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  1. someone just needs to show that man some love
  2. so that's why it says not for hire on some rigs?
  3. bunch of law breakin hikers here, lol http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/these-visitors-scaled-a-fence-at-a-closed-national-monument-to-play-in-the-sand/ar-BBRpbmq?li=BBnb7Kz&ocid=iehp merry Christmas all! I just got back from G. saw only 1 cop in 4 days
  4. imo. you answered your own question right here. (Is it worth trying a tube or just buy a tire? My thought is not worth crashing;) if you fix it you will always worry about it and I know how you like to drive! also how old is the tire? and didn't I just see your buggy driving on 3 wheels in another post?
  5. x2, I have been blasting the dunes on 4 leaf springs for over 30 years! big v8 power, good springs and shocks, not the greatest ride but still fun. people forget that after the war the dunes were crawling with flat fenders and cj5s
  6. fixed it for you, enjoy the new ride!
  7. lots of good advise here but picts of the frame would really help I had a 2001 4 seat, thought I got a smoking deal at the time will see if I can find some picts. I ended up with a mega-sand/Nissan 3.0combo. my first long travel car, had some issues but also had lots of fun! it didn't even have a b-pillar as I recall. follow sandpsycos advise and get a good trans right from the start
  8. I had one and had no issues but it was a light car with a v6, I would run it, change the oil often and watch for any metal. I wonder what happened to Omar?
  9. thanks, try that with a quad. looking forward to vets weekend myself! good luck with your new life, been there also.
  10. bought my 85 new as soon as they came out, felt like the king of glamis back then. so glad I kept it, probably will forever! figured out a way to travel lite with it also
  11. classic, I forgot about that one, thanks
  12. never heard it called that before, about fell out of my chair
  13. how about stroker ace, Lonnie Anderson was so hot!

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