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  1. Yeah happened to find the girls gopro because of the pic of another rail in one of her videos... she was pretty shocked when I flagged down her group then walked up and said... you lost a gopro didnt you!?!... I have it! Cool moment... she was pretty stoked... I was too... glad to get her her camera... note to self... download any and all footage frome Europe trip (if I am ever able to go) before I take my gopro to Mother G.
  2. Hey I found something of yours... message me what it is... or if you know his girl get in touch with me. I want to get her item back to her.
  3. I saw a couple ghost trailers when I left wash 6 yesterday.
  4. thought I would chime in... been gone a while... Archery season deer/bear VA. Cant wait... I only have 6 days.
  5. Hey y'all I need the metal rod that connects from the rear fender to the footpeg for the right side. Many people throw these out but I need one. Have one around???
  6. SO... I have a need to put in and take out some exhaust tubing and replace it with heavier exhaust tubing every two years... if ya catch my drift. It is only a small section that I need to do this to... going from stock up to 4inch. So ... ideas? I already have a section of 4 inch tubing that comes out and I would like to put the stock size pipe in... Thoughts??? I need to do this by the end of next month so ideas are welcomed! 06 duramax...
  7. So my son's chain went into his crankcase... need a new one... anyone have one they are not using? Have a roached out moter with one sitting on it? I need one... i have some stock motor parts available if anyone wants to trade or ... hit me up please! Gotta get this thing running!
  8. Love that tank! I may have a small aluminium weld job.. are you in pine valley?
  9. I wonder how different the sidecase is from the trx... any idea?
  10. Hey guys... so my son had a mishap that sent the chain into the sidecase ... my question... is it the same as the 70? I need to find the case part but I do not need the recoil... already have that part. If you have a line on the part please let me know!
  11. Took her out for a shakedown... chain slacked up ... removed a link... tightened it... slacked again... this time sent the chain into the side case... destroyed it. Also knocked the "magneto?" Loose... going to have to jb weld that back on i guess... grrrrr... anyone have a spare side case? I have a working recoil... just need the part directly behind that.

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