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  1. Sorry for your loss... RIP Chris and Sarah
  2. I guess a lot of people were interested in this b/c their damn website crashed 2 min before they were going to show it!
  3. I have the same light on my Teryx and love it!
  4. check out these companies. They all have built adaptors for honda motors http://www.billsautofab.com/ http://www.mazworx.com/ http://www.bmcrace.com/
  5. Theres a couple of companies over on honda-tech.com that make them for s2000 motors. I am sure they would be willing to make them for the v6 motors.
  6. You dont have to get rid of the cat. Think of it as a o2 sensor which is basicly the samething. Since your turbo is out back I am asuming you are running the stock manifolds and down pipes? If so just mount it where the 2 down pipes merge and before your cat...... Its that simple.
  7. You need to do it before the cat. Only reason you see it after the turbo most of the time is b/c its more common for the turbo to be closer to the cylinder heads and is usually where all the exhaust gasses merge together for the first time. The turbo does not have an effect on a/f ratios but the cat will
  8. Since your turbo is located out back by your rear axle, theres no reason to have the sensor all the way back there. Just make sure its before the cat.

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