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  1. Everybody has been saying this will have the new 4cyl NA motor from the Slingshot and a sequential. I've had serious doubts about that the whole time. First, would Polaris want to break the ROTV definition? What would that even look like for selling in CA? Second, Polaris has no history with a sequential, it'd be a new from-scratch deal for them. So I finally watched the vid, my thoughts... It does sound like it could be a bigger NA 4cyl, but also sounds a bit like a PROSTAR It does NOT sound like a sequential, it definitely sounds and acts like a CVT though when he gets on it after the big opening jump. When they show the dash at like 1:46 as he accelerates off the jump, goes to like 8700 RPM and just holds - CVT-like. All throughout when he gets on it it jumps and holds RPM like a CVT Can we talk about how close he came to over-jumping that big opening jump and pure flat-landing it on pavement??? 😐😐😐😐 Wilkey was there for the sand-drags, somebody aXe him what the scoop is It does indeed look like Polaris is trying to answer the call of the newer X3s (200HP RR) and Speed -TJ
  2. Any/every car gets better with development. I imagine the biggest area for improvement will be in clutching/belt life, allowing racers to utilize more of the power potential of these motors - but nobody knows yet. There has never been any vehicle produced, ever, that didn't have room for improvement somewhere. -TJ
  3. Can't it be both? There's no doubt A is a factor. I have issues, man. B comes into play, but not so much in G. Most of my G group have rails, and we do a fair amount of rail-only runs. Don't get me wrong, there are also SxSs and quads in the group, and we often do big group rides with all of 'em and the Funco does just fine for that... or sometimes I just take the RZR for those runs. It's more than just that though, there's a whole other half of the year where we go do trips all over which are SxS trips. Neither the wife or I like being passenger, so we like having 2 dirt toys. We still have our XPT, but right now that leaves one of us (her 😉 ) stuck riding shotgun. The Speed will fix that. And yes, I did get the 2 seat, but I got the longer (110") wheelbase "El Diablo" not the shortest 95" wheelbase Baja Bandit. Yes, I also have some Jeeps (all Grands, an '03 WJ, a '17 Trailhawk 5.7 Hemi and a '18 Trackhawk 6.2 Supercahrged "Hellcat"), and my pickup. I don't actually have any fast cars right now, which is a bit out of character for me. But I've been getting more into *cough*Overlanding*cough* so between that, Glamis, house renovation, etc. I really have no time for actually doing AutoX or road course stuff... and the Trackhawk is plenty of giggles for just ripping around on the street. -TJ
  4. I don't disagree at all. The one RG ran was basically stock-spec. The shocks, arms, etc. on Max's car were stock (like, stock valving and all) AFAIK. Max only had the NA XX motor. RG ran the 91 octane tune AFAIK. The result is incredible for basically stock, out of the box stuff. Nobody should take what I said above about the penalty situation as discrediting or down-talking the Speed. Imagine a year or two of development into these cars... -TJ
  5. You also added one to my 20' deck-over flatbed (man, I want that trailer back). And, I need you to add one in the white enclosed I have now, lol. -TJ
  6. Not exactly. A buddy of mine ran the race, and finished well. There was a gnarly, slow, technical section that was a required part of the race course. However, there was a faaaaast wash that ran parallel to that section, and a few teams were using it in practice (including my buddy). Before the race, organizers made it clear that wash was off-limits, and using it would result in a DQ. RG & Max both used that wash rather than the slow section of the course every lap. They were not DQ'ed, even though the written warning about the wash specified that would be the penalty for using the wash. Obviously I'm a big Speed UTV fan, and have my order in. I'm really not trying to "hate" at all. I'm just trying to be honest and realistic about what happened. It's rarely true that a penalized finishing position doesn't reflect the actual "speed" of the car - there's generally a competitive advantage gained when doing something to get penalized for. But, in this case it's even more clear what RG and Max did to earn their penalties saved them a lot of time. -TJ
  7. I get what you're saying, and I watched part of the vid. But Lippert doesn't make drive-able chassis, AFAIK. Yes, components on a drive-able might be Lippert (power steps and little stuff like that) but not the actual foundation. The stuff ChEFF is looking at is probably going to be on a Spartan chassis, if not it'd be Freightliner. IMHO you can't even compare Spartan and Lippert. -TJ
  8. Mandates? You're not familiar with them? The screwball in the oval office is making all sorts of them, as is the cum-stain in charge of things in Sacramento. I think any business owner is aware everything can/will get shut down at anytime whenever these Effwads please. Now, if you call making an awesome destination a for duners, and doing it just because you love duners/dunes a "bad business plan" then sure, I guess it is. But sometimes people do things that don't make business sense, because they are passionate about it, and because they can afford to. -TJ
  9. Most people are also overlooking that they bring in almost the entire staff from Idaho for the season. It wouldn't be DD without that crew, and it doesn't make sense to bring that crew down for the season with these stupid mandates, and knowing they could be told to close at any time, plus reduced capacity. People thing something like DD rakes in the cash... but there's what, maybe 10 big weekends a year where they have a line for maybe, 4-5 hours in the AM? The rest of the season they have more employees than customers almost every day. And how much do you think that remodel cost? It takes a lot of heart attack bowls to pay for that... If I had to guess, I bet DD produces a massive loss every year. I've mentioned this before and people are quick to say "yeah but I bet they use it as a tax write-off" and things like that. So what? The fact is the family that runs it does so because they love the dunes, and duners... not to make a fortune (they already did that, lol). Once it becomes too cumbersome and painful, as it has now, can you blame them for closing? -TJ
  10. Pretty confident they'd be using a proxy/VPN... -TJ
  11. At what point do you and the admin staff recognize buff is a just a troll and boot him? He talks about his inside knowledge here, but never legitimizes his claims in any way. He never posts in any other thread. He adds no value, but he's allowed to hang around. I remember being banned for far less... -TJ
  12. Mid/late 90s C4s are actually an amazing platform, and LATE 90s gets you into C5s. Sure, the C5 is better, but C4s are a really good budget base. Lots of C4s still ripping up NASA/SCCA classes. C5 is still THE best budget platform for a track car faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar and away. -TJ
  13. Step by step it's just not worth being here anymore. I already bought out of State, and am just making hay while the sun is shinning still working in the Bay Area for another couple years, if I can last that long. -TJ
  14. What about the (tens?) millions of Flex Fuel cars on the road already? They do exactly what you're saying... I mean, every EFI and really even every carb vehicle running changes fuel mapping and delivery based on tons of variables. But, Flex Fuel cars are already doing it based on Ethanol content. -TJ
  15. Super bad ass coach, those bunks are rad AF! I'm showing this to a buddy, that's exactly what he needs (Vegas Steve that has my first Warrior, you know him from RRE). -TJ

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