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  1. I ran a mr gasket 160 with holes drilled in it
  2. Guys, I know its Sunday but I can’t find the freeze plugs. I tried Napa and they were out of stock. I hear different things also a 32mm or a 30mm. where are you guys buying them and what type I just popped mine open and no freeze plug or thermostat .... smh
  3. The top pic we had to torch cut a complete hopper system for the rubber kirkland plant in Brea. Huge gears, huge structure, and cilo tanks etc... The bottom pic is my BP 3050R with 90mm pins capable of attaching to my 350 quick couplers. It is a Pulverizer / "processor" and yes it is used to crush concrete to separate the steel from the material so I can recycle accordingly.
  4. Just saw this on redlines instagram. But they did not post numbers on the screen.....
  5. Thanks Jason! Motor came out great!
  6. Probe Pistons, push rods, and crank have all sold. Still have the cam, oil pan, and clutch assembly
  7. I got the 14 ply. Petes recommended the 16 ply would have been a rough ride.
  8. just got off phone with Petes. He said the Armstrong or Hankook. Toyo's in that size were discontinued.
  9. I currently have the BOTO load range G 14 ply. I see some companies offer a 16 ply load range H in the same size. They are for my Jayco Senece 35GS and I tow my 26ft enclosed trailer. Who has the hook up.
  10. Selling for my dad 2005 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD Duramax LLY 138k miles 2wd New stereo with bluetooth 18" KMC Hoss wheels Center console with cloth interior Short bed with shell On board air compressor with air bags and gauge inside Trailer brake controller Color matched roll pan 16,000 OBO Clean truck Call or text him 1 949 678 4975 or me 714 321 0748 if he doesn't answer
  11. I use a Kirkland Costco wrench to tighten my934 CV's just hand tight take one hand off take a sip of my coors light and put my hand back on and give it another tug. Is this ok?
  12. Car made 511 RWHP and 460 TRQ on redlines dyno Redline Performance Mike/Chan were very impressed with the motor. Had a little trouble getting it on the low rpm to run smooth because of the big cam and throttle body but in the end they got it and car drives as smooth as butter. They said who ever built this motor did a damn good job! They said this thing sounds pissed off! Jason builds one nasty motor!

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