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  1. Looking like this Thursday or Friday.
  2. Nice trailer. What's the width between the fenders?
  3. I'm delivering Funco G52 interior panels, dash, and seats to Jettrim later this week. Coming back to LA though.
  4. L.R.S.

    Glamis 911

    So Glamis Rescue across from Sweet Marie's is not the same business as Glamis 911?
  5. L.R.S.

    Glamis 911

    I used Glamis Rescue but for a trailer repair, not a recovery. Found a broken spring hangar on my flatbed while in Glamis. We had a welder in our group but I was being lazy and figured I'd try these guys because I like to support local businesses, especially one that could save my azz someday. This should have been a 1 hour job and that's being very very generous. Just weld the hangar back to the frame is all I asked for. 30 minutes after they started grinding they called me over to look at the hangar and the bolt hole was ovaled out. They said they had flat stock on hand and could make a new hangar and weld it on. I said ok, it's worth doing correctly. 2 and a half hours later they were done. Whatever, it's fixed. I asked how much and he says $300 muther effing dollars. WTF? Paid it and haven't been back since. Welds were sh!t too. I took the trailer to my regular repair shop and had them go over everything. A buddy broke the air bag pivot on the frame of his Funco. He was camped at Cement Flats and drove it to them for a repair. No idea what they charged or how long it took. When they were finished he drove it back to camp and it broke off the frame. He loaded it up and took it to Joe Fab. They spent a lot of time grinding off the sh!tty welds and fixing it correctly. Harvey posted it on his IG. Reputation means a lot in any business and you can only screw over so many people before word gets around. Especially true for the small off-roading community.
  6. Shawn Jones did my dash 2016. Going to have KATG redo it to someting closer to what @Jtmoney714 just had Adam do for his car. Dash when I bought the car in 2015. Shawn Jones built this in 2016. Had JAX Motorsports in Upland add a second SwithPro in 2019. I pulled the dash at some point last summer and had it powder coated black but don't have any pics of it.
  7. Be nice if people took the time to post tech threads. I've never once logged into this forum hoping to find out why the world is ending, what to do about clean air, the latest gun laws, or any/all of the gawtdamn youtube videos people post. Stop. Please. What happened to original content? Post what YOU are doing in your garage, not some effing video of someone else doing a job.
  8. @J Alper I respectfully disagree. All my trailers have 15" wheels and I run the cheapest tires my local guy carries, around $90 each, installed. I also run the same size on all of my trailers, 225 X 75 X 15. Triple axle enclosed, triple axle WW 30' toy hauler, triple axle flatbed, dual axle flatbed. We put a new set of tires on our flatbeds every year, usually before the Glamis season starts, so we are fresh and ready for all the transport jobs. My son has put around 85k miles on his truck in the past 16 months. Not all 85k miles was towing our 24' deckover but I'd say at least 50k miles of it was. Tire pressure has a lot to do with premature wear. We run them at the manufacturers stamp on the sidewall, 65psi. We do need to get better about checking tire pressures more often.
  9. I was there for a wedding a couple weeks ago. If you go downtown expect to hear "hey bro cokemollyweed" a lot. I stayed at one of the resorts and even there the scams are in full effect. A friend ordered a glass of champagne and when she got the bill it was $2740 pesos. Seemed legit until you do the math of 20 to 1 and its $127 for a single glass of not great champagne. We argued and got it down to $20. Eff them. Also, if the sign says Masks Required ignore it. If you do ask if they are really required they'll say yes. But I don't have one? Ok senior, we can add $1 for each person per mask on the bill. They hand you a new mask in a sealed bag and don't require you to put it on from the door to the table. Find a small testing place before you fly home. The hotel wanted $68 per person for a Rona test but we found a clinic 3 blocks away for $18. Scam, scam, scam. Masking and testing have become currency down there and will never stop. I had to show a proof of negative Rona test at the airport buy they still required a mask. Why? $$$!!!
  10. L.R.S.

    Switch Pro

    I had an original SwitchPro in my car 5 seasons ago and had zero issues with it. Two seasons ago I completely tore down my car and found that the Switch Pro mounted flat was trapping condensation and it was prematurely corroding. But it was working flawlessly. My electrical guy JAX Motorsports in Upland, CA called them and they said it is a known issue and they have since updated the installation manual to stand them upright. They were really cool and sent me two of the newer 8 switch panels for the price of one and JAX installed both in my car so I'd have extra switches. A month later they introduced the new 12 switch panel. A little disappointed they didn't tell me about the new 12 switch. Regardless, two seasons later and zero issues with any of the 3 SwitchPro panels I've used. I have a friend that builds luxury prerunners and he HATES SwitchPro and has had numerous issues with them.
  11. Basing a truck purchase on the dash screen. Tell me it's not this basic.
  12. I've been buying firewood from @Riverrat121783 for a couple seasons now and could not be happier! I think last season I picked up almost 10 truck beds worth for our numerous Glamis trips. I've know Justin for many years and even preran with him in Baja Mexico back in the day. I bought one of those trailer loads of fire wood a couple weeks ago and it's legit. Wish I had room to store more since he's moving and I'm losing firewood connection.
  13. Nice idea. I cannot find a decent clip on fill hose. Where'd you get yours?
  14. There are numerous reasons but safety above all. My trailers are both 101" wide and theses cars still barely fit so there's not much room for adjustment when driving them on/off. Most of the cars we move don't run so winching is the only option. Also, clutches are expensive! I've driven 100's of cars with just about every brand of clutch out there and some of the newer ones are basically an ON and OFF type clutch.
  15. Nice trailer. Why have fenders at all? Deckover is the key in my transport world, and a winch. We winch every car on the trailer now. I usually fire them up and back them off but witching on is mandatory. I'll even drive a car to the trailer and then winch it onto the deck. The extra 5 minutes is worth it.
  16. Trying to understand as well. Did you expect to see grease in every crevice of the CV? That's not how they work. If you see a lot of bare metal then add some grease. I don't see that in the pic you posted, hence the comment "Looks fine to me." I had a client that would pull the boots back every trip and pump grease into the CV. He duned hard and put a lot of hours on his car. He asked me to service the car post season and the boots were so full of CV grease I replaced them with a new set. Haven't worked on the car in a couple seasons and I'll bet he's still puming grease in every trip.
  17. Tatum Blackwidow, CBM built twin turbo, S4D. I know the car and the previous owner well and have duned with it many times. I've never serviced it until now. This car was driven HARD and not maintained very well. Maybe someone can find the video- brown Tatum Blackwidow (it's wrapped now) doing a wheelie at the drags and hits a little pucker bush which brings the front end down. Would have been around 2016-17ish. Disclaimer- I'm not bashing the cars previous owner or whoever maintainted the car. I post pics of what I find and repair. Brake caliper was leaking fluid just sitting in my shop. The pads were so wonk down the piston over extended and popped the O ring. I rebuilt the calipers. It was metal on metal but caught just in time before it destroyed the rotor. I can give an estimate for a prep job but when I get my hands on the car sometimes I find stuff that needs to be addressed. Discovery work adds up quickly.
  18. Twice a season is overkill for a sandrail. I don't see a need to 'up-sell' my services. Not how I do business.
  19. 4 or 5 seasons without servicing your CVs because it's too messy. Solid plan.
  20. To make the front end square.

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