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  1. Generalg

    Sand Outlawz 2019

    You were so close to winning that drag race. Good times. Here's another angle. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-PJA06m4yPndM_k81uttJRT7oXUXGWVo/view?usp=drivesdk
  2. Generalg

    33” Sand Tires Unlimited Comp Cut #2 Paddles 15” wheel

    I'll take them
  3. Generalg

    33” Sand Tires Unlimited Comp Cut #2 Paddles 15” wheel

    I'll take them If you will ship
  4. Generalg

    Autometer Gauges

    Thanks, I will most likely go that route if they do not sell on here. Curious what gauges you went with after the Ultra lites?
  5. Generalg

    Autometer Gauges

    3 - 2 1/16" Ultra lites all electronic. $125 1 - 3 3/8" Phantom tach $125 Or $225 for the set Used in good shape with some markings/wear. Gauges will come with mounting hardware/ rings and light socket/pigtails.
  6. Generalg

    Switch Pro (tips needed)

    In the process of installing a switch-pro's 8100 setup myself I've had for almost 2 years.... Had the same questions about using external fuses or not, glad you asked. Thanks. It's very nice to see how easy and clean the switch-pros is to install, should of installed it to begin with. Will be using one relay for the brake lights, previously had used 4 relays.
  7. Generalg

    How to make pattern for aluminum sides?

    Cardboard worked for me. Good luck.
  8. Generalg

    Amber 6' led whips

  9. Generalg

    New 2 Seat Turbo Build

    Nice S&S! PM sent
  10. Generalg

    Rugged Radios off-road cables

    Still available? Pm sent
  11. Generalg


    Not my idea. Used the idea from someone here on this sight.
  12. Generalg


    Make some out of 17" donuts.
  13. Generalg


    Interested in he front tire
  14. Generalg

    extreme 14.50 X 15 paddles (sold) small razors still available

    At all interested in shipping the rears.?
  15. Generalg

    Loading Tires

    Thanks for the idea and info! Here's how mine turned out. Rear track width is now 7" less.

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