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  1. Not to be mr obvious here.... But if you have never done this you may not know, to make sure you mark the direction of your axles. I use blue tape and make an arrow with a sharpie showing rotation and which end goes inboard etc. If you switch rotation the axles have a very good chance of breaking. Also outfront motorsports has an excellent diagram of how to assemble the cv's http://www.outfrontmotorsports.com/cv_assembly.htm Thanks John!! So..... What cv grease are you using ?
  2. Still on Three Wheels!
  3. Good job Mike! Thanks for not letting a BS ticket go unanswered. I sometimes wonder what Glamis would look like if it was ran by the state. Stopped by Ocotillo Wells on way home, Beautiful facilities with showers, Educational buildings, Kid's training track. Rangers are cordial , All paid for by state monies. Seem's like we get to pay $150 year for a few outhouses and hostile federal wanna b cops.
  4. Motor went to Bostick racing , will post some picks when it's back in the water...
  5. Geez... where do I get one of those epoxy garage floors like Matt, Andy , Coop, Prudy.... probably has a 70 emblem in it too.
  6. Thanks Matt Looked at those. Thinking of getting an ADK motor from Summit https://www.summitracing.com/parts/hme-dm26 Boats been a good river runner like to put something fairly decent in her. Besides not sure whats involved with using a truck engine in a Marine application.
  7. Sounds good will stop by ,
  8. So last weekend engine quit running , Grinding noise from engine. This is my buddies boat that I go to the river with . Need some advice or if anyone knows where we can find a replacement motor that would be awesome Don't need a full blown race engine , just an upriver cruiser
  9. 30 Amp for us Look for bike with GD flag cruising around...
  10. Pilot bearing.... as was stated before Its a bummer pulling the motor again because the pilot bearing was bad, ( don't ask me how I know ) Harbor Freight sells a slide hammer setup for $24 that works nicely to get that little booger out... Youtube shows people packing grease or bread in there then smacking a 1/2 bolt in there or something didn't work for me, and ruined a good sandwich
  11. I did indeed, Dangerous place to visit ....
  12. Got er done.. Thanks for the help. A couple of observations.... After a few hours of being stubborn and trying to do this on the buggy I finally relented and took the whole hub off. Things went way quicker after that. I would never attempt this again with out simply removing the hub. I would also highly suggest using a press , If I wasn't lucky enough to have one available I would go buy one. As fate would have it I happened to find 2 perfect round 6" metal discs laying in the shop, these proved to be perfect for the job. Lastly , I'm sure I will probably go to hell for this .... but I put everything together dry with the exception of filling the transaxle cup with belray and swepco mix The rest I shot in with a needle attachment on the grease gun. Kept all grease out of the bolt holes and used blue not red loctite. Attached a couple of pics for reference. Thanks again or everyone's input
  13. 25th thru 2nd Hopefully gecko , Glad to see you back out there Brian

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