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  1. Great deal right there. Harmon charged me $375 for just the mat they installed in my fuel cell.
  2. I've been on some very fast and fun rides chasing this Gen 3 through the dunes. My son, who has been in countless sandrails in Glamis, says riding shotgun in this car was his favorite duning expeirence.
  3. Congrats on the sale. I've been talking to the new owner. Super good dude.
  4. I have a 2006 LBZ but short bed. Engine is stock, 250k miles. Lots of new parts, maintenance is 9/10, body is more Iike 5/10. Driving it today.
  5. That's going to be a great trailer for someone. Turnkey ready.
  6. Wine fridge, GE Profile, adustable shelves, multiple settings for different temps and Red or White wines, door locks (2 keys included) works great just don't use it. It's at least 10 years old. $100, near Glendale/Pasadena, delivery to Phoenix, Queen Creek available on Tuesday 9/6/22 Jeff 818-472-9179 call/text 33 3/4" tall 20" wide 22 1/2" deep
  7. If whomever buys this lives in Northern CA or somewhere near Bend Oregon I'll deliver it for free. Need to move a family members household items from LA to Bend and was going to rent a UHaul. Delivering this for someone could work out better.
  8. Yup, 07 was the last. 06/07 LBZ are the best Dmax years for the pre DEF stuff. My son has a 06 LBZ that he's going to sell soon to get a dually for the business. A year ago I would have seriously considered this truck but after getting my 15 LML we want someting newer with more features. Hard to believe these trucks are selling for more then the orignal price 15 years later. My 06 LLY (different than the 04.5 to 05 LLY) was $33k OTD when I bought it in Oct 2005. 16 years and 445k miles later and I let it go. Just looked at a 15 GMC 4x4 dually bone stock exceot for a front leveling kit, 85k miles and he's asking $45k firm. Never had a GMC and wasn't inpressed with the interior. Stick on the floor for 4x4, weird seat configuration, small factory head unit.
  9. @Carwashguru my son is in San Tan Valley till Monday if you want him to grab the box for you. It's next to Queen Creek. He can front the cash too.
  10. Very nice! Best deal I've seen posted in a long time.
  11. My buddy and I are actually contributors to the offroad community through our thriving businesses and turn down more work than we can take on. And here you are pointing out spelling mistakes. Damn shame the old site crashed and I can't go back and look at all your tech/build threads that made this site great.
  12. Classic I can't afford this but feel a need to post comment. Well played.

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