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  1. Rears blocked, fronts have the crossover with a breather going to catch can. Car runs at 170 degrees, never had an issue with hot cylinders
  2. Unfortunately they closed their doors
  3. This looks like a good answer to my issue. Thanks
  4. Oh I’m no newbie to dumping. I usually dump at red earth on my way back, but last trip I had my toy hauler with me it was blowing 50mph at red earth and I didn’t feel like stopping. My other option is my driveway, but currently has 2 boats on it and it’s a pain in the ass to move everything
  5. Anyone know of a free or cheap dump site in the Costa Mesa area? Called around to a few different RV campgrounds in the area but they all want $20+ to dump. Not a big deal if that's what I need to do, just thought i'd see if anyone knows of anything else.
  6. Kick ass car that truly rips! Good times in the dunes and Baja with this car
  7. Went out yesterday looking for door mats. Couple big bites but none stupid enough to take a boat ride. Nice day on the water though, beers were cold and we didn’t sink or get arrested. Back to working on boats to try and finish mine before the season
  8. Your car has always had those arms. It was in my camp 10+ years ago. One of my favorite DDs Here it is in 2016 I believe
  9. Its down the street from my office. Been for sale for a long time. If anyone wants me to go look at it i'll walk over and check it out for you
  10. This car looks like you could drive it into a brick wall and the wall would apologize
  11. Sounds like a beefy car. Or you can be a knucklehead like me and take your sand car chassis to both.....I've beefed up just about every heim on my car. Lowers are 3/4" and there's been a bit of added bracing. Going to "box" by lower arms and add some more roll cage bracing this off season as well
  12. If you’re using an exchange to trade and keeping your crypto in a wallet or ledger on the block chain you won’t necessarily be targeted. But as soon as a gain is realized by transferring that crypto to cash, that’s where Uncle Sam gets his cut.
  13. The most important thing to learn when welding is puddle control and heat penetration. You can go spend $2k on a machine and just spew wire all over the place with no idea what you’re doing. If you start with a small 110 flux machine, you can learn how to control a puddle, and for cheap. Then when you step up it’ll just get better and better, and easier too. There will always be a place in your garage for a cheap 110
  14. So in doing more research of the CP4 issues, it seems as though one of my choices being the '15-newer 6.7L all have a CP4. They used an electric lift pump which the LML did not, so that's a plus. But now has me rethinking that option

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