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  1. I remember asking for car color idea help here once...
  2. Almost forgot I added a winch to my enclosed and inside of a cabinet. Similar to the pics above, find a cross member or good place to weld 2x2 hitch receiver to the frame, cut a hole in the floor, cut another hole in the base cabinet, weld 2x2 hitch stock to the bottom of the winch mount, done. Also the best thing I ever did was switch this winch to synthetic rope thanks to @matt86m who I bought it from. Synthetic is 70% lighter then steel braided cable. Didn't really nedd a 8k winch but I happened to have one on the shelf so that's what I used. I used the quick disconnects on this winch and the 5k on my flatbed but rarely move the winches around. The copper pipe is my compressed air system plumbed to all four corners outside the trailer. Good to have plumber friends.
  3. I added a winch to @tjZ06 enclosed many years ago. Can't even guess at how many trailers ago that was. Harbor Freight Badlands 5k winch, same as I've been running on my flatbed for 6 years, and it gets a lot of use. We welded in 2x2 trailer receiver tube and bought the winch mount plate, also from Harbor Freight, welded 2x2 hitch stock to the bottom, drilled a 5/8" hole for the hitch pin and done. Very simple job to to directly on the floor, a little more involved is its going into a cabinet. The plan was to get a set of these quick connectors (also called forklift power connectors) and make the winch easy to move to a truck hitch, another trailer, etc. Never got around to doing that.
  4. 2005 Honda TRX450R, all stock engine, wider Renthal dirt bike handle bars (more comfortable for my son), new ASV cutch lever w/E brake delete, green sticker and pink slip in my name. Tuned by Bryan at Alpha1 Motorsports in Yorba Linda January 2021, rebuilt the carb, checked everything on the quad. Full set of dirt tires and paddles. We have owned this quad since August 2017, my son was injured in November 2017 and the quad was in storage until August 2020. We took it to Nevada and my son put a couple hundred miles on it over the week we were there. It was ridden in Glamis a few times last season but my son had a YZX SxS to drive so the quad just sat. My son stepped up to a Yamaha Raptor 700 this past June so his Honda 450R is up for sale. $3000. Please don't make me sell this on Craigslist or Racedezert.com. The quad is in my trailer in storage in Glamis. I can get it back to LA, deliver it to Phoenix, San Diego, etc. Jeff 818-472-9179 call/text Glamis Oct 2017 Nevada, August 2020. Pic taken last week in my trailer in Glamis.
  5. Thanks everyone for the well wishes concerning my employment. Short version- I still have a job doing exactly what I've been doing in the same place I've been doing it. Long version- I called in last night to see if they had changed my schedule to show me as working a Graveyard and going to the 'meeting' this morning. My coworker said the written/posted shift schedule had me as off Sunday night with another engineer covering my shift. Sweet, I'll take the night off. I showed up at 6am, clocked in checked my work email and BS'd with some coworkers for a while before three of us headed to the mandatory meeting. I also stopped by the Covid testing station for Non-Vaxd employees and did my fourth test (once a week). We got to the old hospital building (only in use for offices and storage) and went to the conference room. It was 7:50 am and there was already a line of about 25 other people waiting to get inside. Some people wore masks, some didn't. The three of us did but after an hour of standing in this line I took mine off so I could breathe. I saw a lot of people I only recognize from pics in Hospital news letters, a few security guards and more people who were dressed like Hospital Administration types. While waiting I would see a lady come out and count how many of us there were. Best guess is there were around 75 people. What stood out was we were all from Facilities Management (plumbers, steam fitters, engineers, electricians), zero doctors or nurses. The line finally started moving, slowly, and eventually I got to the front and could see into the conference room. Everyone was dressed well (no uniforms like all of us were wearing) and there were several computers but only two people working them. It was finally my turn and they asked for my name. I just pointed to my badge. The guy in charge read my name to a lady who typed it into the computer. He said You're Jeffrey Lievense, Stationary Engineer II? I said I was indeed. He asked what shift I was on and I said permanent Graveyard per my contract with Los Angeles County Department of Health Services and I work n the East Central Power Plant. He handed me a piece of paper and asked me to read and sign it. I asked if I would be given a copy and he said yes. The paper said- I ____ undersigned___ and not vaccinated___ as of Oct 28, 2021 would be reassigned to Day shift, Monday to Friday 8 am to 4:30 pm. Ok, so I still have a job just on day shift. No problem, weekends off means more Glamis trips. Once I signed and got my copy he told me to report downstairs to another conference room to meet with my Manager. I headed down there and joined 10 or so fellow co-workers from all the different trades. There was one Manager in there I know, but he's not in our trade, and he told us that he had no idea what they were going to do with us. A few minutes later my actual Manager walks in and says- Jeff and John, continue to work your normal Graveyard shifts according to the current schedule. Do not go into the hospital for any reason whatsoever. Stay in the East Central Power Plant. Huh? I said what about my weekly Covid test which is in the hospital? He said you're right, and that was the only reason I'm allowed to go to the hospital. Cool. Basically keep doing my exact job and the only change is I'm not allowed in the hospital where I may come into contact with a patient and possibly infect them with my dirty ass Covid, even though I'm tested weekly, unlike anyone here that has been vaxd. Makes zero sense at all. I had a 10 minute walk back to the plant and pondered my current situation coming to the conclusion that this has been somewhat thought out by management, obviously trying to get as many of us vaxd as possible. They waited till the last minute to give us the Medical or Religious exemption forms, had our managers surprise us with a paperwork we had to sign saying we would go to this meeting, having us stand in line for over an hour, having us sign a paper saying we would be reassigned and relocated. All of this was to scare us into submitting and getting the vax. It worked on 3 of my coworkers. One got it when they said Oct 1st deadline and two more got it when they said mandatory meeting about reassignment. I got back to the power plant and spoke to the day shift guys and told them what had just happened. Both of them were like SH!T we would not have gotten the jab if we knew the only ban us from the Hospital. I know my situation is unique and not everyone on this board will be able to refuse the jab. Do what's best for you and your family. It is unconscionable that the government and so many employers are holding peoples livelihood hostage. I'm glad I have refused the vax and I will continue to do so.
  6. Well they finally gave me the 'paperwork' at 6am Friday just as my shift ended. The guy they gave it to me is actually a really nice dude and we had a good talk about it. He said u need to be at a meeting at 8am Monday and I had to sign a paper saying I knew about the meeting. No problem as long as I can have a copy which he also had for me. I told him I noticed they had changed my shift schedule from Graveyard to SP (Special) on Monday do I wasn't working my regular shift Sunday night. He said eff that work itnif I wanted to and charge them OT for going to this meeting. I opted to have the night off. I'll go in at 6 am tomorrow and make my way to the meeting at 8am and see what tney have in store for us no-vaxed. Newest rumor is they will try to convince us to get jabbed and then send us back to work. We shall see...
  7. Cool man. Bring them to Glamis and I'll swing by?
  8. I'll take them man. Good for spares in the trailer.
  9. It doesn't need to be a specific RV guy, any good mobile welder can fix that.
  10. I said what I said. No. One. Gets. Paid. To. Stay. At. Roadrunner. I get paid to go there but that's different.
  11. Blatant lies. No one is paid to do that at Roadrunner.
  12. No they aren't. It's a rumor, nothing more.
  13. Well, things are getting more serious at my job and as of this coming Monday I may not be working anymore. I work Graveyard shift (by choice) so I don't see many people, and being in the power plant I only see other Engineers. I got a text from a coworker who is also refusing the jab (he works day shift) and he said our bosses, bosses, boss showed up and handed him a piece of paper stating he is to report to a different location on Monday 10/18/21 at 8am for a meeting. No specifics on the meeting, just be there. The same manager handed the paper to another Engineer and he said said he would get the vax the following day. So now there are 4 of us hold-outs. One of the other guys has called in sick the past 3 Graveyard shifts, so not sure what's up with him. My supervisor showed up early this morning and I asked him about this 'paper' and he said I should have recieved it, but it's above his pay grade so it has to come from his boss. He said they rescheduled my Graveyard Sunday night and I need to be at this meeting Monday morning. Sweet! An entire weekend off. He said he isn't sure exactly what they are doing with us but he's heard rumors that we will be suspended for 28 days. Strange number. I didn't bother to ask if it's paid or unpaid. Guess I'll find out Monday at 8am. I have copies of my three negative tests, their original email telling us we could apply for a medical or religious exemption, my email including my Religious Exemption form and a copy of their automated email stating they recieved my form. I never heard back about the exemption. I'm off in 45 mins. Gonna go home and hook up the trailer and head to Glamis.
  14. First of all, your scales are MY scales. I asked for joint custody! And that's the set I was referring too when I said my buddy has a set.
  15. L.R.S.

    Glamis 911

    $250 for a single VIN for the entire season is a great deal. If I had a buddy in our camp that broke I'd hand him $250 before attempting to tow him out of the dunes. Transaxles are expensive AF and parts are non existent right now. Not worth risking my season for that kind of dough.
  16. Roardrunner. I'll see if my buddy will bring them out.
  17. We went to Joe Rogan on 9/11/21 at the Forum in Los Angeles and you had to show a vax card or a negative test with in 72 hours of that that day to get in. Same thing- show them a picture of a document on your phone and they glanced at it and waved you right through. There were signs all over the place saying masks were mandatory but my son and I didn't wear one in line with our tickets, in line to get the cell phone bag or the security line/metal detector. No on said sh!t to us about masks. Once in the venue there were people walking around with lit-up signs saying masks were mandatory but we just ignored them. I'd guess about a third of the people were wearing masks. Funny to see people with a beer pull their mask down, take a sip and pull the mask back up. I really bummed about Duners not opening again this season. It is a destination for some food, drinks and hanging out. We usually went a couple times a season. I'm friends with the owners son an we talk regularly. Duners isn't about turning a profit, it's about the atmosphere and like minded people having a place to get together. One more season of not having this view...
  18. I had the complete opposite experience with Lippert a few years back, and so did my buddy @punkur67. My 2001 Holiday Rambler auto/electric step broke (actually fell on my ass) and I called saw their name on it so I called them up. They said there was a recall on that model and emailed me a warranty form. Filled that out and sent it in and they asked where I wanted to have the work done. I told them I knew a shop local to me named Lievense Race Services Inc and would get it to them for the repair. I had this Lievense Race Service (LRS) guy call them and say yup, step is broken, part failed. They asked for an address and shipped a new step to LRS, who installed it, and sent them an invoice for their 'maximum' 3 hours labor. Took about 4 months to get paid but it was nice getting paid to work on my own stuff for once. Actually ordering 2 new slam door latches on Amazon from Lippert for the same RV.
  19. This will make so many people on this site happy. Congrats to you guys. You are winning.
  20. Well, 13 days past the mandatory deadline and I am unvaxed and continue to work. Weird. So far I've tested once a week, the last being at 6am yesterday so I should have my results by 4am today. I did see the Chief Engineer last Wednesday and he said he was told they will reassign us nonvaxed personnel but they didn't say exactly what we will be doing or where. The 5 of us have been waiting to hear but so far nothing. The last email sent was 10/1/21 telling us we would be reassigned, but again, 13 days later and haven't heard sh!t else from them.
  21. Those seat mounts are sketchy AF and I've never seen seat tabs cut off and welded flat like that. But that's what I love about wrenching on sandrails, always finding things to scratch my head about. A larger fella like myself would bend those mounts just by backing the car off the trailer.
  22. My son mobbed a brand new stock YXZ for a few trips mast season and loved it. Kept up with us pretty well on some hard runs. I don't have all the details on this particular YXZ other then fully built turbo with a warranty. Tthe original owner/builder is a good friend and client so I'm looking for to seeing it in person to find what it's all about.
  23. Text me tomorrow. Balin has been working his ass off and has cah in hand. Looking at a turbo YXZ but haven't pulled the trigger yet.

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