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  1. It was open.. prior to that I had a universal that was nice but it would have cost too much to add what we wanted so it made more sense to just buy this. I'd buy another if we ever went that route again. Good luck!
  2. I had a 24' Pace Explorer RT that was pretty much what you described that we pulled behind our class c. It was more enclosed trailer than toy hauler but was insulated, finished (sparsely composed to a th) had a small bathroom, mini fridge, one burner, heat and ac. It was great, we hung out in it all the time and used it on short/boys trips. Bought it for about 7k, sold it 5ish years later for about the same price. You could probably a deal on something like that...
  3. I'll have this one for sale probably by the end of May. My daughter (7) moved from a pw to a crf70 last oct and my son (6) will be moving up to a ktm before next season. They are great bikes that the kids can start themselves! It runs perfect and if you don' t like his taste in sticker application (lol) I have a full white plastic kit for it with no stickers. Spare filters, plastics and anything else i have go with it since its my last one. Problem is I'm in Socal though.
  4. Forgot about this thing until I had to move it today.. $250, someone come get this thing and put it to use!
  5. Bump, lower price, CL jokers have me ready to just keep it
  6. 2004.5 lly duramax LT Long bed, 4wd Fully loaded, leather, seat heaters, Bose sound system etc. Everything works perfectly. 165k miles. Engine is stock with the exception of must do reliability items for the lly. S&B full air intake Pcv reroute Egr blocker plate Banks 4" Monster exhaust Fleece Tapshifter Edge CS2 guage display monitor with EGT probe Efi live dsp5 tuning from ATP (Idaho Rob) Firestone Air bags 5th wheel rails in bed Tow mirrors E rated Michelin tires with 95% tread remaining and America's tire warranty on Moto Metal 951 wheels. I drove the truck about once week for the last 5 years with occasional desert trips thrown in the last few years. No rust whatsoever, passes smog. Tranny has never been limped, all maintenance is up to date. Needs nothing, truck is 100% solid, runs well, runs very clean. Reluctantly moved over to a dually. $18,500. Call or text Tim. 951.310.6736
  7. Sold Sold my bumper pull trailer and don't need this anymore. It's the 10k model, has the built in sway control, is 100% complete and ready use. Tim
  8. Only been there once but Domestic Diesel in Chino treated me well and did good work. If/when I need work done that's out of my wheel house, I'll try them again based on my past experience. I have also heard good things about Powerhouse diesel as well but no actual experience. Good luck and let us know if you have a good experience somewhere. I'm not looking forward to the day my dmax needs real work done!
  9. I have an 04 lly, went the exhaust/Edge cts route and was pretty happy for a couple years until I stated pulling a 40ft fiver on the regular. It did ok but I didn't like the edge tow tune and the stock tube leaves some to be desired. Finally pulled the trigger on a dsp5 efi live tunes setup and it's WAY better. I went with Idaho rob tuning, told him what I was looking for and he spent some time doing small tweaks to make it exactly how I wanted. I wish I would have done it years ago. It's an animal.. I drive it easy and it just cruises. If I were to pick up an LBZ, I'd add a lift pump, custom tunes by a reputable tuner, exhaust, air bags and call it done. You'll love it. Good luck in your search, I looked for the perfect lbz for long time with cash in hand and never found it. I personally couldn't pay what everyone was asking for their 7 year old truck!
  10. Thank you sir! We were able to pay off the 2nd on the house and sock this money away all since you picked up the other rig. I bought this one because of the interior I miss the rolling condo! I hope you guys love her as much as we did Very cool, sounds like it worked out well. Most definitely... 5 trips and 20+ nights spent so far this season without skipping a beat! The wife and kids would probably fight somebody for it at this point!
  11. Congrats Joe! That didn't take long! The inside of the new rig looks nearly identical to your old one and should work great. Good luck w the upcoming move.
  12. Everything banshee380 said... the best thing you can do for longevity of the injectors is better filtration and the lift pump would be #1 on my list for the lb7. I'd give atp a call, order up a fass150, efi live/dsp5 setup and edge cts with the egt probe to keep an eye on everything. Do the exhaust (you can straight pipe on the cheap but I'd keep the cat for smog), it'll run great and pull whatever you need! Just go easy on the 4/5 or 5/4 shift if you're running a bigger tune or you'll be building a trans Good luck!
  13. I bought Orange_R's Slc3705 (GREAT trailer btw) ]and also pull it with a srw Dmax. Pulls great, stops great, and is the most stable trailer I've ever pulled. It's a million times easier and more relaxing to pull than my previous Moho/enclosed combo with a properly set up wd/sway system. My truck also has bags (stock height though) and I run then about 50psi, no squat and the ride is great. Last trip out on the way back from Dove Springs to Corona there were nasty crosswinds all the way along 395 between hwy 58 and the 15 and it was SO relaxing to just let'er cruise at 55. My buddy with a newer attitude bumper pull in front of me was HATING his life. Would a drw truck be better? Probably, more stable? I guess, but would I notice? Honestly not sure.. I'm not in the market for a dually. I say go for it, we LOVE the slc3705.
  14. I've also had the same pro tools one posted above for about 10 years. After about a dozen rhino/rzr cages and 2 full rockcrawler truggys, mine is still going strong. Money well spent imo.

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