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  1. https://classifieds.race-dezert.com/FOR_SALE:Finders-Fab-158337 I saw this one just popped up. Looks alot like an aceco.
  2. Nice upgrades. Looking forward to seeing the new body.
  3. Awesome video. One if the best videos I have seen that really shows the handling characteristics of a Gen 3. Great looking, clean car. GLWTS.
  4. WOW!!! Great transformation. Looks bad ass.
  5. Damn dude, glad to hear your doing good and healing up. The funco is looking bad ass. Awesome rehab.
  6. Nice. That's going to be fun to drive. Congrats
  7. Bad ass car. GLWTS. Is it a 2 seater now?
  8. Felt like it rolled for a long time. I'm in La Quinta and it shook alot of water out our pool.
  9. https://phoenix.craigslist.org/nph/snw/d/tyro-funco-sand-car-800hp/6906768395.html

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