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  1. Yea i came across that. Exactly what i'm looking for but a bit too large and bit high on price IMO. Thanks for sending over though
  2. Unfortunately I've never seen a toy hauler in the 24' range that is 102" wide. If anyone knows of an MFG that made one please let me know
  3. That’s what I’m looking for. My current 24’ fun runner is 86” inside door width, I’m looking for 96” inside door width. Currently I have to take my hubs off, put special made trailer tires on, and strap the front end. My car is 94” wide up front
  4. Yea man that’s it! Someone sell me one! That’s what I currently have. Problem is I have to take off all 4 wheels, strap the front end, winch it in backwards, and every trip I tear something up on the trailer. Really just looking to simplify my setup so I can do 2 day weekends and not take 2 hours to pack up
  5. Went through this a couple cars ago. Ended up welding on the plate for microstubs and upgrading. Found a used set on here for $400 and ordered new axels for $300. All in was under $1000 for the upgrade
  6. In search for a car hauler in the 24' range, preferably not longer, but also not too short. It needs to have a bathroom and a small kitchen. Really looking for at least 15' of cargo, and 102" wide. I know there aren't too many of these floating around but if someone has one they are willing to part with let me know
  7. I wanted this car so bad. Glad to see it get the treatment it deserves

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