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  1. One other thing... due to the government "shut down" the case is stayed, basically on hold, until the government is up and running again. The good guys would normally have been required to respond to the third amended complaint by October 15th but now they have until some time after the shut down is lifted. I'll monitor the docket. V.
  2. There has been some movement in the case, nothing good. A third amended complaint has been filed by the bad guys. They are once again claiming that the BLM didn't do things the way they should have. True or not doesn't matter... it's a very effective way to delay any final decisions. I won't post all of it, but this is an important part: "Pending the completion of an adequate Record of Decision and Environmental Impact Statement for the Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area Plan, enjoin Defendant BLM from authorizing off-road vehicle use in any areas in which they are currently prohibited;" They're asking for the closures to remain in place while the rest gets sorted out. Like I said, it's a very effective tool. Bottom line is, closures remain in place. V.
  3. Alrighty, we're in! How about some night after Labor day? 3rd, 4th, 5th, whatever! V.
  4. Frankie, I am just dandy and hope you are the same. Yes it has been a VERY long time. We should arrange a meet-and-greet of the oldtimers (sorry to steal the name) again soon. V.
  5. Thanks Duck and yes indeed we sure did. I've been around, sometimes just lurking. Feeling helpless but doing what I can from a distance. ;-) V.
  6. Hey yourself. :-) My heart's still buried in the sand, after all. ;-) V.
  7. On August 5, 2013, the Judge signed a stipulation into order which the parties had drafted, keeping the "temporary" closures in place until joint motions can be filed and heard, with final resolution to be no later than April 15, 2014. In the meantime, plaintiffs/bad guys have promised to "not pursue any preliminary or provisional injunctive relief involving the ISDRA or the claims contained in the new pleading prior to the Court's ruling on cross-motions for summary judgment . . ." What this means is as long as the good guys maintain the current closures, the bad guys will not pursue additional closures between now and April 15, 2014 or whenever the Court rules on the pleadings (which have not yet been filed). The matter is scheduled for oral argument on January 31, 2014 so the Court could actually make a decision before the April 15th deadline. The papers will begin flying on September 16, 2013 and the back-and-forth continues through December 20, 2013 and then, if the parties and/or Judge feel the need, oral argument will be held on January 31, 2014. Bottom line is, the closures remain in place through the upcoming season at least. The stipulation specifically points out that the focus is resolving this before the period "of high use of the ISDRA commencing in the fall of 2014." "There is nothing so permanent as a temporary government program." -- Milton Friedman. In this case, it's a 13-year old temporary closure. Have fun and be safe out there. V.
  8. This was such a fun day and a great trip! From beginning to end, nothing but fabulous. The people, the ride, the scenery, everything. Thank you! I have some great shots but I cannot remember how to upload them here. I went to "Gallery" but couldn't find a button for uploading pics. I'll post them on FB and if anyone wants to copy them here, be my guest! Vicki
  9. Mike Pool is a politician, always has been. Is that good or bad? I guess that depends on whether he's in your pocket or someone else's. As for the lawsuit, it wasn't won an a technicality of any kind. It was "won" through a settlement. They sued, BLM compromised, 50% of the dunes have been temporarily closed since. VickiW
  10. How can people choose the path if they don't know it's there? Thousands of people have put their faith in the various organizations to keep them informed so how come this is the first public discussion on it? I'm pretty sure that was Duck's whole point in the way he posted this. The fact that he was right and it hit a nerve doesn't change anything. If that's what it takes to get someone to publicly address the issue, more power to him. We're all just lucky that he hasn't gotten fed up with having to bird dog like so many others have, or this news would have remained on the down-low. Instead of getting all defensive and personal this would be an opportunity to meet the challenge, rise up and actually get some information out to the people who will be hit by this. It's extremely arrogant for any leader to expect each and every person they represent to come to them for information and publicly berating someone for not bothering to beg for some info is ridiculous. Instead of once again insulting someone who brings up a legitimate issue, try a humble approach (geez, sorry I've been busy let's see what we can do about this), pick up the ball and inform the public. Thank you again Duck, for staying informed and doing what you can to make sure others are informed too. While you're at it, could you refresh my memory as to how the State was given the power to raid the fund? Is there specific legislation that addresses this? Vicki W. [edited just because]
  11. Geez, someone raises a legitimate concern, others come on with additional facts backing up the need for the question and still there are people making personal attacks and throwing out red herrings instead of maybe just taking the initiate to confirm... raise the questions themselves or simply STFU until they have something legitimate to add. Amazing. The more things change, the more they stay the same. Removing the dumpsters from Glamis, as expensive as they are, is fraught with troubles... it's taken years for the Glamis public to become dependent on the dumpsters. It's not possible to undo that dependency in one season, especially when there is no education of the duning public occurring to help pave the way. It's going to take more than one season to make this work, or it's doomed to failure. It sounds to me like the County of Imperial realizes that and is trying to provide a temporary fix until the education process catches up to the decision. Congrats to the County for the foresight. Duck, Mike, thanks for trying. Vicki W.
  12. Hey, anyone who felt it should plug it into the USGS site... http://earthquake.usgs.gov/eqcenter/dyfi/e...7/us/index.html Go there and click on "did you feel it." V.
  13. You've made a very hard, very brave decision! And you've gotten all the right info here. They don't owe you the two weeks and yep, they can ask you to just leave right then. The catch... and maybe I missed someone else saying this... As long as you give them 72 hours notice, they need to give you your final paycheck as you leave and it has to include up to the moment you've worked even if it's no where near the "regular" pay period. There are exceptions... like if payroll is handed in another state or out of the country but they can't go beyond what is "reasonable" even then, or they pay penalties big time. And yes, vacation is considered part of your salary so you will get everything that has accrued up to the moment you leave. Some employers try to forget this little factoid but that's an expensive mistake. Good luck in your new position and try to put those butterflies in our stomach to rest. The hard part is over. VickiW
  14. Me either... but then again the numbers have always fluctuated to fit the need. Has anyone ever seen the (promised) full numbers using aerial and on-the-ground combined visitor counts? VickiW
  15. This is already being talked about. No surprise there. I wouldn't even be surprised if the details had been inked before the BLM cancelled the contract. There's something absolutely rotten here and honey, it's not just the garbage. But the good news is, visitor numbers are down, right? What a coincidence. VickiW

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