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  1. nice build, just in time for me as I just picked up one of these to use as my next RV toad. after two trips to KOH in buggies and sxs I decided to get something I could roll up the windows in. this one has a rustys 4.0 kit on 32s. Question, did you use a drop pitman arm?
  2. https://www.yahoo.com/news/kevin-hart-likely-file-lawsuit-220541042.html anybody else think this is total BS! I wonder if he even thought about safety equipment when he decided to build such a cool car, then let his buddy drive who doesn't know how.
  3. View Advert 4 lug alum. buggy wheels wheels in good condition , one has small gouge [see picts] tires are pretty much junk but still hold air 13x15 asking 200.00 for the set, obo thanks for looking, dino, 7147496579, text only please located in costa mesa, I will be at the show sunday also delivery possible to Havasu Advertiser jeeperdino Date 09/11/2019 Price $200.00 Category Buggy Parts  
  4. I have a set, paddles are worn but mitchell wheels are in perfect cond. in storage at the moment, I can post some picts in a day or 2
  5. peter fonda, I was just listening to steppenwolf the other day https://www.msn.com/en-us/movies/news/peter-fonda-two-time-oscar-nominee-and-star-of-easy-rider-dies-at-79/ar-AAFUsDC?ocid=iehp
  6. bump, price drop 500.00 obo complete, including trailing arms, drum to drum
  7. type 1 irs trans complete pkg View Advert friend of mine crashed his old school buggy. after deciding that he was not going to repair it I bought it so I could use the motor in another car. I have the bill from benco trans in riverside, shows he paid 800 for it. looks to have been opened up and inspected/resealed. looking to sell complete, drum to drum, 500.00 obo. I will include the pedals and slave also. I have it set up so buyer can see it operate, go thru the gears etc. text works best, thanks for looking, 714-749-6579, dino Advertiser jeeperdino Date 07/29/2019 Price $500.00 Category Buggy Parts
  8. 2 pm, Baja 500, abc. cheers!
  9. I agree, gotta start somewhere. at least it has a b~pillar!
  10. jeeperdino


    he is correct, I just barely got in last week! so parker/havasu, for winter, Idaho for summer! seems like a no brainer
  11. x2, it was great to be able to push my taco mini-bike over to the vacant lot and ride with the other kids. if the cops did show up they just made you go home! thanks dbart!
  12. kinda looks surreal in the background, waiting for a trump tweet nice rail also,GLWS
  13. was there also, had a blast! used up all my propane running my heater, 4 nights chocolate thunder seems like its their olds hill with all the spectator action
  14. they had a display set up in hammertown, stuff looked pretty nice! first time I had ever seen them
  15. can anyone update the conditions out there? looks like we may be trading dust for mud is the lakebed flooded yet?

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