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    he is correct, I just barely got in last week! so parker/havasu, for winter, Idaho for summer! seems like a no brainer
  2. x2, it was great to be able to push my taco mini-bike over to the vacant lot and ride with the other kids. if the cops did show up they just made you go home! thanks dbart!
  3. kinda looks surreal in the background, waiting for a trump tweet nice rail also,GLWS
  4. was there also, had a blast! used up all my propane running my heater, 4 nights chocolate thunder seems like its their olds hill with all the spectator action
  5. they had a display set up in hammertown, stuff looked pretty nice! first time I had ever seen them
  6. can anyone update the conditions out there? looks like we may be trading dust for mud is the lakebed flooded yet?
  7. bump, lets get this pup a good home! here is mine being a ham
  8. x2, that is where we got ours also, nice people. they came to our house to make sure the dog was going to a good home.
  9. happy birthday to a good guy! anyone who will deliver goods to G for a stranger is ok in my book
  10. x2, portable partitions should work if you use the storage area for classes. how much retail walk in do you actually get?
  11. someone just needs to show that man some love
  12. so that's why it says not for hire on some rigs?
  13. I wonder why no one is racing a Polaris in the sxs class.
  14. hope everyone that cares is watching this. the sand dunes in peru look awesome! nbcsports has it. sorry for the crappy picts,
  15. bunch of law breakin hikers here, lol http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/these-visitors-scaled-a-fence-at-a-closed-national-monument-to-play-in-the-sand/ar-BBRpbmq?li=BBnb7Kz&ocid=iehp merry Christmas all! I just got back from G. saw only 1 cop in 4 days
  16. imo. you answered your own question right here. (Is it worth trying a tube or just buy a tire? My thought is not worth crashing;) if you fix it you will always worry about it and I know how you like to drive! also how old is the tire? and didn't I just see your buggy driving on 3 wheels in another post?
  17. x2, I have been blasting the dunes on 4 leaf springs for over 30 years! big v8 power, good springs and shocks, not the greatest ride but still fun. people forget that after the war the dunes were crawling with flat fenders and cj5s
  18. fixed it for you, enjoy the new ride!
  19. thanks, seems like a good deal! anyone else have feed back on this?
  20. if it is a 250r then were are talking gold rims! no picts then it didn't happen. I sill remember when a buddy ran into me and damaged my right rear I never forgave him
  21. or still hooked to the rv if it is a toad I think they have to see it to prove you did not just drive it in
  22. get a tow-in permit at the ranger station, I think it is free

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