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  1. it was one of the comments http://www.sltrib.com/home/4311743-155/two...men-die-in-moab the poster was kt also said the throttle was stuck which caused them to crash and catch fire Thanks for the link. I have read all the comments. I am waiting out of respect to not ask questions right now. It does sound like "KT" in those comments has contact with the family.
  2. I am friends with the driver and her family. Got word of her death yesterday, but dont know any details. Some of the family is at the Cinders this weekend which is their normal labor day weekend trip. Diesel-E where did you get the information about the driver yelling for help from her dad? That is very chilling information knowing how close they were and were probably there together.
  3. We have a 2005 37ck and it is a great trailer. Have not have any major issues and have owned it for about 5 years.
  4. I have been using the cheap lawn mower battery in mine. One lasted 3 years and this one now is going on two years. Enjoy yore tacos.
  5. This is my buddy Bryans school and he sells lots of different stuff also. If you want to order it and have it shipped http://www.mobilesolutions-usa.com/store/p...F%21%22%29.html
  6. I use weldwood contact adhesive. Get the stuff with the red label. Home depot walmart or upholstery stores should have it. I have also used landeau top adhesive if you can find it. I prefer to use a chip brush or a cheap paint gun to apply it over the aerosol cans. The low odor weldwood has a green label and it sucks.
  7. If it had a better top speed I would own one.
  8. I would suggest a trailer with only one slide and one bathroom with that truck. My trailer empty is about 12000 and loaded is around 15000. That is all I would recommend for that class of truck.
  9. He asked me to keep the location to myself.
  10. For what bike? He has a Honda us 90 complete. Is that what you are looking for? Yeah, sorry. ATC 250R. Sent you a PM with his contact info. Give him a call. More than likely he does.
  11. I agree. He originally started trying to collect one of EVERY three wheeler ever made. At one time he was pretty close to that goal. But then people started offering him good money for some of the rare ones. So he started to sell.
  12. Very appropriately named "ATC Addiction". I agree on the drooling part. Some I am still drooling over.
  13. Here is another pic that you can see the Tri-Zs and a rare Polaris 3 wheeler (the black one).
  14. At least 3 tri zingers but not in these pics. He also has TRI-Z's two white and red ones, a red and black one and a yellow and black one. Along with Tecates and even a mint Pilot that you cant see in the pictures. He also has missle conversion 250r's, big wheels, etc. It is so packed I could barely see half the stuff.

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