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  1. Great first vehicle for a teenager. My son had a 04 Silverado similar to this for his second truck.
  2. If whomever buys this lives in Northern CA or somewhere near Bend Oregon I'll deliver it for free. Need to move a family members household items from LA to Bend and was going to rent a UHaul. Delivering this for someone could work out better.
  3. The banks were tasked with letting the Gov know about any odd deposits. It's money laundering the Government is after, not a dude selling a sandrail. I literally pulled out $10k cash today. No form, no questions. Just counted and handed me the cash.
  4. Depositing multiple times under $10k that adds up to, or over $10k, will generate the same federal documentation as a $10k deposit. I deal in a cash heavy business, ask me how I know.
  5. I use PayPal as little as possible cause Eff them. Zelle is a feature of my bank so I feel better protected vs using the app. Zelle sends me a text when a payment is made and it's deposited directly into my account. Venmo has been trouble free so far and also texts when a payment is made. But I have to manually transfer the funds to my bank. No fees on Zelle or Venmo so far, but that'll change eventually. I use Quickbooks Online for my business and they have a credit card feature I use pretty often for payments. But they have a 3.5% fee. Wire transfers are much easier than people think. If I take a large cash payment from a non-client I'll meet at my bank and have them run the $ through their machine. Many years ago I deposited $8k and the bank confiscated $300 in fake $20 bills.
  6. We use the winches on our trailers for every car we transport. I've taught my son to stand to the side and use the wireless remote. Late 90s I drove heavy duty tow and recovery with my younger brother. While winching a truck up an embankment the cable snapped and smashed the windshield on the passenger side of my tow truck. If the cable had went to the drivers side it would have killed me.
  7. Found the pics- These are the tires the day I bought them in 2016 I think. I do know I paid $2600 for the complete set of brand new wheels and tires. Deal of the century. Side by side of my Dune Sport 16.50 X 17 next to a 35.5 X 17 Sand Master #2 And just because it's interesting to me- a side by side of a 35 X 15 X 10.5 BFG Mud Terrain next to a 37 X 17 X 12.5 General Grabber Red Label.
  8. L.R.S.

    I agree %100

    Rogan was spot on, listened to that podcast just the other day. Heard a great quote about Griner- 9 years of her not listening to our National Anthem. Read the US Gov is working out a prisoner swap. I was floored when they said "The Merchant of Death" Viktor Bout is on the list. The movie Lord of War is based on his life. A man who sold millions of guns to US allies and enemies for a WNBA player. LGB!
  9. Yup, 07 was the last. 06/07 LBZ are the best Dmax years for the pre DEF stuff. My son has a 06 LBZ that he's going to sell soon to get a dually for the business. A year ago I would have seriously considered this truck but after getting my 15 LML we want someting newer with more features. Hard to believe these trucks are selling for more then the orignal price 15 years later. My 06 LLY (different than the 04.5 to 05 LLY) was $33k OTD when I bought it in Oct 2005. 16 years and 445k miles later and I let it go. Just looked at a 15 GMC 4x4 dually bone stock exceot for a front leveling kit, 85k miles and he's asking $45k firm. Never had a GMC and wasn't inpressed with the interior. Stick on the floor for 4x4, weird seat configuration, small factory head unit.
  10. Yeah. Probably have more side by side pics on my laptop dig up later tonight.
  11. Grant and I discussed it a while ago. It's a lot of capitol and warehouse space for a tire with very little mark up in profit. Not worth it, unfortunately.
  12. That's me on IG. Unfortunately they don't make that size anymore but I wish they did. I had a set for 5 seasons and absolutely loved them. Loaned them to a buddy and it completely changed his car, making it much easier to drive and slide. We talked to them about making a run of 16.50 and they said 25 set minimum for the order. I know I could sell 10 sets immediately but don't have the capitol or warehouse space for the other 15 sets. For comparison 16.50 X 17 on the left, 35.5 X 17 on the right.
  13. @Carwashguru my son is in San Tan Valley till Monday if you want him to grab the box for you. It's next to Queen Creek. He can front the cash too.

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