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  1. I have those clamps and they bind on the back side when the wheel spins. the front is fine.
  2. I am safety wiring the boot and it keeps coming off. I have tried everything. I even used hairpray/3m glue before I put the boot on. And no I don't have anything on the axle side so it can slide. I even drooped out the car and spun the wheel checked for clearance and it is tight but it cleared when I was done installing .... It is just the one side to. All the rest are fine
  3. Your whips rule! I have been rocking yours for a couple years now!!!! awesome setup!
  4. Car looks sick man. Let's try and hook up. I am still working out the bugs on my car.
  5. what are you talking about? ls1 push 550HP no questions asked
  6. Damn. I just purchased some but they are beadlocks and NON dot highway tires.... sorry .
  7. 500 to the wheels is where I am at. What motor are you running. Car looks great! That looks like one fun ride!
  8. That's what I was thinking. I am just afraid that smaller flange hole will bind with my axle at full droop. I have straps but I was actually thinking of cutting my trailing arm to where I can fit an actual hose clamp on it.
  9. Call me if you want 714 321 0748
  10. I just got done babbling this same exact issue..... Took me two trips.
  11. The builder of the car liked dimple dies I can see
  12. Well, Finally got the motor to stop going out of limp mode. It was a simple air pocket in the system and my cooling system wasn't circulating so the engine would dead foot and shut down 4 cylinders and start dumping fuel to richen it up. Car runs great. Only thing now is I can NOT get my left rear boot to stay on. I know don built these arms so tight and you have to use tie wire but for some reason I can't seem to get the left hub side to stay. Nothing seems to be binding. Other than that. Awesome trip.
  13. And this did NOT work for me. Was to big for my water pump. I felt that if I kept trying to hammer this in my housing would crack....

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