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  1. I have a box full of gears and a ring n pinion in the garage. The gears are okayish and so is the ring n pinion. I lost a main shaft bearing and decided to re gear it while it was open. Let me know what you need
  2. Going on season 5 with my JC Whips from @Whipsandshyt, brightest of anyone in the game and only issue was a connector that went bad (believe it was my fault). 15 minute fix and I was back in business. The guy actually answers the phone if you need something as well. I lost my retainer clip and he brought me 2 to my camp during Veterans
  3. In the past year or so we've been headed to the desert a bit more than in the past and been having a blast. Even though my desert dynamics is set up for the dunes, it does pretty damn well in the dirt as well. I don't currently have a desert specific tire setup yet, so I'm looking around to see what i'd like to do. Up to this point i've borrowed some 35" baja mud terrains from a buddy for the rear, and run my 33 baja pros that I run up front in the dunes and in the dirt. I have 2" hollows up front, so no worries about tire size there. But in baja after about 500 miles my trans (2D) said no more. Given we did some pretty bad ass trails (San Felipe power line whoops, goat trail, washes out of Valley T, etc.) and we didn't milk anything, it was pretty much full bore the entire time. That was also the third season of my 2D and I don't drive my car soft at all, so not a huge surprise. But I also had a micro stub bearing that went bad on that trip at all. So long story longer, my question is: What tire do you suggest for the rear of the car? Step down to a 33" or keep the 35" on. It's hard to tell if those two issues were caused by the 35s in baja, but I'm sure it didn't help. Pic of the car for reference:
  4. Have they always? Are you sure the axels aren’t a tad too long and you’re hearing them rolling in the cup?
  5. No idea. But from where we were at it looked like 10
  6. Forgot to post this earlier. We had a health scare in our group Saturday morning that resulted in a multi day hospital stay, so we didn’t roll out of camp until 10:50. We knew we weren’t going to make it over in time so we just found the tallest dune we could and posted up. Ended up being an epic place to watch it.
  7. Butt connector, covered in liquid electrical tape, 3M heatshring, and protective sheathing. Never done me wrong on any car, offroad car, or boat i've ever wired. And I use them in the harshest environments
  8. Saw everyone staged yesterday. There was a TON of people. Wish I coulda made it but I was running around trying to find the right oil filter for my car…
  9. When I bought my trailer he said he had replaced the tires 2 years before. Date code looked fine. But first trip I blew a tire, second trip I blew a tire, third trip I blew a tire. Finally just put 4 brand new tires on 4 years ago. Last season I noticed a bulge so I replaced one. Then Halloween I blew a tire. I keep a bottle jack in the trailer for that reason, but it needs a 5” block which is USUALLY in the trailer. But I pulled it out over summer to work on the boat trailer. So I used my buggy jack and it folded the legs damn near in half. Luckily was just outside of el centro and went to discount and got 2 new tires. Now I’m on the change tires every 3 years program. I hate changing tires in the side of the freeway. Even though I have it down to about 5 minutes now…
  10. Every year since I joined this site (2008 I think) this same thread has turned into the same thing at the beginning of the season. I have no dog in this fight since I stay where ever there is sand (Washes, Gecko, Gordons, Campground, in my truck, with my ass on the cooler, etc.). But I will say that the handful of times i've decided to go to Gecko i've never once had an issue parking. And the reason I have always snagged a spot is because I've messaged one of the numerous strangers I've met on this (and other) forums asking if I can squeeze in somewhere and I've unanimously received the answer "oh yea we'll squeeze you in" without hesitation. Met some awesome people and gone on some epic rides that I never would have. May be in part that I show up solo with my 24' trailer or with maybe one other small trailer, or maybe it's because majority of the people are just rad and make room. So thanks to those who have let me come hang, you know who you are. See you out there this weekend (still unsure where we are parking)
  11. Honestly very happy about the yearly fishing license.
  12. Gonna try to make it, headed out in the morning
  13. Would make for a hell of a RRE party...
  14. It was a blast! Burned a lot of fuel this weekend. Dunes were in great shape. We camped in Gordon’s so it was much more mellow, but we duned from test hill to the ledge and everything in between. It was really really busy out there. Weather was warm, but nice in the shade. Had a super bitchin weekend. Back out in 10 days!
  15. If you're looking for E rated tires for the 15" wheels, the only decent ones i've found are the maxis M8008. They've treated me pretty well
  16. Some of my favorites: My pops and I in 1995 Him and I in 2002 Him and I in 2010 And him and last season
  17. That’s nice! But $80k is a lot to swallow for 23ft haha
  18. My dad hasn't missed a season since 73/74 and I haven't missed a season since 93 (I was 1 year old). Neither of us plan on missing a season for as long as possible
  19. Who's sleeping on a set that they'd part with??
  20. The amount of time i've wasted on things like this is incredible and i dont regret any of it. @dbart where you at!? It's your turn
  21. Yea i came across that. Exactly what i'm looking for but a bit too large and bit high on price IMO. Thanks for sending over though
  22. Unfortunately I've never seen a toy hauler in the 24' range that is 102" wide. If anyone knows of an MFG that made one please let me know
  23. That’s what I’m looking for. My current 24’ fun runner is 86” inside door width, I’m looking for 96” inside door width. Currently I have to take my hubs off, put special made trailer tires on, and strap the front end. My car is 94” wide up front

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