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  1. Definitely. I suppose it's good for proving drivetrain, but as they move further and further from the frame/suspension of the SxS they were based on, the less it'll interest me and the less racing will be a testbed for non-drivetrain components. Interesting to hear RG and the Speed were a non-finisher, hopefully we get to find out what failed! -TJ
  2. I certainly agree, heck I wear a helmet in my sand rails too. But the OP was interested in whether or not they'd *have* to wear a helmet legally (and I assumed he meant in CA, since that's the only area I'm aware that has a ROTV helmet law). At this stage, I think the answer would be no, whether or not that's wise or will get lots of LEO attention. Either way, I expect CA to change the law soon. -TJ
  3. That's a good point too, especially if you're the "road soda" type. -TJ
  4. We're doing two Motec PDMs and Motec button panels in my Funco. Not cheap, but IMHO the best there is right now. -TJ
  5. The answer *right now* would be "no." However, I'm sure CA will amend the law shortly. -TJ
  6. Nice, both are awesome cars and both look way better with the little changes! -TJ
  7. No human babies for us either, just our two turds... I went for recent pics, and they're all in different houses/places. Man, I can't wait for our home in Vegas to be done and finally actually be settled. -TJ
  8. Good on ya for owning it, that's how it's done. IDK, left without somebody actually in the camp/group for that long I think it still would have gotten towed. -TJ
  9. Definitely the machine's fault. Poorly engineered POS. Luckily it's the old Turbo S, not the new Pro R. -TJ
  10. But if you're not running 120% race pace for a TT/Class 1, are you even a desert-bro, bro? Seriously though, what you said definitely looks to be the case. That doesn't mean there are no weaknesses in the new Pro R or it's perfect, just that I wouldn't use this specific failure as cause to write it off. -TJ
  11. Based on what I've seen of the frames, the XP Pro (current 64" width, turbo 2cyl model) cage should fit a Turbo R (new 74" width, turbo 2ycl model). However, XP Pro cages won't be a direct fit for the Pro R (new 74" width, 4cyl model). Good to see some confirmation. Hopefully Kevin will figure it out soon, maybe he'll have to take my Pro R as the guinea pig! 😉 -TJ
  12. You don't see a problem when everyone else on the forum wants to put you on ignore, or you feel compelled to suggest they do so? It's almost like you're not wanted here, and everyone is tired of your bullshit... -TJ

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