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  1. I have a Universal. After looking for used 26 ft's for over a year and just said eff it and walked in to Universal and priced out a build sheet. I think I paid like 12000$ with a ton of options; coin flooring, upper cabinets, LED upgrade, foldable work bench, 5k Dexter axles, ETC ETC ETC. and a used 2006 universal goes for about 10k all day long on craigs list. They hold value thats for sure and I just went new....
  2. I believe he is mentioning a second disbursement! Thanks Trump!
  3. You bought the white SCU that was for sale?

    1. Myersap93


      Yes. It is an amazing car!

    2. banshee380


      Nice, this car was literally IDENTICAL to mine. When I saw it on race-dezert.com for sale I thought somebody was playing a prank on me and trying to sell my car from under me! hahaha

  4. I just received mine couple days ago. 3900$. Married, 3 kids, and under 150,000$ a year.... hahah.
  5. I still love Sandblast from Extreme hahaha
  6. They are hard to come by... I might just bite the bullet and go Kartek like I did my tires... hahah
  7. You can get Rigids on amazon for cheap
  8. Caught some cracks on my spindles while swapping tires. Good thing at home parked than in the bowls of beautiful mother G.
  9. Walker Evans Buggy Wheels 5x205 wide 5 lug pattern Rears 15x7 / 3" offset WITH 33x15 STU Sand Blasters #2 cut Front 15x7 / 3" offset WITH 10.75x15 STU Razor Blasters Powder coated metallic black with a gloss white ring from Maverick Powdercoating in Anaheim. Asking 2700$ Call or text me 714 321 0748

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