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  1. Straight up facehooker. aka facehookerus maximus Pretty sure that's Latin for, "chick that shows up on my wall 50 times per day". Not 50 times a day Washie. If you want I can make you an acquaintance so you don't see as much stuff :P Thanks for caring Mellen, just moved to fb
  2. Cool, it's gonna will look BA with colorful fish!
  3. A very close friend of the family has property and a house up there in Nutrioso. He still doesn't know if his house is still there, we are waiting to see. This is very sad, a beautiful part of Arizona destroyed. It took years for this area to recover last time this happened Our thought go out to all affected by this, people and animals alike.
  4. I saw the first one on opening weekend. It was funny...NOT as funny as the first one, but funny. The monkey is a crack up!
  5. How old Me's? 19 and he lives on his own
  6. Me's Toy

    New Casa

    nice Wez...congrats!

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