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  1. big river also #181 white and purple carrera
  2. if it was me i would buy a bare box, add a head and fold out beds and tow them both. i have never seen a toybox being towed by any wrangler and i dont recomend u do it.
  3. hill 4 is lizard. 3 is brawley slide. RIP to the fallen duner, sad to hear this.
  4. quicksand 4seater here, 13.8 total lenth.
  5. gets the engine and oil temp. to proper operating temp. sooner. look at nascar, they have oil heaters. by the way, i run a stock t-stat in my lq9.
  6. WOW. thats nice! a little pricey tho. plus i need something that will bolt to the shifter box. looks like the berg might be the one. thanks for the reply.
  7. my inexpensive EMPI gearshifter is feeling a little sloppy, was wondering what other options there is. thanks in advance.
  8. mefistuff.com did my delphi, works great.
  9. thats less then I spent on parts alone, sounds like a great price, good luck.
  10. 2006 quicksand, lq9 6.0, megasand 2d. I drove it like I stole it all last year with 0 problems. so I guess I love It but thats just my opinion. check out my avaitar,I will be around pad 3 or 4 sunday thru thurs. if you want to check it out or just have a cold one.
  11. if u want a job that u go to work for 10 hours a day and be lucky to make 3 hours, u can have mine really. and thats only if there is that much work. i go to work and lucky if 3 out of 5 or 6 days i get 4 or 5 hours worth of paid work. but there are lots of days i go to work and dont get a single job. so then its just wasted $ for actually driving to work for the day. but i guess the union guys dont care as they are payed as long as they show up to work. and as GWTT sayed yes every year u make less when the company is hurting. and yet u still have to pay more for tools ect. to get your job done. im ready do just start delivering pizzas, i hope u tip good. dannos correct, no job bank for the techs that have to fix the cars. most people are not aware of the flat rate system.
  12. great post crowbar. on a positve note at least gas is cheap. in fact i just looked at the weather and i think i should go to glamis right now!!! anybody else?
  13. one of my friends brought his black neighbour last year. nice guy but he was too scared to ride in my sandcar.
  14. if they find someones stolen car and catch a theif then it will be worth it.
  15. I made a bunch also, sold em for awhile. I like this style because you can assemble everything, boots and all, fill er up with half tube of your fav. grease.
  16. this guy lives in hunt. bch., think he gets 4-5 grand a month. he is looking to marry a girl in morongo, together they will get a lot more when children are factored in.
  17. I just found out that the guy who works next to me gets free money from our govt. because he is an american indian. anybody heard anything about this? and its not just a small amount like welfare!!
  18. charly did everything for my build, no problems. at least give him a call.
  19. I have a EU2000 and it will run the lights etc.... no A/C or microwave. I bought to use on a trailer that I had. The 3000 is nice but it's much bigger and heavier......... Hope that helps! also the 3000 is elect.start. we use our 2000 for lites on quiet mode, cant even hear it. very portable also. hard to belive but i feel that the 3000 is quieter. if you can afford the xtra cash and dont mind the xtra weight get the 3000. thought i saw a used one on GD.com not to long ago.
  20. shouldnt we be working? by the way, Dunaholic thinks jeeperdino drives thru the dunes real fast!!!! Dunaholic doesn't think Jeeperdino knows how to find the dunes..... how bout i just follow you?
  21. maybe you wouldnt but i have one in front of a V-8, ready to start year #2 of total abuse. heard he also works with PBS.
  22. Dont look for invites right away.. THe board of supervisors have to meet and put out the votes etc.. Not gonna happen over night.. Be patient young skywalker.. true racers are not real patient, however we are humbled that such greatness might even consider us.
  23. shouldnt we be working? by the way, Dunaholic thinks jeeperdino drives thru the dunes real fast!!!!
  24. jeeperdino here, been dunin since 1979. won the 1983 MS super twist overall, some of you wernt born yet! old age and a heavy right foot. plus i drive a quicksand 4 seater and when i win u wont be able to talk smack about omars cars anymore!!!!!
  25. this place has been there for years so maybe it is good. i work right down the street from them but i have never been there as i like my fish cooked. i could stop in and grab a menu and possibly fax it over for you.

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