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  1. Extremetoyota

    Lc Engineering / Lc Performance

    i used them to build my engine for my car and dynoed it they are great people
  2. Extremetoyota

    22r Engine

    i have a 22r in my car with turbo at 11psi it has been together for 5yr now and havent had a single problem with the engine. i would build one again without question. anything you need for them can be bought through LC engineering. great guys.
  3. Extremetoyota

    Same Guys That Lobby Against Use Of Dunes Etc.

    i don't care who you are that is funny
  4. Extremetoyota

    Gm Vs. Wapawekka

    So this is absolutly crazy i was just comming on to post this same question on here for a friend of mine. Except they told him they were not covering any of it. I know things are tough right now, but they need to warranty defective cars and trucks. i think somebody needs to get a class action lawsuit against GM
  5. Extremetoyota

    Almost The Worst Day Of My Life

    HOLLY CRAP I am glad to hear your ok and he is ok. a rim is easy to replace.
  6. Extremetoyota

    Season Starts Off With A Bang

    steve i am glad you guys are ok. you know when ever you want to go you just need to get your car there because you always have a place to stay when i am there.
  7. Extremetoyota


    here is a GREAT summer time drink we make, be careful these sneak up on you (1) 750ml of flavored Vodka (1) 21oz of flavored drink mix like (Rose's) pour both into a 1 gallon bucket then top off with crystal light drink mix (we usually use the lemonade) then put it in the freezer and let it freeze. when frozen remove scoop into a cup and ENJOY experiment with the different flavors of vodka and drink mix
  8. Extremetoyota

    Youre The Next Contestant

  9. Extremetoyota

    Whats Everyones Favorite Football Team

    GO GIANTS fan since 1989
  10. Extremetoyota

    Motor Crapping Out A Bit When Coming On Boost

    my toyota 22 r was doing the same thing, it was due to not enough fuel being delivered to the motor on boost. i would check fuel system like you said make sure all parts are clean and working great.
  11. Extremetoyota

    Tire Air

    oh great. This debate again The problem with AZ air being dryer is that it is also more brittle. Where CA air will bend in a collision, AZ air is more likely to break yeah, but california air cost too much. the state taxes will triple the cost of the air.
  12. Extremetoyota

    Tire Air

    if you use Arizona air it is drier and won't RUST your rims
  13. Extremetoyota

    My Pool Pump Needs Replacing

    just run a sta-rite pump same manufacture as pentair a little cheaper, same warranty. you will save electricty with variable speed run same length of time half the time at full speed the other half at a lower speed
  14. Extremetoyota

    Anyone Have Fountains In Their Yard?

    do not use chlorine unless you know the pump has a stainless or plastic shaft for the impeller. most fountain pumps due not the chlorine will eat the shaft if it is steel. I see it all the time i own a pool service business. you can use NON CHLORINE SHOCK.

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