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  1. banshee380

    Shocks Leaking Badly with Minimal Use After Rebuild?

    I'd recommend Kevin at Dialed Shock Prep. He is in Fullerton
  2. banshee380

    402 stroker LS2 NA or turbo

    Nice I am definitely wanting to drop off my car this summer to stroke my ls2!
  3. banshee380

    Onan Quiet Diesel 6000

    I got a forklift, empty pallets, pallet jacks etc etc. Can't be that hard with a couple beers.
  4. banshee380

    Onan Quiet Diesel 6000

    Alright guys getting a fault code 33 High temp on my Onan quiet diesel 6000 in my Jayco Seneca. Figured it was something small as I have read online; temp sensor, belt, thermostat, etc etc. Anyways generator starts but shuts off after it reaches that high temp. Had a local Onan shop take a look at it and they recommended a "major service". They claimed the two hoses they can see by removing the front panel are old and brittle and the coolant recovery tank is cracked. They gave me a quote of 1900$ !! They are claiming 760$ in parts and the rest labor. There rate is 150$ an hour. I definitely did not see this coming. I asked what parts and they mention the coolant tank is 76$ and "ALL" the hoses and hose clamps and a thermostat add up.... I guess it adds up to 690$? I picked up my rig and am just going to pull this thing out of the coach myself and open it up. Anyone else have this issue? 2007 Jayco Seneca
  5. banshee380

    New SCU build S4D CBM 440

    what kinda meds you want? https://classifieds.race-dezert.com/FOR_SALE:2019-Sand-Cars-Unlimited--SCU-brand-new-car-CBM-440-151265
  6. banshee380

    Needed **** 10.75 x 15 sand tires unlimited

    Nevermind thought you wanted to trade down sorry
  7. banshee380

    Tires Tires Tires!

    Can you PM me a price on 10.75x15 fronts picked up please thank you! or text me 714 321 0748
  8. banshee380


    wow never saw this sorry! Brett Loudenback Phone : 714 396 0455
  9. banshee380

    Wanted: Race Radio

    Email sent.
  10. banshee380

    Wanted: Race Radio

    I just ordered a new PCI headset from you guys and I hope I got the right one. I just bought a car and it only had three. Now I have another issue one of the headsets I can only listen but not talk. Do you guys repair these?
  11. banshee380

    New SCU build S4D CBM 440

    just out of curiosity what problems did you have first trip out? We all know there are a couple bugs that need to be worked out first trip!
  12. banshee380

    New SCU build S4D CBM 440

    Stopped by SCU today for his little garage sale. Went in back and took a quick look at this car in person! It is bad ass!
  13. banshee380

    Next step up from lt80

    Raptor 250! hands down....
  14. I have a 2013 yfz450r only changed oil every other trip and clean the air filter.... Have all bolt on mods and ride the piss out of it has never let me down... I did sense a littel bit of clutch slippage last trip but I figured after 5 years.
  15. banshee380

    Full tilt revolution sand car. $ 43,000

    Specific reason all the Revolution cars are going for sale the same couple months? Lol I know the orange one sold for about 43k that I almost bought now there is a green one for 69k on race dezert.... anyways super clean car love the white color scheme and awesome cars! good luck with sale!

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