Here’s the weird part.... After checking the MAP sensor, I idled her for like 20 min and let her come up to temp while recording the data on the scanner. SHE IDLED FINE AND DIDN'T HICCIP ONCE. No codes, no nothing. Did simply wiping my MAP sensor solve my issue? And do those readings look right in regards to the TPS and MAP?? Thanks in advance
  12. I appreciate that but we’re heading home tomorrow. I was thinking it has to be a sensor. It’s essentially a stock LS1, heads, cam and tune. Not sure what computer as I just bought it but I’d guess myfi. don’t have a plug gap measurey thingy here. I’ll check that when I get back home. i appreciate all your suggestions. Unfortunately she’s on the trailer till I get it squared away back at home. I’ll post what I figure out when that happens. Thanks again folks. The sense of community with these cars is rad!
  13. After tinkering on it a little more in camp, I notice that what sounds like a metal on metal grind though the intake whenever it decides to have one of its episodes. Fuel pump doesn’t cut out or seem like it’s having any trouble.

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