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  1. Welding with a cheap hood 😲
  2. That package is the unused seals from the kit that was used for my old Craftsman jack. Kit covers lots of different jacks. Easy to find what you need on the website
  3. Might check with these guys for a seal kit, you're rebuilt old jack will be 10x better than some new Harbor Freight junk. Cheaper too 😁
  4. I would get it running first to see how good or bad what's on it work. Then make changes if needed. What ya got might work fine. If not maybe some super Beatle wheel cylinders in the rear will help ? (Larger size). Proportioning valve will if adjusted correctly will slow up the application of the fronts
  5. Not a mid-engine sand car but a jeep at the sand drags a few years ago. Like Dockmaster said "beautiful piece of art" hopefully inspiring for ya

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