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  1. There is no reliable information available.
  2. I think having brakes on a Towd is overkill if you have a DP with air brakes. As far as a breakaway, could be nice. My hitch snapped a few years ago on the 86 north of Red Earth. I've always upgraded my safety chains and in this situation it definitely helped save the trailer (I'll upload pics from my laptop later). My trailer didn't have a breakaway cord but the chains held so the breakaway wouldn't have done me any good. This enabled me to let out of the throttle and coast to the shoulder and stop. The trailer did hit my RV but just cosmetic damage, nothing serious.
  3. The last few seasons the inside of Roadrunner has been getting worse and worse. I've been stuck in it twice and had to get pulled out. After they repaved 2 seasons ago it looked like they pushed the extra sand into the middle and made it even worse. Saw so many people getting stuck. Glad it being fixed.
  4. I need 80' of beach/dune side front and I have 4 friends coming too...
  5. Beyond stoked for you and Melissa! Can't wait to see the upgrades cause, we'll, you're TJ, and tend to go above and beyond for all your projects. Few questions- where does my RV go? When do I get 'my' keys? When's the house warming party?
  6. With the car on flat ground I fill them slowly till it comes out of the fill hole. For pump/cooler cars I hot wire the pump to prime the system then check the level at the fill hole. 2ds get a little over 4 qts, S4/5 5 qts, Albins 6 1/2 to 7 qts. These amounts can vary a little. My Albins with a pump, no cooler, gets 8 qts.
  7. Already told him I'm leaving my RV here till Oct. Then I'll pick it up and move it to Roardrunner.
  8. Celebrating the 4th of July with best group of duners I know! The Roadrunner Estates crew invades Ramona, CA.
  9. Out of curiosity, and extreme boredom, I did some more reading on iRV2.com and found a couple threads with guys that had the dealership/maintenance shop switch the Allison PAC brake to 4 and they hated it and eventually switched it back to 2.
  10. L.R.S.

    LS Coil Covers

    Found them, $100.
  11. L.R.S.

    LS Coil Covers

    Now I just need to find them...
  12. L.R.S.

    LS Coil Covers

    I have a set of chrome CBM coil covers all standoffs and hardware and matching oil filler.
  13. What else were you supposed to do? You two were literally homeless.
  14. Don't forget the on-board air system, plumbing and wiring install in Glamis.
  15. I've been plugging tires for 30 years and never had one fail or cause more damage to the tire. Such an old school mentality that plugging tires is bad. It might be a DOT or insurance thing that causes tires stores to not be able to touch them.
  16. John is a great guy, very passionate about offroad racing. Hope his son Zac is able to take the reigns and keep the team together.
  17. If you are looking to rent and need a fairly specific type of car trailer why not just go to UHaul or one of those places?
  18. Chauvin just got 22 1/2 years so that'll calm the masses for a minute.
  19. John Tuba with Tuba Art Films gets some great pics and videos. Another example of why BITD is failing and racers are looking for other organizations like Legacy. That many UTV's crashing in the same spot and not a single BITD race safety official making an effort to slow them down before entering at speed. Dangerous and shameful. On a positive note- 2:38 in the video is a board member but I cannot remember his name (his avatar was his buggy parked on the tarmac in front of a B2 Bomber). He's in the red 4 seat Racer and saved it. I've been to his house, he's been to mine and I'm drawing a complete blank. Getting old dammit.
  20. My wife and I saw him at the Ice House do this joke and she starts laughing hysterically and pointing at me. Rogan looks at me and says "Really bro?" I nodded yes and for the first time felt shame for being a reader. The books weren't 'better' just more detailed. He is correct, the show was great cause (@)(@) and swords.
  21. I got the Dewalt one as a gift in March but haven't needed to use it yet. Glad to read here that it's working for people.

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