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  1. Thanks, i Will try less rebound.
  2. Thanks, even after shock work?
  3. What clicker settings did You end up with? I know your valving is probably totally different but im willing to try anything.
  4. Nice, mine is not even close to that
  5. Yes, going up hill. I tryed to get a good run a couple times but after i heard My seat crack i stopped,lol
  6. I'm measuring from the bottom of the skid plate under the seats. I was looking at my manual and the high/low clicker settings are pretty close to the Fox tune settings, exept For the rebound and spring settings. I think i Will set it exactly how the manual says and next time i'm out i Will try the Fox tune.
  7. Its just the rear that will sometimes bottom out, it's actually a pretty good ride in the dunes but when trying to go over the whoops, Say at the bottom of a hill, it Will feel like a rubberband and after going over 3 or 4 whoops it will begin to bottom out.
  8. I tryed that and My stock seat broke,lol
  9. I only have like 180 Miles on it so far so it's still at 17" ride height but if it starts to sag i might have to get aftermarket springs. I think For 2021 they changed the springs and valving though, so these springs might not sag as much as the older ones. I'm not adding any extra weight on it either so that may help to keep it from sagging.
  10. Thank you, i Will give that a try. I really don't want to have spend 2k on springs and valving. In the dunes it's fine, it's just in the whoops where it sucks. I do have the 3.0 shocks, my car is the same model xrs as yours.
  11. Thats what i hear often, i just don't want to have to mess with the clutch.
  12. Nice car, yes i'm running 30", they are bigger than the stock tires so i figured i would run them. Are yours 32"? So you just followed the Fox tune For the 2019" 73"? Did You do your own clicker settings? Another quesiton i have on the Fox tune is it calls For 15" ride height, ever since i got mine it has been like 17", should i lower mine to Match that Fox tune? Sorry For all the questions but if it worked For You i would like to try your exact set up.
  13. Thanks, i did the Fox tune on the 2019 64" ds that i had and i has less trouble on the whoops than i do with my 2021 72" xrs. I Will look on fox's website again but i think that tune doesnt work on the newer ones with the different valving and springs. For duning it does just fine no need For shock therapy. Going over the whoops is another story, but i Bet if Someone than knows what there doing adjusted them did it it would be good enough. I tryed watching your links but i don't have instagram
  14. I have a 2021 x3 RR and have been trying different settings For the whoops but i really dont know what im doing,i only ride in the dunes. last time i was out it bottomed out and i broke my stock seat, lol Has anyone on here figured out the best shock settings For glamis?
  15. 2016 3.5 ecoboost 4x4 111k Miles, gets up to 23/24mpg on the highway. new wheels/tires, Bilstein shocks, rear airbags, Bilstein shocks 12,000 lbs hitch,brake controller. Clean and clear title in hand. Asking $28,000 or may consider trade For late model can am x3

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