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  1. etdust


    Man that things looks brand new! Glwts!
  2. etdust

    2008 42’ QRH TIFFIN

    That is gorgeous. Glwts!
  3. etdust

    Sand toy market soft?

    I noticed the same thing, but I was thinking it was just christmas time. Money being spent elsewhere. Maybe once tax refund time comes it will pick up again?
  4. We have a 38ck. These are great trailers! Glwts!
  5. etdust

    Funco Gen 4

    great looking buggy! glwts!
  6. etdust

    Merry Christmas

    Merry xmas!
  7. etdust

    Merry Christmas

    Merry xmas!
  8. etdust

    New to me First sandcar

    Nice buggy!! Congrats!!!
  9. etdust

    Headset not working

    Yeah I plugged in the other headsets to the same cable and the microphones worked, so I am thinking its just the microphone on that particular headset. Based on what you are saying I am thinking it is the microphone so hopefully its an easy fix.
  10. etdust

    RV Queen Mattress

    I dont. It is basically what comes standard in the iconic trailers.
  11. etdust

    Headset not working

    I didnt realize they had a shop set up out there. Thanks for the tip. I looked at their schedule and it looks like they'll be out there my next trip, I'll have them check it out!
  12. etdust

    Headset not working

    I have a headset in my buggy and the microphone isnt working. I am kind of unsure how to trouble shoot what might be wrong. They have "Mobile Radio Communication" branded on the head strap. Any tips?

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