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  1. Man that things looks brand new! Glwts!
  2. I noticed the same thing, but I was thinking it was just christmas time. Money being spent elsewhere. Maybe once tax refund time comes it will pick up again?
  3. great looking buggy! glwts!
  4. Yeah I plugged in the other headsets to the same cable and the microphones worked, so I am thinking its just the microphone on that particular headset. Based on what you are saying I am thinking it is the microphone so hopefully its an easy fix.
  5. I dont. It is basically what comes standard in the iconic trailers.
  6. I didnt realize they had a shop set up out there. Thanks for the tip. I looked at their schedule and it looks like they'll be out there my next trip, I'll have them check it out!
  7. I have a headset in my buggy and the microphone isnt working. I am kind of unsure how to trouble shoot what might be wrong. They have "Mobile Radio Communication" branded on the head strap. Any tips?

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