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  1. I've come to the realization that I believe my current vehicle is probably the last that will have an analog gauge. My favorite of all time? 1984-1986 Toyota Truck. So simple, but gives you what you need to know and they always worked.
  2. Cool Thread, just read it for the first time. I hope to see you in glamis this year!
  3. Glad to see Grant and funco having a big presence. I have to say by far my whole crew's favorite part of attending the show was spending time with Gil. We loved his stories and how frank he was about his cars and the people buying them.
  4. Let me now if your friend doesn't buy @Hondajimz I need to do a better job of watching my thread.
  5. Wow good job ABC. But after all your stories of death, I don't know if its safe to be around you even though you would try and save me.
  6. Holy price shock batman. Are these worthy of their price?
  7. X3 what @fog said. We always try to support the ASA. They always get me for some raffle tickets too.
  8. You gave us everything but the app's name :)
  9. Bumping this, somebody has some old PCI stuff sitting around I know they do.
  10. Thanks Guys, who has a PCI for sale?
  11. Open to either rugged or PCI, need VHF, I'm in Phx. Thx.
  12. "I hope I bled these brakes right" So to test I'll go 170 mph.

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