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  1. I might have a guy. He does all the Trophy Trucks and other race cars but he may want to get into the sandrail game. I need to call him about a car in my shop now so I'll see if he's looking to take on any other work. He's in Murrieta so not too far from Funco.
  2. I called CT Racing about my sons YFZ450 and they said they aren't taking any new clients but gave me the name of a guy that used to work there Bryan with Alpha 1 Motorsports. I contacted him last year and got on his 'list'. He was great and text me when he had an opening and we took the quad to his shop in Yorba Linda. He got the quad dialed in and the price was really good. HE also gave me some suggestions for performance mods if I was looking to upgrade. I bought my daughter a Honda 400ex that had been sitting outside for a many years and I couldn't get it fired up. Got an appointment with Bryan and dropped it off. Within a week or so he got it fired up and called me to discuss what else it needs. Super good guy and great with communication. I'll forward you his IG. He doesn't post much (unlike some post brats I know...) but I contacted him through IG and he got back to me in a few days.
  3. From what I heard Gil George at Funco was the first person to use the Chevy S10 hubs, then they moved to the Dodge hubs with a larger bearing. Maybe @Grant@Funco knows what works. I have also heard they cannot be rebuilt but for the cost they aren't worth rebuilding. Unless they're no longer available.
  4. BFH. Tap it a few timesnamd it'll pop off. See it pretty often
  5. L.R.S.

    SSSS facts

    Guess we can throw the BLM Rescue cars in the mix as well then.
  6. L.R.S.

    SSSS facts

    That belongs to Dillon Georgian. It's the first 3 seater they've done that I'm aware of. It is an F9 with a center seat in the back. They did another one after this but the seats come out of the rear and panels can be installed.
  7. What an absolutely ignorant statement. I'm not a drug user, nor do I vape, but people who do did it by CHOICE, not by mandate.
  8. What's wrong with showing off at The Ledge...
  9. I'm learning all that stuff and more each time I drive it and charge it. I thought I set it for the higher 12amp charge but it defaults to the 8amp every time I plug it in. Tonight was another new one- Left my house at 9pm and it said 34 miles available. While driving, mostly downhill, at 75-80mph the miles climbed to 38. I hit a drive-thru and got to work and it was down to 34 miles available. So my drive to work basically cost me nothing, and now it's charging outside my office. My daughter absolutely loves the car man! She took her laptop out there and sat in it for an hour going over stuff on the internet so she can learn more about it. She wanted to get a few things for it- phone mount, trash can, etc. and I told her to go on Amazon and get whatever she wanted for the car to make it 'hers'. I really appreciate the deal, taking it to the dealer for an inspection and how upfront you were about the little things it needs. We'll catch up this weekend at the show.
  10. Not a fan of the Go Fund Me stuff and have never donated to one, except once a few months ago for a kid in my daughters school that she knows who got leukemia. Not his fault for getting it and not his fault his parents were under insured for his treatment. Other than that I keep scrolling when I see them posted.
  11. The whips won't fly out. I transport 20 cars a month during the season on a flatbed and never had a whip fly out of the car.
  12. Probably last 4 seasons or so when BLM really started harassing people at the drags. But Sunset, aka The Ledge, is now super crowded and BLM got a CanAm so they show up sometimes. Best part of The Ledge is when you get there early and are having a beer with buddies and a SxS shows up later on blasting music and parks close, basically blocking you in. The sh!tty music is free!

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