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  1. rickym20

    It seemed like a good idea at the time...

    Wanted to name our second boy Rambo......settled on Roman. Yeah the wife wasn’t having it. I call him Rambo every so often and he looks at me funny.
  2. rickym20

    RIP Schwinn

  3. I’m passing through for work , should be real nice for you this weekend. Wind is blowing through pretty good right now.
  4. Very nice! What is length to the counter? To the slide ? And how wide is space when slide is in ?
  5. rickym20

    Next step up from lt80

    Another vote for the Raptor 250, my kid loves it after going from a 90.
  6. rickym20

    How To Keep Rats From Living Under My Motorhome?

    I’ve had good luck with keeping a few motion lights positioned in center of each axle pointing at each tire. No issues yet to report. Might work for others. Behind us is a green belt and I see those little bastards running along the fence every once in awhile.
  7. rickym20

    Bunk Model-2015 Jayco Seneca 37FS

    That rig is badass! Someone will be stoked for sure. GLWTS
  8. rickym20

    50w rugged radio for sale 300.00

    If it helps I am in Glamis now and can get it back to Temecula Sunday night. Can hook up with someone outside of canyon lake on way back from work Monday night.
  9. rickym20

    Lowrance Global Map Baja 540C

    I’ve tried the free maps on PCI recently and got error codes each time. If you get them let me know the secret haha
  10. rickym20

    Buggy VS Rzr?

    Thank you for stepping in and helping in this situation. It is a heroic effort by anyone able to step up in a situation like this. I hope I will respond in the same fashion if I ever come up on this type of situation. Thank you
  11. rickym20


    I’ll take it...I’ll send my contact info
  12. rickym20

    Sand Jack

    Picked up a Jack over Thanksgiving trip. Thing is bad ass !! Boys loved it too?
  13. rickym20

    Best LED light bars and pods...........Go

    Has anyone tried the KC lights? I really like the way they look over the light bars.
  14. rickym20

    Mega millions jackpot FRIDAY 10-19-18

    So you’re saying their is a chance.......?

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