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  1. Yes, but #1 paddle for the NA and #2 for the turbo. If you are going to get close to the 175+ whp number consider going up to the blackbirds
  2. I run the 1300+ and Tribute fronts. I still drive in 2wd 99% of the time and love them. I like the Blackbird, and have a few friends running them, they are a solid tire.
  3. SO it bogged you down but Dave was wrong? Im confused.
  4. There are 2 big parcels down by Ogilby tower also.
  5. Im hoping they stock new jokes... All the old tired ones are getting played pretty thin.
  6. I hear they plan to repurpose them into shop rags for working on sand rails all the time.
  7. once its final it will get recorded with the county
  8. All it takes is a few times towing to know what works best. Once you know your loaded pressure just unhook without deflating, see what's in the bags and fill them to that before you hook up. I always figured it was easier to air up the bags then use the landing gear up move the trailer, but the new hydraulic systems and dual motor systems fixed that issue.
  9. BTW the adjustment on the hitch has nothing to do with the lift on the truck. That is just for bed clearance and making the trailer level.
  10. The 18 models will be announced the end of July. Usually they start doing big price reductions after the announcement to clear out the old units before the new hit the floor.
  11. Don't see why you would. The adaptor just bolts to the king pin.
  12. With the offset it worked fine in my SB truck too. Love it in the LB and at 45# its easy to remove.
  13. Agreed! I went from the autoslide to the Anderson and am so glad I did. Hooks better, pulls better, unhooks better, stores easier.
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