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  1. I was taking to my daughter's friends father this evening and he, like myself works at a hospital. I think he's a doctor, but not sure, only the second time we've talked in person. He and I seem to be very like-minded, i.e. he voted for Trump, etc. He was telling me that it's great to have my daughter over because she is 'normal' and he hopes it will influence his daughter. I asked what he meant and he said my daughter doesn't wear a mask unless the store/restaurant/etc business says it's mandatory, whereas his daughter won't leave the house without one on her face. I was surprised to hea
  2. One thing I can appreciate about DLR is he has been the exact same guy his entire career. I like hearing his stories of growing up in Pasadena (went to John Muir High School, same as me but 18 years after him) and the backyard parties in our town. But I couldn't finish the interview on Rogan. I've seen some clips of Jocko on Rogan's IG, dude is very driven. Haven't listened to Tulsi but I will. I really liked Dave Smith the political commentator, which was unexpectedly good. I had no idea who he was, great interview. I really liked Mike Baker, ex CIA officer. Seemed to be very cand
  3. If I was building a new car I would definitely go with EPS. Over the years I've had several clients ask me to convert their hydraulic steering to EPS but in my opinion it's not worth it. Most are looking for a way to gain HP and not have the hoses running front to back. There will be no noticeable HP gains and hoses are easy to hide or run cleanly. Your situation is different due to outdated parts, expensive replacement parts and a need to do fabrication anyway. I think EPS is the way to go for you.
  4. His Spotify podcast is on video. I agree, it is much better to see someone's body language, but I rarely have time for a 3-4 hour video so I mostly just listen. I've been a Rogan fan for many years, stand-up, UFC and his podcast. When he was banned from the Comedy Store he started doing a lot of shows at the Ice House in Pasadena, about 15 mins from my house. I've seen him there, and a few other clubs, about 20 times over the years. I've talked to him at a few shows and he's a really good dude. I was surprised when he announced the Spotify deal. It reminded me of the Howard Stern go
  5. Been is Havasu since Wednesday. Don't know how you AZ people do it. It's 6:30 PM.
  6. I run E85 and a microglass 10 micron fuel filter. I swap it out every other trip. Fuel filters are cheap, engines are expensive. Also, I don't have a 100 micron pre-filter because I have the Holley Hydramat so it's not necessary.
  7. What race of folks gained freedom on July 4th? None. A country did. A country of many races.
  8. Ima skip work and ignore my kids all day.
  9. "Working" in Lake Havasu this weekend.
  10. Look up a video on YouTube for braided hose cutting. Use a sharp chisel on aluminum or brass block. Smack the hose with a sledge hammer for a clean cut. I've been doing the electrical tape and cut off wheel thing for years and found the chisel method a year ago. Works great. I also use the Khoul Tools ended for assembly.
  11. I said basically the same thing- if the tire sealant is leaking out if the tire, the tire is not sealed. Get new tires. Just to be clear I've never used starch, alumiseal, clubbed baby seals blood, tears of a homeless man, or any other concoction. I started using Berrymans in numerous clients tires after talking with @Grant@Funco and getting his recommendation. When I was racing Class 1 we used Slime, which I know is corrosive to aluninum, but we went through a lot of tires racing open desert and the wheels were thoroughly cleaned before new tires were mounted. I have pics on my laptop of
  12. Tire sealant all over the floor, sealant making a mess, sealant leaking out... what am I missing here? If the sealant is coming out of the tire the tire is not sealed. Seems simple. Get. New. Tires. I understand if it's going to save a dune trip but not for a long term fix. I put new paddles on my car after having OMF add inner stiffener rings and new powder coat. One paddle was losing air. Put 2 quarts of Berrymans in it and it's been fine ever since. No tire sealant leaking onto the floor. So it's sealed. Whatever your preference for sealant- if its leaking out it's not working.
  13. Berrymans is great and @Grant@Funcoputs it in all their tires. If you use it and it leaks onto your floor it's time for new paddles because the tire sealant isn't working. I put 2 quarts per paddle and 1 quart per front tire.

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