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  1. People that think it's ok to light off fireworks, have glass bottles, litter, drive OHVs without registration, loud music after 10pm, generator running after 10pm should be held accountable as well. Or is this just another Karen thread complaining about one thing?
  2. I was going to have a trailer built for this season and knew exactly what I wanted for my transport business. 18' deckover w/wood deck, dual 7500lb 8 lug axles, 3' dovetail, fold down ramps, lots of D rings, winch mount. Got a price of $7500. Waited too long and when I was ready to pull the trigger the cost was just over $10k. FJB. Couldn't do it at that price. Ended up buying an aluminum 20' deckover to get us through all the jobs. It's a great trailer but only 97" wide and some of the cars I'm hauling ar 100" to 102" wide. Not really an issue bur clients don't like to see their $200k-$300k samd cars with tires hanging over the trailer sides. Bought another 20' deckover I previously owned and plan to never sell again. My 20' aluminum deckover with 5k winch is listed here for sale but zero interest other than lowball offers. I'm negotiable if you want to check it out. We still use it but I don't need three flatbeds with only two trucks.
  3. Listened to it on KNX news radio 97.1 (happy they are on FM now) while driving today. Caught the majority of it amd we are the laughing stock of the world at this point. Who is approving his statements? Do they hate him? Why are they allowing Biden to blatantly lie to us in a press conference? His statement that he has always fought for the Black people in this country was laughable. There are videos of him saying the exact opposite. But this was 47 years ago so " ...if you don't vote for me you ain't black..."
  4. Great info @Fullthrottleguy. My Magnacharger MP122H is supposed to make 10psi but I had superchargersonline.com in Simi Valley, CA rebuild it and they said there were some knicks and it would only make 7-8psi. I have a MEFI 4A tuned by Redline and they said it made 5-6psi on their mechanical gauge when they tuned it last season.
  5. Might have one in my enclosed at Dunes Edge Storage.
  6. 33 spline are fine for your car. Not many cars running 35 spline CVs/axles.
  7. Anyone else see this as just more misdirection? They are giving out millions of tests and when they come back positive people are taking time off work for a sneeze. Biden will blame the economy on a lack or workforce and keep sending out tests so people will continue to take advantage and not work. Then the economy isn't his fault, it's Covid. And isn't there still a border issue? Haven't heard much about that in weeks. Just Omicron.
  8. Yep, I was off by 3%. Regardless. People want to be fat and this is a free country. I work in a hospital so what the eff do I know.
  9. The CDC said the 78% had four comorbities, not just obesity.
  10. I wouldnt recommend putting nitrous on your LS7 with stock internals. And nitrous is fun for the drags or going up Olds but you want the power all the power all the time. We basically have the exact same car and I had a Turnkey built LS7 putting 500hp to the tires. Great engine and it had 9 seasons on it between my friend/client@SuperHunky (RIP buddy) big prerunner and my car. I built myself a stoker LS2 with Magnacharger making 5-6psi and now have 629hp at the wheels. It woke my db.com car up big time. So much more fun to drive! It was like getting back on a two stroke bike. Building myself a twin turbo RHS now and will have it for next season.
  11. Hence the "...get a second set and swap them out mid dune trip..." in my earlier post.
  12. That's good, they're doing their job.
  13. I see it occasionally when prepping cars. Get a second set and swap them mid dune trip.
  14. R2C sponsored our two Class 1 cars for a couple seasons. Filters seemed good nd were easy to clean but then we started finding dust in the intake tubes. I ran R2C canister filter on my personal car and it kept breaking the internal mount and the filter would flop around letting a lot of sand into the intake. Fortunately my MAP was allowing oil into the intake and it caught the sand. We stopped running R2C and went back to Donaldson filters.

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